Cove Lighting Using Standard Crown Molding Breathes New Life into Every Room

Even the blandest and most sterile room can receive a boost of elegance from cove lighting using standard crown molding. This is an extremely popular choice for discerning home and business owners, and for a very good reason: the effect this type of lighting produces is dramatic and yet subdued, providing a sterling lighting effect that stands on its own, opening up ceiling spaces and adding another dimension to the space. Continue reading “Cove Lighting Using Standard Crown Molding Breathes New Life into Every Room”

Cove Lights Add An Unique Touch To Your Home

Implementing cove lights can dramatically change the way a room looks, from the kitchen to the living room and beyond. The illumination features provide indirect sources of light that help give a room a relaxed and cozy feel. Not all designs are meant to be obvious; in fact, many installations are created to supplement already existing elements. Continue reading “Cove Lights Add An Unique Touch To Your Home”

Experts Can Help When Designing Cove Lighting In Kitchens

There are some established ideas for designing cove lighting in kitchens, and an experienced fixture expert can provide a unique, sophisticated look without having to do much work in the space. It just so happens that these rooms offer a lot of spots to set up a run of LED strips, and they can even be placed under cabinets and above countertops, adding functionality as well as aesthetics to the room. In most cases, though, an installer will choose to place the strips near the ceiling, either on top of cabinets, molding, or soffits. Continue reading “Experts Can Help When Designing Cove Lighting In Kitchens”

Adding Cove Lighting Using Standard Cove Molding

It is entirely possible to execute high-quality cove lighting while using standard cove molding, and even when the architectural feature is not present, a fixture expert can install it as well. In fact, it can be beneficial for a fixture expert to install a concealing surface, as it ensures that the fixtures will be arranged and metered optimally. Continue reading “Adding Cove Lighting Using Standard Cove Molding”

Designing Cove Lighting In Homes

When designing cove lighting in homes, perhaps nothing is more important than picking the right fixtures for the job. Spaces that rely on precisely arranged display illumination need more than just basic fixtures off the shelves. They need a highly customizable solution that works with the space. Continue reading “Designing Cove Lighting In Homes”

Radius Cove Lights Should Be Used With LED Strip Fixtures

Radius cove lights are designed to do what other fixtures can’t – specifically, providing even illumination for a variety of curved features. When curves and odd angles are part of a feature, setting up display illumination can be a real challenge. Most fixtures can’t be modified to accommodate curves, making them a poor choice for these features, as they will produce uneven illumination. The fact is, only a few fixtures are flexible enough to work in these applications, making them the go-to choice for curved architectural features.

LED strip fixtures are the ideal radius cove lights, and not just because they can operate around curves. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED strips are extremely powerful, but can be set to any output level with dimmer controls. They also produce soft illumination that is perfect for these applications, as they are built with glare shields and precisely metered fixtures. Also important, they won’t affect the display’s aesthetic because they are made with an extremely compact design.

Safety and convenience are often overlooked when installing display illumination, but they shouldn’t be. LED strips are the most efficient fixtures on the market, so they emit close to zero radiant heat. This greatly reduces the chances of causing a fire, and because they are so efficient, they cost less to operate, an important consideration as these fixtures are usually kept on around the clock.

With the right fixtures, curved architectural features can make a huge impact in a room. And in most cases, the right fixtures will be premium LED strips.

LED Concealed Cove Light Fixtures Can Make A Room Stand Out

LED Concealed Cove Light Fixtures Can Make A Room Stand OutHomeowners are always looking for that extra touch to make a room stand out more, and LED concealed cove light fixtures can be that simple flourish that adds so much more to a space. In recent years, there has been a trend to use illumination in the room’s nooks, creating an effect that looks like there is an outlining to the room. It’s a powerful effect that when used right, can make a room feel larger, more organized or just bolder.

Phantom offers a few types of LED concealed cove light fixtures, including the extremely powerful Elite and Ultra lines of diode strips. Diodes have become the source of choice in the last decade or so as they offer unmatched efficiency, complete versatility and are safer than any other technology on the market. They are typically installed close to the ceiling inside of nooks created by molding or other architectural features. When in operation they emit a soft spread of illumination from their concealed spot, making the room appear as if its edges are glowing. This radiance is feathered using glare shields and careful lamp positioning, so it does not produce harsh edges or uneven intensity. It’s meant to blend into the room’s overall aesthetic and create a soothing, gentle feel. The Elite and Ultra strips are especially easy to work into the rooms look as they can be customized to output a range of colors and color temperatures.

The Elite and Ultra strips are both easy to set up, so a professional installer will have no trouble attaining the look a home or business owner is looking for.

How Can Designing Cove Lighting Solutions Impact A Home?

How Can Designing Cove Lighting Solutions Impact A Home?It may not seem immediately apparent how designing cove lighting solutions for a home can help a room’s look, but the impact can be amazing. Upscale homes have a number of architectural features, and these provide ample room for installing smartly placed fixtures. When placed correctly, these fixtures subtly define the space and create a warm, colorful atmosphere. With Phantom’s Elite and Ultra series of concealable fixtures, the space will also appear more sophisticated and more carefully put together.

When designing cove lighting solutions, the goal is to find a spot near the ceiling where concealed fixtures can go. Usually, the strips are placed on top of or inside an architectural feature, like molding, which provides a hidden ledge. When switched on, the fixtures will create a small, soft border of illumination around the room that will fade gently as it moves toward the center of the ceiling and down the walls. It’s a dynamic effect that can play with a person’s sense of space, making the room feel larger than it really is.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures use LED lamps to create their powerful, precisely metered illumination. LED fixtures are the gold standard for many types of esthetic illumination as they operate at an extremely high level of efficiency and can be customized to emit a range of colors. Phantom’s fixtures, for example, can be set to emit green, blue, red, amber or pink, as well as a range of color temperatures. This makes color coordination a cinch and ensures an aesthetically cohesive look.

What Is Available In A Colored Cove Light?

Cove Lighting Sample from Virtual Lighting ShowroomRecent advancements in LED technology have made colored cove light fixtures possible, offering a range of possibilities. Until recently, it was impossible to customize LED fixtures in this way, leaving installers with only a few output options. Now, Phantom’s fixtures can show off several monochromatic hues, adding a visual splash that’s perfect for clubs, bars, restaurants and many other settings.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures can both be used in colored cove light applications. Both have always provided a combination of premium efficiency and power, and now they can be configured to display red, green, blue, pink or amber illumination. The Elite series outputs 130 lumens of illumination, while the Ultra emits about 200 lumens of illumination. Both fixtures only require a few watts of power to function and produce a negligible amount of heat, making them among the most efficient fixtures on the market.

Colored cove light options are particularly useful for commercial properties, where a unique illumination setup can make all the difference when attracting customers. When people walk into restaurants, nightclubs or music venues, they expect to be wowed. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures can provide the visual punch needed for this purpose. They can be installed around artwork, decorative pieces, furniture, landscaping, or any areas that require visual focus. Commercial properties, though, cannot handle convoluted wiring that makes installation difficult and operation unreliable. To counter this problem, Phantom’s products can be arranged in extended run lengths. This means fewer connection points and less complicated wiring, ensuring a reliable infrastructure for the fixtures.

Even with the addition of monochromatic outputs, Phantom’s Elite and Ultra products are still highly customizable and easy to configure. They can still be built to nearly any set of dimensions and remain extremely compact and easily concealed. Both products can also be attached to dimmer controls that allow for fine output settings.

Using Cove Lighting To Enhance A Room

Decorative cove lighting is easy with Phantom cove lighting that can be bent as needed.If someone is looking to enhance a room with unique illumination, then cove lighting from Phantom Lighting may be the perfect solution. This form of illumination is installed on ledges and valences, in coves, a ceiling, or on a high wall, giving the illusion of sourceless light. Phantom achieves this look by designing custom strips that are cut to designated lengths and fitted for any cove shape or measurement. Doing this not only conceals the fixture itself, but it also conceals any power supplies and exposed wires.

Phantom offers three varieties for your cove lighting needs, including LED Phantom Ultra, LED Phantom Elite, and Xenon Phantom Classic. Phantom Ultras and Elites are illumination strips that consist of high end LED bulbs. They emit some of the brightest light on the market, ranging from 60 lumens per foot, all the way to 240. This LED pair also comes in different temperatures to ensure the production of the right tone. The third option, the Xenon Classic, offers 5 watt and 10 watt xenon festoon lamps rather than LED bulbs. These lamps are energy efficient and rated for up to 20,000 hours of usage. All three illumination solutions are dimmable and show off a consistent color that competitors can’t match. All of these different choices allow finding the correct style to deliver a timeless look to any dining, living, or family room.

If one desires to have this style of illumination installed in their home, they can contact Phantom Lighting, and an agent will be sent out to discuss the best options and provide an estimate. One can rest assured knowing that they are in the hands of professionals that have specific training in the art of installing superior illumination.