Things To Consider When Lighting A Football Display Case

There are many different lighting solutions available for the person looking for that perfect football display case.

Lighted display cases are eye-catching, high-quality cases that can prominently illuminate your most meaningful gridiron keepsakes. These lights can brighten up the interior of any case with an alternating pattern or a steady beam. Continue reading “Things To Consider When Lighting A Football Display Case”

5 Reasons That Display Cabinet Lighting Fixtures Do the Best Job

Why do so many people believe that display cabinet lighting fixtures do the best job? There are a variety of reasons. The main reason that all will agree with is how they look. They can transform a cabinet and the items displayed there. The cabinet can become a focal point for the room that it is in, and make the space itself more attractive. The lighting can showcase valuable art pieces, family heirlooms, or simply highlight the personal taste of the owner. Continue reading “5 Reasons That Display Cabinet Lighting Fixtures Do the Best Job”

Lighting Mineral Collections Using LED Fixtures

Lighting mineral collections using LED offers a few challenges, but when executed correctly, the effect will be incredible. Geological samples can be some of the best, and most difficult things to illuminate. They are a challenge because every sample is unique and coming up with a uniform solution is tough. The lighting system needs to be highly precise, as evenly spread illumination will take the life out of the subject and make it appear dead. However, when illuminated properly, the samples will sparkle brilliantly and appear extremely vivid.

The most important thing to keep in mind when lighting mineral collections using LED is placement. It’s best to find a few spots on every sample that stand out, such as a patch of crystal, well-defined angles, or interesting patterns. Focus on these areas with an intense spot of illumination, and they will be brought out clearly. And though it’s not as important, color temperature will also have an impact on the subject’s appearance. Geological samples come in a huge range of colors, so it is best to match them up with a color temperature that brings out the best. Some wake up under intense white illumination, while others almost glow under yellow-orange or bluer hues. Working with samples that require different color temperatures to stand out can be difficult, though, so it is always best to hire an expert to help out with the process.