Choosing The Best Art Lighting Fixture For Displays

There is no single best art lighting fixture on the market, though optical framing projectors represent the most modern and creative approach to display illumination. Homeowners have a lot of system options to choose from when setting up a display, and every homeowner has their own priorities when it comes to executing display lighting. Continue reading “Choosing The Best Art Lighting Fixture For Displays”

Why Recessed Art Projectors Are A Top Choice In The Industry

There are several reasons why designers and installers are opting for recessed art projectors instead of other forms of display lighting. Chief among them, though, is how they can be shaped to fit any subject, giving them the ability to create a lit from within effect that no other fixture can match. Continue reading “Why Recessed Art Projectors Are A Top Choice In The Industry”

Lighting Crystals And Gems Makes A Difference In Displays

The trick to lighting crystals and gems is to direct the illumination exactly where it needs to go. Flooding a cabinet or set of shelves with bright illumination will only leave the specimens appearing dull. Aiming a high power fixture at a small part of the specimen will create a tiny, but noticeable reflection. This is what gives a specimen its sparkling, brilliant appearance, so the goal is to set up a number of small fixtures around every exhibit. That may sound like a lot of work, but it makes no sense to spend thousands on several beautiful specimens only to leave them under poor illumination.

Lighting crystals and gems is best done with halogen fixtures, as they can be easily focused. Designers will take into consideration the way the specimens are being displayed before setting up fixtures, and will be able to work with cabinetry, shelves, and pedestals, no matter their layout. A set of small recessed fixtures can provide needed illumination in a cabinet, as the underside of each shelf will provide enough space to accommodate the fixtures. With shelving and pedestals, the best option is usually an optical framing projector. Projectors can be masked to produce any pattern of illumination, and can even work with several specimens at once.

A fixture designer will be able to come up with the right system for a display, and the end result will be a sophisticated, crafted look that is usually only seen in museums.

Finding The Best Furniture Lighting Fixtures

Phantom-Bookcase-bWith cutting edge furniture lighting fixtures, a homeowner can present their most beloved parts of the home with beautifully measures illumination. Although this technology is normally seen inside display cabinetry and around shelving, it can also work behind items like headboards, desks, and other large items with an established spot. High quality strip LEDs are Phantom’s technology of choice for these applications, and are preferred for many reasons. In short, they are a highly efficient, completely safe option that can be customized in many ways to create an individual look.

Furniture lighting fixtures are designed to frame what they are installed behind or around, using soft illumination. Phantom’s metal glare shields and aiming trims can help meter the illumination and prevent any hard edges from appearing. This helps the LEDs blend into the home’s aesthetic, though they retain their high intensity output, which will be necessary to help the LEDs stand out.

Color scheme is an essential component of an Illumination display, and if the LEDs don’t match color-wise with their surroundings, it’s going to produce a harsh look. Fortunately, Phantom’s LEDs can be set to produce a range of colors and color temperatures, so they can be matched with a display of nearly any composition or aesthetic. As homeowners often like to place this technology in multiple areas in the home, the additional flexibility is a major help, and a standout design feature among Phantom’s products.

Call Shelf Lighting Experts Before Installing Display Lights

ls_application15Shelf lighting experts know how to use a variety of fixtures to create an endless array of displays, and this knowledge can be put to great use for a homeowner. Some people, when setting up a set of display fixtures, like to ponder on how it will look and what fixtures to use. Others just want to bring in a talented designer to handle the hard stuff. An experienced illumination designer will step into that role willingly, determining optimal fixture placement and customization options.

The real work, though, is during the planning phase, when the fixtures are selected. Shelf lighting experts typically get their fixtures from trusted manufacturers that maintain excellent quality standards. And some designers have produced their own fixtures which can be adapted for special use. For example, Phantom has developed a unique adjustable fixture design that is built into cabinetry while it is being constructed. Phantom’s adjustable fixtures allow the homeowner to switch the shelving arrangement around at a moment’s notice and get as many looks from the cabinet as possible. This is normally impossible with standard fixtures, but it is just one more feature that a knowledgeable designer can offer.

In short, there’s no reason a homeowner shouldn’t at least consult with a professional before beginning a project. During consultation, the designer can offer valuable advice, and much more if the homeowner is impressed with what they hear.

Ivory Collections Need LED Fixtures

Ivory collections are some of the most beautiful displays in the world, but they are also a challenge to preserve and light properly. Because the material they are made from is organic, it will deteriorate in the presence of moisture, heat, and intense light. Illumination designers have to keep this in mind when assisting a homeowner who is setting up fixtures for their display. It’s not just about the perfect fixture placement, it’s also about placing the perfect fixtures.

When lighting ivory collections, control is paramount. The homeowner should be able to dictate the output level of the lights at all times. If the fixtures are too bright, they will cause the material to bleach, which will often remove finer details that should be preserved. Keeping the lighting low is therefore a focus of the installation. This can be done with dimmer controls and glare shields which blunt the hard edges of the light and keep hotspots from forming. However, only a select few premium fixtures are compatible with both technologies, and Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED lights are among them.

Not only are Phantom’s LED fixtures easily controlled, they also emit close to zero heat, so they will not affect the integrity of the subject. And with their concealable profile, they can be arranged in a variety of ways. These features taken together make for the perfect display lights, even when handling delicate materials like ivory.

Creating Crystal Displays Isn’t Hard With The Right Fixtures

Living_Room_CabinetsCrystal displays, with their transparency and interesting optical properties, make for an interesting set of subjects to show off. Transparent items can’t be lit up like other subjects because they don’t stop the light. Because of this, fixture placement is paramount. Lighting intensity and color are also essential, but without optimal light placement the setup will look haphazard and chaotic. Of course, getting the right setup is a challenge of its own, and why it’s a good idea to choose high quality fixtures like Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED lights.

Soft light is usually the right approach when setting up crystal displays, as this will minimize glare and produce a beautiful effect. Specifically, Phantom’s LED lights can be installed behind or under the subject and set at a gentle output level. This not only blocks the fixtures themselves from view, it fills the subject with diffuse illumination that makes the piece appear to be glowing. This effect is particularly powerful when the subject is mounted to a pedestal, as the light is confined to spot away from the wall or ceiling and further emphasizes that the subject is glowing.

And with colored lighting, it’s possible to craft a variety of looks and build an atmosphere around the installation. Fortunately, Phantom’s lights can be customized to output colored illumination as well, which is just one of many ways Phantom can tailor a set of fixtures to a design.

Displays For A Library Shelf Should Have LED Light Strips

How To Use In Cabinet Lighting For Display FurnitureOutfitting a library shelf with LED light strips is a simple way to infuse new life into a set of books and a space for reading and relaxing. For many people, books are some of the prized possessions they own, and the space they do their reading is nearly sacred. But books have a habit of blending in instead of standing out, and they really deserve more, especially if they are rare or classic texts that a homeowner wants to proudly show off. Fortunately, concealable diode fixtures can make that possible.

Phantom offers fixtures that are perfect for a library shelf. Phantom’s LED light strips are among the most powerful and efficient on the market, so as soon as they are switched on, they will define the room’s most important elements. Diode fixtures set to warm, incandescent tones will bring out the rugged beauty of older, worn texts. Diode fixtures that emit pure white hues will liven up colors, making boldly colored books look even brighter. And with the added illumination in the space, it will be easier to read without having to worry about switching on a poorly metered overhead fixture.

Perhaps best of all, it is extremely simple setting up Phantom’s diode fixtures, and it normally only takes an hour or two to do so. Homeowners commonly believe that setting up display fixtures is a major hassle, but modern premium fixtures are made to be intuitive, and with their incredible beauty, they are well worth the time and energy.

Bookcase Lighting Using LED Protects Your Items

How To Use In Cabinet Lighting For Display FurnitureBookcase lighting using LED fixtures makes sense on a number of levels. Paper is sensitive to high intensity illumination, discoloring in the presence of heat and UV radiation. This is particularly troublesome when displaying classic and rare texts, and it often leaves homeowners at a crossroads. Should you risk aging the text faster and place it under illumination, or should you just keep the text safe in the dark, where no one will see it? Fortunately, diode fixtures have eliminated the need to answer this dilemma because they are completely safe to use around paper and canvas.

Diode fixtures can be configured in one of several color temperatures, and the best choice will depend on what kind of texts a homeowner intends to display. For example, classic and older texts are usually bound with covers that are black, dark green or dark brown in color, and these interact best with warmer, incandescent tones. For comics and texts with brighter, bold covers, natural white fixtures will interact with the subject best, as they will render the covers’ color most accurately.

In either case, Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures are the systems of choice for homeowners looking for bookcase lighting that’s using LED technology. With multiple color options and dimmer controls, a homeowner can find the perfect look for texts of any kind.

Benefits Of Flexible Hidden Shelf Lights Using LED

ls_application15There are a number of displays that would benefit from flexible and hidden shelf lights that use LED technology. These fixtures are designed specifically for aesthetic settings, particularly in display cabinetry. They stand out among other fixtures for their ease of use, visual impact, and versatility, and with diode technology in play, they also bring superior efficiency, reliability and safety as well. In short, these fixtures have it all, which is why they are gaining traction among business owners as well as homeowners.

Flexible and hidden shelf lights that use LED technology are, first and foremost, prized for their versatility. A common problem with standard display fixtures is that they are static once placed. During installation, wiring is run from the fixtures to power sources, and this means that only an electrician can rearrange the fixtures if they need to be moved. Home and business owners find out right away that this is an undesirable situation and just settle for the one look they have to work with.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures aren’t hemmed in with the use of open wiring, and so they can easily be rearranged at will. This is because the Elite and Ultra can be powered with buss bars and contact pads instead, and these don’t require extensive open wiring to function. When it’s time to shift the fixtures into a new spot, merely take out the support screw that’s secured into the buss bar shelf support, arrange the new display as you see fit, and replace the screw once a new look is decided on. It’s about as intuitive as a set of fixtures can be, and it ensures that you get the most out of your investment into premium illumination.