For Art Illumination Use The Best Lights

Art illumination is done with lights of all kinds, and with so many fixture options available, a homeowner may feel lost when setting up a display. That’s okay, because fixtures aren’t made to be intuitive to most homeowners, and thankfully there are always experts willing to help out. If a homeowner wants a truly unique aesthetic, though, and one that most people are not going to dismiss right away, then they should consider an optical framing projector. Continue reading “For Art Illumination Use The Best Lights”

How To Focus Art Lights As A Homeowner

A homeowner that learns how to focus art lights will be in a good position when it is time to place fixtures for a display. Every display has to contend with glare and shadows to some extent, and how the fixtures are adjusted to compensate for them will determine the overall quality of the display. Continue reading “How To Focus Art Lights As A Homeowner”