Adjustable Retail Shelf Lights Offers Stores Many Options

Adjustable retail shelf lights can provide many display options to a shop owner, giving them the power to show off products in any way they wish. However, such versatility is not available with cheap, low quality fixtures, so a shop owner will need to consider a high-end illumination system an investment. But it is an investment that will pay immediate dividends, as it will help sell additional products and improve the shop’s appearance and reputation.

There is a distinct aesthetic that a lot of top shops aim for, and adjustable retail shelf lights can go a long way in producing it. The contemporary, visually bold approach to product displays is a tried and true method of getting attention for a product display, and this aesthetic can be built with an LED illumination system that is highly flexible as well.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra are two of the very few systems on the market that can be repositioned after installation. Normally, open wiring makes it impossible for a shop owner to reposition the fixture safely, but the Elite and Ultra can be designed with buss bar supports and brass contact pieces instead of a traditional open wiring system, and such a system can deliver power to the fixtures no matter how the display is arranged. In only a matter of minutes, a shop owner with no technical ability or tools can produce a fresh look, and this will keep customers interested and coming back again and again.

Never Underestimate Shelf Lighting Products

Showcase-Adjustable-LED-LightingThe power of high quality shelf lighting products cannot be underestimated, and homeowners that see them in action will immediately realize why. Everything looks better under beautifully metered illumination, and with the right fixtures, a homeowner can even get that striking museum look that really impresses. But that’s not a look that off the shelf fixtures can offer, and any designer worth their salt will say the same. The best way to handle a prized display is to pair it with high end fixtures that have been custom fit to the display, whether it’s sitting in a cabinet or exposed from every angle.

Phantom’s shelf lighting products include many technologies, but its Elite and Ultra LED fixtures are the ones that stand out. That’s because they offer all of the power that homeowners need while providing several options for greater versatility.

For example, Phantom is one of a select number of manufacturers that offer adjustable fixtures for cabinetry. Phantom’s adjustable fixtures are made with a low voltage system powered using buss bars. With no exposed wiring present, the fixtures can be moved with the display and can be done so without any fear of injury.

Phantom can also provide alternatives in situations where the Elite and Ultra are not appropriate. Recessed fixtures and projectors are other popular, effective choices among homeowners, and a Phantom Lighting designer can help a homeowner run through their options to determine which would be the best way to go.

Adding Under Mount Cabinet Lighting To Your Home

ls_application12smWith under mount cabinet lighting, all of those interesting colors and angles a homeowner appreciates in their kitchen can finally be brought out. The kitchen is the home’s heart, and where family usually gathers to talk, entertain, and make memories. It’s only natural, then, that a homeowner would want their kitchen to be as inviting as possible. Task illumination placed over the countertops is one way to get there, and requires minimal effort to set up.

Aesthetics, though, is not the only reason why under mount cabinet lighting is a smart option. It’s called task illumination because it can be a major help in the kitchen. Because it sits just a couple feet away from the countertop, it can provide a bright spot of illumination to prepare food or clean dishes by. At night, the fixtures can provide enough illumination to see by, and if the fixtures are tied to dimmer controls, the output level can be kept low enough so they don’t annoy anyone at night. As the kitchen is normally a centrally located room, an extra bit of illumination can make the home much safer.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED fixtures are a strong choice for task illumination, as they can be custom fit to any space. Prior to installation, the installer will measure out the placement spots and give these measurements to Phantom, which will then produce the fixtures to fit. And with several color temperatures to choose from, a homeowner will be able to find a form of illumination that best pairs with the kitchen’s colors and designs.

Cabinet Lighting Reviews Helps You Make A Good Decision

holiday01-LCabinet lighting reviews can help a homeowner make smart decisions regarding display fixtures, and this feedback is bringing out some important trends. Perhaps the most notable among them is that more and more homeowners are looking for custom installations instead of a standard design that is rather inflexible. Homeowners who have been through the process also have a strong idea of what to look for in a fixture, and what to avoid.

Phantom’s name comes up quite a bit in positive cabinet lighting reviews, and for good reason. Phantom’s fixtures, particularly its Elite and Ultra, are extremely flexible and can fit into spaces most other fixtures cannot go. This, along with their customization options, makes the Elite and Ultra among the most versatile display fixtures on the market. Phantom’s former clients also appreciate the high quality components found in the Elite and Ultra, which ensure long term durability and a reliable source of bright illumination.

There can’t be any flaws in display illumination, as the slightest quirk will be picked up on right away. That’s why Phantom only accepts thoroughly binned LEDs from a single manufacturer, and also why Phantom pairs its strip fixtures with dimmer controls, aiming trims, and glare shields. This fine tunes the illumination until it flows evenly and beautifully. It’s a measured look that homeowners will truly appreciate.

Home Cabinet Lighting Makes A Difference For Displays

Concealed-LED-Shelf-LightsFew additions to the home can match cabinet lighting in terms of visual impact, and if the goal is to get attention for a beloved display, these fixtures are the way to go. Phantom’s fixtures are specifically made with display applications in mind, and so they have been built with maximum flexibility and capabilities. As such, they can be paired with nearly any type of display, no matter its composition.

In the home, cabinet lighting has a single, but important purpose. It must create a visual centerpiece in the room, drawing people to the display and providing the kind of inviting illumination that will encourage people to linger. It’s true that power is an important consideration, but if the fixtures cannot be controlled well, they will be a liability, no matter how much output they can create.

That’s why Phantom has engineered its Elite and Ultra LED fixtures to be as versatile as possible. Both the Elite and Ultra can be controlled with dimmers, positioned in one of several ways, and shaped using aiming trims. And because they use extremely efficient LED technology, they produce zero heat and are much safer than other illumination systems.

Combine the safety, efficiency and versatility with the sheer power that comes with the Elite and Ultra, and you have a fixture with no significant weakness.

Display Shelf Lighting Makes An Impact

holiday01-LDisplay shelf lighting has an important job in the home. It has to offer enough illumination to catch attention, but not in a way that is annoying to observers. That’s a fine balance to strike, and it takes a versatile fixture to make it happen. This is where Phantom’s fixtures truly shine, as they are designed for aesthetic applications and made with power and flexibility in mind. And because they are made specifically for aesthetic purposes, they are easy to conceal and can be positioned in one of several arrangements.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED fixtures are the ideal display shelf lighting options, as they offer some of the most powerful fixtures on the market. In some settings, this power may be needed, but if something more subtle is required, Phantom’s dimmer controls will allow a homeowner to set the desired level of brightness. The Elite and Ultra are also built with glare shields that soften and spread the illumination in a diffuse pattern. This disguises where the illumination is coming from and also prevents any hard edges from appearing. So, instead of a gaudy spotlight effect, the fixtures will provide a warm glow that is much more inviting.

During installation, the fixtures are placed behind one of Phantom’s aiming trims, and these trims filter out some angles of illumination so only the cabinet is illuminated. It’s a beautiful effect that appears measured and put together. It’s the kind of look that even professional designers will envy.

LED Display Lighting For Lead Soldier Collections

With LED display lighting for lead soldier collections, it is possible to illuminate hundreds of pieces at once, whether they include battalions marching in lockstep, or small skirmishes of fighters exchanging blows. People who collect these small models don’t just want them for their appearance or rarity. They also offer an excellent opportunity to exercise the imagination. Some go so far as to set up a massive action scene that takes up an entire room. With so much effort put into gathering these models, it only makes sense that they be illuminated properly.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra diode fixtures are considered by many to be the best LED display lighting for lead soldier collections available. That’s because they produce an intense level of illumination that can be softened using glare shields and precise metering. This means that hundreds of pieces can be illuminated with a single run of fixtures without having to worry about glare.

If the models are placed inside a cabinet, Phantom’s fixtures are a perfect fit concealed behind a piece of trim mounted to the leading edge of the shelving. If placed on a platform outside of the cabinet, the fixtures can be mounted along the edges of the platform and bathe the setup in sharp illumination.

The only thing limiting Phantom’s diode fixtures is the vision of the model owner and installer, but with a creative eye, diode fixtures can impart even more drama and energy into a display.

Using LED Display Lighting For A Butler’s Pantry

With LED display lighting for a butler’s pantry, a homeowner can bring out the elegance and carefully crafted look that these rooms are meant to show off. Diode fixtures are a perfect fit for these spaces because they are usually filled with cabinetry. Much of this cabinetry is for display purposes as well as storing away valuable silver, China, and other dining implements. With open faced and glass cabinetry, beautifully crafted illumination can make a huge visual impact.

Phantom’s LED display lighting is ideal for a butler’s pantry because it is designed to be as flexible as possible. It is built with an extremely compact design that makes for easy concealing, and with one of several trim options, it is possible to meter the illumination out into the perfect angle. As a result, there’s no worry of the fixtures producing illumination that is too intense or dim. Of course, with Phantom’s dimmer controls, a homeowner doesn’t have to worry about output level at all, as the fixtures can be set to the perfect brightness.

And for rooms that have adjustable cabinetry, Phantom also offers a version of its Elite and Ultra fixtures made for moveable shelving. Produced with concealable drivers and no exposed wiring, the adjustable Elite and Ultra can be readjusted at a moment’s notice, making it possible to get many looks out of a single installation. That’s the kind of flexibility that Phantom offers its clients.

Ivory Collections Need LED Fixtures

Ivory collections are some of the most beautiful displays in the world, but they are also a challenge to preserve and light properly. Because the material they are made from is organic, it will deteriorate in the presence of moisture, heat, and intense light. Illumination designers have to keep this in mind when assisting a homeowner who is setting up fixtures for their display. It’s not just about the perfect fixture placement, it’s also about placing the perfect fixtures.

When lighting ivory collections, control is paramount. The homeowner should be able to dictate the output level of the lights at all times. If the fixtures are too bright, they will cause the material to bleach, which will often remove finer details that should be preserved. Keeping the lighting low is therefore a focus of the installation. This can be done with dimmer controls and glare shields which blunt the hard edges of the light and keep hotspots from forming. However, only a select few premium fixtures are compatible with both technologies, and Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED lights are among them.

Not only are Phantom’s LED fixtures easily controlled, they also emit close to zero heat, so they will not affect the integrity of the subject. And with their concealable profile, they can be arranged in a variety of ways. These features taken together make for the perfect display lights, even when handling delicate materials like ivory.

Creating Crystal Displays Isn’t Hard With The Right Fixtures

Living_Room_CabinetsCrystal displays, with their transparency and interesting optical properties, make for an interesting set of subjects to show off. Transparent items can’t be lit up like other subjects because they don’t stop the light. Because of this, fixture placement is paramount. Lighting intensity and color are also essential, but without optimal light placement the setup will look haphazard and chaotic. Of course, getting the right setup is a challenge of its own, and why it’s a good idea to choose high quality fixtures like Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED lights.

Soft light is usually the right approach when setting up crystal displays, as this will minimize glare and produce a beautiful effect. Specifically, Phantom’s LED lights can be installed behind or under the subject and set at a gentle output level. This not only blocks the fixtures themselves from view, it fills the subject with diffuse illumination that makes the piece appear to be glowing. This effect is particularly powerful when the subject is mounted to a pedestal, as the light is confined to spot away from the wall or ceiling and further emphasizes that the subject is glowing.

And with colored lighting, it’s possible to craft a variety of looks and build an atmosphere around the installation. Fortunately, Phantom’s lights can be customized to output colored illumination as well, which is just one of many ways Phantom can tailor a set of fixtures to a design.