Home Lighting Ideas For Adding Illumination To A Room

Home lighting ideas vary greatly and can help add a specific style to a room, whether warm and rustic, or cool and modern. Fixtures that focus on art displays, clean lines, or compliment the colors of the room will provide a professional finish. Continue reading “Home Lighting Ideas For Adding Illumination To A Room”

How Are Under Cabinet LED Lights Used

ls_application1Under cabinet LED lights are quickly growing in popularity, prized for the accent illumination they can add to any space. For decades, homeowners relied on fluorescent or incandescent fixtures to provide an extra source of task illumination, but these technologies have their limits. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra Task Lighting (TL) series surpass fluorescent and incandescent fixtures in every way, providing the same beautiful radiance while maintaining excellent efficiency and power.

How are under cabinet LED lights commonly used?

More than any other room, perhaps, the kitchen needs warm illumination. This is where families often gather and spend ample time. Poor illumination can make it difficult to see while prepping and cooking. Phantom’s TL strips can awaken a drab kitchen and infuse sophistication and intimacy into the space. The TL series often provides enough illumination to eliminate the need for glaring, overwhelming ceiling mounted fixtures.

Phantom’s diode strips are typically installed right above countertops so they can provide extra illumination for mixing, slicing, seasoning, or other cooking needs. Garages, offices, and work benches are also ideal spots for Phantom’s TL series task lights. Here, they can provide enough illumination for a person to tinker or get work done without having to rely on shadows created by ceiling mounted fixtures.

Why are Phantom’s under cabinet LED lights the best choice?

Phantom offers two series of task lighting led strips, the Elite and the Ultra. The Elite provides 130 lumens of output per linear foot (at 3.5watts a foot), and the Ultra provides 200 lumens of power per linear foot (at 4.7 watts per foot). This superior watt to lumen ratio makes Phantom’s diode strips among the most powerful on the market. Diode strips can also be attached to dimmers so the homeowner can get just the right amount of illumination at any time of the day.

Diode technology has been greatly improved in the last 20 years and now produces much less heat than incandescent or fluorescent fixtures. Less radiant heat means less waste and better temperature control. While diode fixtures may be more of an investment upfront, they cost much less to operate and last longer than other fixtures, even up to twice as long in some cases.

Phantom’s TL (task light) fixtures are compatible with 24V DC power sources and are perfect for larger homes and commercial buildings. Extended run length of 40 linear feet for the Elite series and 30 linear feet for the Ultra series means less connection points and fewer issues related to wiring.

Finally, several companies offer diode strips, but not all of them are as selective as Phantom when it comes to quality. The diode manufacturing or binning process is difficult to control, resulting in subtle variations in color temperature and output, even among fixtures from the same manufacturing run. Phantom only buys from manufacturers that employ strict binning standards, ensuring that every fixture looks and feels the same.

With their reliable craftsmanship and versatility, Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures are perfect for any task illumination application.

What Options Are Available With Strip Lights?

When looking for a low-cost accent or task lighting solution for a home or office, strip lights – tiny lamps embedded in strips, may be the perfect linear lighting product to consider. Why is that? For one, strip lighting can be cut to fit any length and go in any part of a room, and because they use minimal voltage power compared to traditional light bulbs, they can help cut energy costs and come with a lower risk of overheating.

These lamps have an extremely long life, and their flexibility, versatility, and durability have made them a favorite among homeowners and design professionals looking to enhance the look of a space with creative lighting solutions.

Phantom offers some of the best strip lights around. They come in a variety of categories for residential and commercial lighting use, including:

  • Classic: This uses festoon bulbs as the source of illumination and is great for arched or curved ceilings, since the trim is notched to fit anywhere. The classic lamps come in two types, Xenon (the traditional lamp base, lower costing) or LED (more energy efficient, longer life, low-maintenance).
  • Elite: A lamp powered by LED ribbon technology. It can also be fitted to several different angles, but its low profile makes it a better fit for small spaces, like cabinets. They are also well suited for flat or sloped ceilings. Unlike the Classics, they come with their own choice of color, and they emit 67 lumens per foot.
  • Ultra: These lamps are almost exactly like the Elites, except they’re much brighter – at 240 lumens per foot, they are among the brightest lamps available on the market.

Phantom strip lights are available in several trim colors so that they can blend in with their surrounding area. Customers can choose from a flat white trim, flat black trim, a stainless steel color finish, brass, and many other options in between. They also come in several models for just about any mounting orientation, including a special trim designed for display applications with adjustable shelves.

How Is Valance Lighting Techniques Similiar To Cove Lighting?

When adding decorative light to a room, concealment is the key and something Phantom considers in its valance lighting techniques. Valences make the perfect platform for custom made strip fixtures as they can provide this concealment easily. In fact, placing the fixture on top of the overhang is all that is usually necessary to conceal it. There is more to the installation, however than just placing the fixture on top of the overhang and plugging it in. To ensure the best look and fit, the size of the room, the design of the fixtures, and the homeowner’s preferences all have to be taken into account.

How are Phantom’s cove lighting and valance lighting techniques similar?

No matter where the fixtures are placed, the principles behind their design and setup are generally the same. Whether installed around a cabinet, in a cove, near the ceiling, or on top of an overhang, Phantom’s Classic, Elite and Ultra strip fixtures are the superior choice.

These forms of illumination are primarily decorative and are meant to act as subtle accents in the room. They can provide additional color, extra warmth, or a touch of light that creates a cozier feel. Direct illumination is limited at evoking these feelings, which is why concealment is so important when setting up the fixtures.

How do Phantom’s valance lighting techniques ensure a beautiful look?

There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution when it comes to setting up illumination. Fixtures that cannot be modified or customized to every setting will be a liability during installation as the installer will have to work around them instead of molding them to the space. Phantom’s strip fixtures are designed to be as flexible as possible and are custom made for every job. Prior to placement, the installer will provide Phantom with the details of the installation. In response, Phantom will build every strip fixture to an exact set of dimensions. This ensures a perfect fit on the overhang, which makes concealment and metering the illumination much easier.

Phantom’s strip fixtures are made from premium materials and the highest quality lamps in the industry. Unlike direct fixtures, which are designed to produce a concentrated beam of radiance, Phantom’s strip fixtures are intentionally designed to provide soft, diffused light.

Any homeowner who wants a little more sophistication or cohesion in their home will find these fixtures to be an ideal solution. With their beautiful illumination, ease of installation, efficiency and reliability, Phantom’s strip fixtures are a favored choice among homeowners and professionals alike.

Contemporary Dining Room Lighting Is Beautiful Yet Functional

Dining room lighting supports multiple tasks beautifully.Dining room lighting can be functional and attractive when chosen carefully for the space and its contents. Once a formal area with a standard chandelier saved for holiday meals, it is finding more purpose through such activities as playing games, completing a puzzle, and working on paperwork. When looking for the most effective illumination source it is important to be aware of what the space will be used for, and how many layers of light will be necessary to create the desired mood and functionality.

As this part of a home has evolved in its use, the traditional decor has become less common. Consumers are instead looking at all types and styles of fixtures in order to determine what will achieve personal satisfaction, visual appeal, and maximized purpose.

There are three main types of dining room lighting that can accomplish this feat. Ambient fixtures include wall sconces, torchieres, and cove or hidden ceiling fixtures. The brightness is toned down and is utilized to create a mood rather than to accentuate a specific display piece.

Phantom Lighting is an excellent producer of many types including cove units. They come in linear and ribbon styles depending on the dimensions of the mountable surface and ability to conceal the equipment. Task illuminators are placed for short term use. While most are portable many times they are easily adjusted and rather versatile. The traditional chandelier can remain a focal point hanging over the table or with a mixture of various styles. Free standing lamps and pendent fixtures are common as well.

Consideration of the desired preferences and quality of product are all part of the design process. When the ideal home accent pieces have been selected the final product should set a mood, provide a decor boost, and offer a comfortable space to those that utilize it.

Home Accent Lighting

Home accent lighting is now a popular way to add a touch of warmth and beauty to any room. At first, this technology was impractical and expensive to maintain, but today’s options are more energy efficient and compact. As a result, it is a viable option for anyone, even those on a tight budget. While they are primarily used for decorative purposes, they can also provide some modest functionality. For instance, their extremely low energy expenditure means they can be kept on around the clock, even at night. This improves safety and security in the house while also providing some needed illumination for people who stay up late.

The vast majority of these fixtures are placed in the kitchen. Home accent lighting has long been centered in this room, where it is typically installed under cabinets. This is still a popular place for these fixtures because they can provide added illumination in a food preparation area. Modern fixtures, though, can also be placed inside cabinets, in coves, or in display cases. They can generally be placed anywhere a person wants them. Their low operating expense and impressive output have made them extremely versatile.

Phantom produces a number of LED and xenon fixtures that can fit just about anywhere. LED ribbons can be shaped into circular or serpentine patterns. Both LED and xenon fixtures can be measured for any surface and installed with a profile so low that no one will be able to see the bulb. Instead, they’ll be able to simply appreciate the soft, warm glow.

Mounted projectors are also a popular option, particularly for people with art hanging that they would like to showcase. These devices are designed to stay out of sight, producing a contoured beam that makes the subject appear as if it is glowing.

With the many forms of home accent lighting available, a house can be transformed into a peaceful haven with a beautiful glow.

Home Accent Lighting Fixtures

Phantom home accent lights have never shined brighter. Our linear lighting strips are capable of affordably powering incandescent and xenon lamps with dimmer controls that give homeowners direct control over brightness, voltage, and heat output. Phantom Contour Projectors are available in both new construction and retrofit models that allow private art collectors to illuminate their favorite pieces of art regardless of the interior architecture or age of the dwelling they reside in.
Cove lights are integral to custom home accent lighting.
Custom homes have high ceilings and exquisite interior architecture. This sophistication demands linear lighting strips that are energy efficient and that minimize thermal output. Phantom linear lighting strips are ideal for these requirements. With new LED cabinet lighting, these home accent lights can be left on throughout the day and night with practically no heat or noticeable increase in power costs.
A single LED festoon lamp uses only .6 watts of power. Its heat output is less than one BTU and therefore does not heat the room enough to put extra stress on the AC. This, combined with the fact that LEDs by nature use 60 percent less energy than other light sources, makes the cost effectiveness of Phantom technology readily apparent.
Keep in mind too, please, that other LED cove lights on the market never produce more than 10 lumens of light output per lamp. Our new festoon design, however, combines 6 LEDs into a single lamp to produce a combined lumens output of over 40. This makes them equivalent to incandescent and xenon bulbs in brightness—but far more cost effective to run in operating costs and lamp life expectancy.
Cabinet and under cabinet lighting are also very important to home accent lighting.
Phantom low voltage lighting systems can also be custom manufactured to fit any custom kitchen cabinet, display cabinet, or bookcase. Due to the fact that our strips are smaller than those made by other manufacturers, Phantom technology can be completely concealed beneath the front reveal of a kitchen cabinet or interior display cabinet shelf. Vertically mounted cabinet lights can also be wired to fit the interior doors and vertical styles of antique reproduction cabinets. Shelf lighting strips also be manufactured to fit the shelves of custom bookcases and private home libraries.
Fine art lighting is the most demanding kind of home accent lighting that requires specialize equipment to do effectively.
Owners of custom homes like to decorate their dwellings with fine art that include professional quality photography, fine oils, and statuary. Standard home accent lighting is not enough to do justice to these pieces. Light has be filtered, first of all, in order to remove all the ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths that can damage sensitive materials.

Lighting control is also required to adjust light levels to appropriate degrees. Dimmability is an ideal way for the end-user to control lighting levels. Phantom recessed lighting projectors feature all of these advantages by projecting a beam of precisely focused, adjustable light that remains invisible until it strikes the canvas or sculpture. It then begins to glow with a special aura of its own known as the “lighted from within” effect, which makes the piece appear to be giving off its own light.Contact us now at 1-800-863-1184 to learn more about private library shelf lights or curio cabinet lighting. These concealed adjustable lighting strips can beautify a home or office with an entirely new aesthetic with apparently sourceless ambient lighting.

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