Lighting Ideas

The Phantom family of lighting products is the go-to source for cabinet lighting ideas suitable for any scenario. Collections of figurines, libraries and cherished treasures of any kind are destined to come to life with the power of distinguished illumination.

The company offers multiple solutions for consumers’ illumination needs, including options for adjustable shelf and fixed shelf lamping, as well as furniture, kitchen, corner and under cabinet lighting.

According to the individual situation and effect desired, Phantom strip lamps can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Ribbon lamps further increase flexibility by adjusting to the outline of the furniture’s framing. Trim and color choices as well as additional options such as dimmer controls further contribute to an entirely customizable illumination project.

Low profile fixtures and a lack of visible wiring ensure that the beholder’s focus concentrates solely on the collection on display, without the distraction of bulbs and other intrusive parts. Thanks to Phantom’s state-of-the-art mounting techniques, heirloom and antique furniture can be fitted without damage to the cabinetry.

The company’s cabinet lighting fixture ideas incorporate low-watt bulbs that maximize energy efficiency while creating spectacular luminance that is safe to the showcased contents. Available with xenon, incandescent or LED technology, each illumination project results in a superb display of impeccable quality and precise workmanship.

In special cases where customized advice is needed, an expert assessment by Phantom agents guarantees immaculate installation and unequaled customer satisfaction. This individualized service is especially applicable to situations involving one-of-a-kind pieces of hardwood furniture.

No matter how challenging an illumination project appears to be, Phantom finds the ideal solution for each customer’s unique needs, allowing the client’s treasured collection to sparkle with unprecedented elegance and grace.

Under Cabinet Lighting Lights

kitchen_TK-LPhantom under cabinet lights are distinguished by a variety of unique attributes that allow them to be adapted to any custom kitchen. Counter tops appear exceptional when illuminated with Phantom products thanks to a number of patented components and a robust set of options in lamp type and color temperature.

To begin with, each under cabinet lighting strips is custom manufactured to the under surface of the specific kitchen cabinet to which it mounts. Because we make our fixtures much smaller than fluorescent under cabinet lights, their low profile design makes them almost impossible to detect. Additionally, under cabinet lighting strip can be adjusted with a dimmer switch that allows for lighting levels to be raised or lowered at will. Traditional xenon lamping options are available for these strips, along with new LED festoon technology that generates a lumens output and quality of light that closely approximates xenon.

If you are an architect, builder, or designer, these characteristics give you a number of advantages over previous xenon under cabinet lighting technologies. To begin with you do not have to worry about chasing down fixtures to fit cabinets with custom dimensions or unique specifications. If you will send us your spec sheets or drawings, we can use these as a template to manufacture your under cabinet lights to match your cabinet out so you can install them directly into its structure at the time of build out.

Because our kitchen under cabinet lights are smaller than competing, standard linear lights, they remain invisible from a normal standing or seated position. Your clients will see the light, but they will not see the fixture. This adds value to the work of the interior decorator, who no longer has to worry about his or her work being diminished by extruding equipment. Additionally, our patented new LED light bulb technology is now able to rival xenon in lumens output; yet it is by nature energy saving, and it offers the additional advantage of a cool operating source that can be left on throughout the night without risk of overheating.

As an construction or design professional, one of the most important benefits you will receive from Phantom’s under cabinet lighting manufacturing process is a complete freedom in design options that allows you to specify what you deem fit without having to worry if you can find fixtures to match. We can make them match. More options than ever before exist when it comes to LED color temperatures, and the continued availability of xenon lamps allows you to opt for traditional linear strip lighting sources with the added value of lighting control that can minimize heat and extend lamp life. Adding the “golden touch” to counter tops and back planes can be done with less heat and with extended xenon lamp life thanks to Phantom dimmer technology.

We do, however, strongly recommend you consider the benefits of new, improved LED lamps that can give you virtually the same results—particularly with the warm color temperature of the 2800K. This, along with the respectively cooler color temperature options of the 2950K and the 5000K, will allow you to illuminate virtually any surface in the kitchen.

Call a Phantom Agent for more information on all of these options. We invite you to call toll free 800-863-1184 to request literature online or visit our lighting blog to learn more about Phantom custom low voltage lighting products.

Our cabinet lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas with professional lighting sales agents located throughout the United States that enable us to service all of Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America and the United States including Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, Las Vegas Nevada. Portland Oregon, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Tucson Arizona, Orange County California, Atlanta Georgia, Austin Texas and Palm Springs California.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Light

What do you recommend as a low-heat light source for kitchen in-cabinet lighting?
We recommend an LED linear kitchen cabinet lighting fixture with a special patented festoon lamping design made only by Phantom Lighting. These light sources have been special engineered to produce a luminance output equivalent to incandescent light sources. Phantom does not attempt to increase the lumens output of the individual LED diode, but rather uses a patented lamping configuration that combines multiple bulbs into a single festoon unit. The combined light output is comparable to xenon lamps and can compliment everything from fine wood finishes, fine china and dinner ware, and sheik, contemporary interior kitchen cabinet lighting designs. These lights produce zero UV or IR radiation, so they are the ideal light source for lighting cabinets behind wooden doors with glass windows.How attractive are these linear strip lights?
Technically speaking, the light strips themselves are never seen due to their low-profile design. The illumination they produce tends to be superior to competing models due to their forward mounted positioning. Light is directed backward and downward from a concealed locating behind the cabinet reveal. This produces a more even distribution of light along the front surfaces of cabinet contents and fills the interior with an even wash of light. When horizontal mounting is not practical, we can configure our in-cabinet display lights to mount along vertical styles to direct lighting inward from either side.What standard fixture sizes do you carry?
Phantom Lighting does not manufacturer linear strips in standard fixture sizes. We have standard mounting and conductivity options (see our cut sheets for more information) which are then customized to the precise dimensions of kitchen cabinet interiors.

What color temperatures do you have available?
Our LED in-cabinet lights can be ordered in 2800K, 2900K, and 5000K color temperatures. Many builders and interior designers prefer the 5000K when it comes to lighting the Spartan absolutes of contemporary kitchens and marble countertops. Other, more warm and traditional interior designs look better under the near-xenon quality of the 2800K LED festoon lamp. The 2950K represents the mid-point of the color temperature range and is often used to highlight special types of glass ware and china. The choice of color temperature is a highly subjective one that should be made in consultation with the homeowner. We can provide detailed photographs upon request that you can show your clients so you can be certain that the fixtures and lamps you choose work best for their personal expectations.

How well do these in-cabinet lights work with other room lights?

All of our low voltage lighting systems are dimmable, and they will work well with any type of general or overhead lighting. Our products are designed to provide high-end decorative lighting that also fulfills a functional purpose. As such, they are designed to anticipate a variety of general lighting designs and work within the boundaries of any lighting design theme.

Tell me about Phantom Lighting

Phantom Lighting is a pioneer, Houston-based art lighting company and low voltage lighting manufacturer established in 1981 to service the lighting and design community. Phantom Contour Projector and Phantom strip lights feature lighting technology that is completely unique, 100% proprietary, and found nowhere else in the world of lighting. Phantom’s revolutionary approach to decorative picture lighting and low voltage display, shelf, and under cabinet lighting has taken it from humble origins to the level of an international leader in lighting manufacturing on two continents.

Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting

Architects know that every home they design has kitchens, and every kitchen has cabinets. Beneath these cabinets are countertops that serve a dual purpose of decoration and multi-task utility. Shadows in these spots are both unattractive and possibly hazardous. Eliminating these dark areas with kitchen under cabinet lights instantly improves the aesthetic and safety of utility areas, and can play a major contributing role in a home buying decisions.

To ensure that the most important elements of kitchen under cabinet lighting installations are met, architects must move beyond generic puck lights and outdated fluorescent “energy savers” toward a more robust engineering and manufacturing design that captures the intentions of an artist with the precision of a scientist.

Phantom TL series kitchen under cabinet lights is one of the few strip lights that offer LED lamping in color temperatures that are aesthetically complimentary to the granite and marble countertops common in high-end homes. Warmer color tones look best under the 2800K led festoon, and cooler temperatures can be accented using our 2950K. These options offer home buyers a long-term return on investment on the front-end costs of the strips. The energy efficiency of LED, which is up to 60% more than that of any other form of lighting, accrues a savings that offsets initial purchase costs. Also, LED lamp life of 40,000-50,000 bulb hours eliminates the need for frequent maintenance and makes bulb replacements very rare.

LED kitchen under cabinet lights can also play a contributing role in reducing cooling costs. Most people who invest in under cabinet fixtures tend to want to leave them on in the kitchen if and when it is safe to do so. A hot-burning light source is going to trigger the thermostat to activate the HVAC system, driving up power bills in the process. However, LED bulbs emit light electronically rather than chemically through the ignition of gas in a sealed glass container. This makes them a very low-heat source of illumination, perfectly safe to burn throughout the night, and negligible in terms of impact on room temperature.

For applications that require color temperatures ranging from 3000K-5000K, Phantom also offers xenon lamping options that offset the higher power consumption curve with dimmability options and low-voltage transformers engineered to curtail excessive electrical consumption. Our purpose is to provide our commercial design clients with the full range of necessary color temperature compliments to every cabinet build, interior decorating scheme, and general lighting requirements they may encounter in custom home design.

The linear strips that power our kitchen under cabinet light fixtures are sophisticated pieces of engineering in their own right. These linear strips are very small in comparison to most competing models, and they are much easier to conceal beneath the surfaces of a variety of cabinet sizes and custom builds. Two very important features of these lighting strips work to eliminate not only shadows, but also reflective glare. Rather than mounting in the center of the under surface like puck lights, or in the back as many fluorescent fixtures install, Phantom TL series fit under the front of kitchen cabinets. Special glare shields that are built into the lights direct the light backward away from the eyes and across the utility areas under countertops. Dimmer controls allow the homeowner to adjust lighting levels to match those created by general overhead lighting. This adjustability allows the end user to create a contiguous luminous that is both sourceless and seamless from the viewer’s perspective, and creates a very attractive setting for gatherings, parties, and cooking demonstrations.

Phantom Lighting makes it easy for architects to incorporate our kitchen under cabinet lighting fixtures into their custom home designs. Each fixture is custom cut to the dimensions provided to us by the architect. The choice of LED or xenon sourcing is determined (with the help of a Phantom specialist if need be), and a purchase order for custom manufacturing of the fixtures is set in order.

Call a Phantom Agent for more information on all of these options. We invite you to call toll free 800-863-1184 to request literature online or visit our lighting blog to learn more about Phantom custom low voltage lighting products.

Our lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas with professional lighting sales agents located throughout the United States that enable us to service all of Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America and the United States including Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, Las Vegas Nevada. Portland Oregon, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Tucson Arizona, Orange County California, Atlanta Georgia, Austin Texas and Palm Springs California.

Cabinet Lighting Fixtures

Phantom cabinet light fixtures feature a low voltage transformer that is smaller than industry standard size and much easier to conceal. This enables builders and contractors to install our cabinet light fixtures to be used inside cabinets of any size. Phantom cabinet light fixtures are available in vertical mount and horizontal mount designs to enable custom cabinet lighting in any environment. These lights are a preferred source of illumination in places where an evenly distributed, bright, and glare free light are an absolute necessity. Contractors find our display lighting fixtures ideal for such places as kitchens, bathrooms, storage cabinets in workstations, and special displays in certain retail and public showcasing environments.Phantom linear cabinet light fixtures feature some very unique, proprietary, and patented technology. Our engineers have developed a wireless method of conductivity that eliminates the need for visible wiring and uses metal shelf standards to send current to the lamps. The linear strip light fixtures themselves are slim and low profile, and any number of festoon options are available. Each cabinet lighting fixture is custom made to the exact vertical or horizontal dimensions of the mounting surface, and dimmer controls on the concealed transformer allow the user to select any number of lighting levels and effects.

Under Cabinet Lighting Fixtures
Phantom 12 volt under cabinet light fixtures are a favored source of under cabinet lighting for these reasons. Additionally, contractors often prefer Phantom linear strips fort their superior abilities at reducing reflective glare off of counter top surfaces. Puck lights mount in the center of the cabinet underbelly and tend to create white spots on the counter below. The larger fluorescent under cabinet light fixtures mount toward the back of the cabinet, creating the undesirable effect of throwing light straight into a person’s eyes. However, Phantom xenon linear lighting strips for under cabinet lighting mount just beneath the front of the cabinet and direct the light at an angle of incidence away from the viewer’s eyes, back toward the wall. This creates a smooth, even distribution of light that can be fine tuned even further with user friendly dimming controls on the unit. This is probably why we are now experiencing such an influx of orders from commercial contractors through our US and Canadian lighting sales agent network.

If cost is an issue, these linear strips can be made to pay for themselves over time. Any under the cabinet lighting fixture we manufacture can be ordered from our factory as a 12V linear strip and fitted with incandescent, xenon, or LED festoon lamps. This allows the contractor to match the countertop and surrounding kitchen decorations to the optimal light source and color rendering needed for best results. Combined with a 12V transformer fitted with a dimmer switch the homeowner can adjust at will, even the most sophisticated xenon lamps now save power at an extraordinary level. Businesses seeking LEED certification can also replace fluorescent pucks and strip lights with Phantom LED strip light fixtures. Unlike competing festoons, our patented lamping design generates 50 lumens per lumen on an LED strip light, making it nearly equivalent to xenon and far more of an energy saver at the end of the day.

Phantom Lighting Representative Agents Are Here to Help You!
Agents operate in every state in the nation and throughout Canada, Mexico, Central, and South America. The Agent is the builder or contractor’s best friend, helping with custom orders, lighting design support, drop shipping, installation support, and technical support. You can also see Phantom Lighting products at Light Fair International 2009 in New York City on the 5Th of May.

Our lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas with professional lighting sales agents located throughout the United States that enable us to service all of Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America and the United States including Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, Reno Nevada. Portland Oregon, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Tucson Arizona, Los Angeles California, Atlanta Georgia, and Palm Springs California.

We invite you to call toll free 800-863-1184 to request literature online or visit our lighting blog to learn more about Phantom custom low voltage lighting products.

Installing Linear Light Sources as Under Cabinet Kitchen Lights

Many home builders install rope lights for kitchen under cabinet lighting whenever a cost effective, indirect lighting source is needed in the kitchen. Generally speaking, this light is adequate for complimentary illumination of small, simple kitchens, but it does not provide the type of high-end low voltage lighting or lighting control necessary to light today’s more sophisticated, larger kitchen frequently found in a custom home. Most rope lights do not feature the specification grade required to truly optimize color rendering and light distribution over counter tops. Consequently, they not only burn out more quickly than linear lighting sources, in larger kitchens, they often create striations and accentuate wall variances, reflecting an uneven distribution of light.

Installing linear lighting strips under kitchen cabinets will correct this problem, provided that the fixture used resides under the front end of the cabinet and directs the forward throw light back and away from the eyes. This creates reflection off both the surface of the posterior wall beneath the cabinet and the surface of the counter top itself. When the under cabinet lights or inside cabinet lights installed are also dimmable, and the correct lamps are fitted to the fixture, the reflection diffuses as a “wash” of light that evenly covers visible surfaces without creating “white spots” or glare.

It is very important to consider overall aesthetic when replacing rope lights or fluorescent under cabinet lights and installing task lights in your kitchen. Larger linear light strips may be clearly visible to people seated at a nearby table who are looking into the kitchen from an angle. Install under cabinet lights in these places that will seamlessly blend into the under surface of the cabinet, or even better, completely hide themselves from open view.

Lamping options should be chosen next, and should be oriented toward complimenting the color and texture of the kitchen counter top. Custom kitchens in today’s larger homes frequently have marble or granite countertops, both of which can be enhanced with a near 3-dimensional appearance when illuminated with a linear light source installed underneath kitchen cabinets. The choice of lamps that you fit to these fixtures will depend upon the color of the cabinet itself. Cooler colors like white and off white look much better under an incandescent under cabinet kitchen light installed with a dimmable control. Phantom linear strips are ideal for this form of kitchen under cabinet lighting because feature smaller, concealed transformers that allow for end users to set the light at whatever level necessary.

Likewise, darker counter tops such as deep red granites and dark blue marble/white finishes look superb under a linear light source that produces a slightly warmer colour temperature. If the counter top you are lighting features dark reds or blue, or an almost “purple” look to the coloring, install kitchen fixtures that are fitted with xenon under cabinet lighting. This will generate a luxurious, slightly golden aura of light that gently penetrates the lighter colored areas of granite and marble and enriches the darker swirls of blue and deep red with an ornate touch.

Although both xenon and incandescent light sources consume a great deal of electricity, this can be offset by using Phantom low voltage lighting strips that minimize electrical consumption. Further savings can be generated by investing now in LED under cabinet kitchen lights. As new legislation requires that incandescent technology be replaced no later than 2010, it might be best to invest now instead of later in the world’s newest and most promising source of LED energy saving lighting or environmentally friendly LED custom cabinet lights.

Call a Phantom Agent for more information on all of these options. We invite you to call toll free 800-863-1184 to request literature online or visit our lighting blog to learn more about Phantom custom low voltage lighting products.

Our lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas with professional lighting sales agents located throughout the United States that enable us to service all of Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America and the United States including Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, Las Vegas Nevada. Portland Oregon, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Tucson Arizona, Los Angeles California, Atlanta Georgia, Dallas Texas and Sacramento California.

Low Voltage Under Cabinet Lighting – Frequently Asked Questions

Phantom Agents receive many calls from lighting designers and electrical contractors wanting to know how best to install our linear strips as low voltage under cabinet lights. Designers in North, Central, and South America encounter a wide range of commercial and residential environments that require not only custom fixtures, but a specialized understanding of magnetic transformers, lamping options, and bulb types to remain competitive in budgetary bidding situations.

Low voltage under cabinet lights manufactured by Phantom are ideal for cost-conscious clients because they are innately power saving in nature and aesthetically superior due to their ease of concealment.

The following are some frequently asked questions our Agents normally receive in regards to 12v under cabinet lights.

We have a lot of clients who request low voltage puck lights or fluorescent under cabinet lights specifically. How can we propose Phantom as an alternative?

The key selling point would be the angle of lighting incident and the ease of concealment. Fluorescent lights shine forward and often send light straight into the eyes. Phantom lighting strips direct the light backward.

Our smaller magnetic transformers also make for easy installation and concealment, so they are much less visible than obtrusive puck lighting fixtures.

If concerns over quality are raised, please refer to any number of technical documents that indicate how low voltage LED festoon replacement lamps are equivalent in energy consciousness to fluorescents and just as effective, if not superior, sources of light.

What do you recommend as low voltage under cabinet lights in residential kitchens?

That depends on the warmth of the color scheme. As a general rule, it is best to light cooler colors with cooler colour temperatures, and to light warmer colors with warmer colour temperatures.

Incandescent light works best with cooler colors, whereas xenon works ideally with bright and/or warm colors.

You can really impress your prospective clients with custom marble and granite counter tops with a low voltage under cabinet lighting strip fitted with xenon festoons.

In commercial break room kitchens, you can install low voltage lights to replace the uncomfortable glare of fluorescents and maintain energy savings for your corporate clients. They will appreciate you greatly for making their in-house dining area more attractive to employees who are typically late getting back to work when they leave the building for lunch.

Does Phantom sell puck lights?

No, but we are willing to recommend some online sources. We also readily admit that there are times when puck lights do the job best. This is normally when are no reflective metal surfaces directly under the cabinet. Puck lights also work better under very large cabinets. This prevents the circle of light they create from appearing larger than the cabinet itself.

For smaller cabinets, or for cabinets that have metal appliances directly beneath them, consider low voltage kitchen cabinet lights by Phantom. As we have previously noted, our lamps point back toward the wall and direct the light away from any highly reflective, large appliance positioned directly beneath them.

Are Phantom strip lights dimmable?

Yes. Extremely cost-sensitive clients are often sold on this point alone. They like the fact that Phantom lighting used with Lutron dimmers give them direct control of how brightly the light shines and how much voltage it uses.

Does Phantom provide any special technology that can give our company a competitive edge against other firms?

We have the most sophisticated LED festoon lamps in the world, and we actually hold patents on their design. LED bulbs on any lighting system will require only 20% the electricity required by incandescent and xenon bulbs. When you subsequently install LED festoons on a low voltage, 12v under cabinet light fixture, the power savings are further multiplied to the client’s maximum advantage.

Our lamps output 50 lumens of light per unit—the highest output of any LED festoon on the market. We also can fit low voltage LED under cabinet lights with your client’s choice of five colour temperatures which range from white, functional light to specialty, colored lighting for decorative displays and showcases. This makes them equivalent to xenon in aesthetics at significantly less expense.

Click here to get in touch with a Lighting Agent with any additional questions that have come to mind. We will offer our best insight on a complimentary basis to all inquirers. You can also contact the factory at 800-863-1184.

Inside and Under Cabinet Lighting Options

In and under cabinet lighting adds ambience to kitchens.Up until a few years ago, very specific types of kitchen cabinet lights were used for either in cabinet or under cabinet lighting needs. Most people preferred puck lights for under cabinet lighting because they cast bright circles of light onto counter tops and provided great visibility and clarity for work. Back then, of course, most counter tops were made of cheaper materials that absorbed light without reflecting it back into the eyes.

People in the 60’s, 70’s also used a lot of fluorescent under cabinet lighting because they helped conserved electricity. Their lower heat output also made them everyone’s favorite under cabinet / over the stove light for cooking.

This, of course, is all changing now. Increasingly large numbers of people are replacing generic counter top materials with custom, granite and marble. These surfaces are highly reflective and introduce an entirely new element into the lighting equation. Kitchen cabinet light manufacturers must now shield the eyes from reflective glare in addition to providing the same levels of light as they did before.

While it is a fact that fluorescent lights are normally housed in frosted fixtures that minimize glare, they do not render color with enough detail to do justice to the subtle shades and variations that custom counter tops feature. Puck lights, that use halogen lighting, render color very well in most cases, but they are simply too intense and will almost always throw reflected light back into the eyes.

In this type of kitchen, it is almost always better to go with custom linear strip lights such as those manufactured by Phantom Lighting. This is due to both their low profile design and the unique qualities of glare free light they produce.

Each Phantom under cabinet lighting strip is custom pre-fabricated to exact cabinet or shelf dimensions. It will install seamlessly to either a horizontal mount or vertical shelf mount and remain virtually invisible to the casual eye. It also contains patented lamping designs and features special shielding that reduces reflective glare to near-undetectable levels.

Phantom strips can be fitted with a variety of festoon bulb types. Our most popular bulb type for under cabinet lighting in kitchens is xenon. Xenon will render colors at a level almost equivalent to that of sunlight. When xenon low voltage lamps are installed in conjunction with a low voltage transformer and dimmable lighting strip, they will bring out the subtlest red of granite and the multi-dimensional hues of marble like no other form of light—at a fraction of the cost of competing in cabinet and under cabinet LED strip light fixtures.

Incandescent festoon lamps produce the “warmest” form of light and make everything within the cubic interior of the cabinet clearly visible. Unlike pucks, they consume virtually no cubic space within cabinets, and leave more room for storing larger cookware items. Phantom strips also make cleaning the shelves much easier as they require little external wiring. You can even remove shelves fitted with our lighting strips without risk of shock or fixture damage.

Restaurants should consider retrofitting their existing kitchen cabinet lights strips with one of Phantom’s newest innovations—LED replacement festoon lamps. These lamps produce a lumens output equivalent to that of incandescent and fluorescents, but they use 80% less electricity. Although a restaurant kitchen requires little, if any, aesthetic consideration, employee comfort and cost consciousness are of vital importance.

Fluorescent under cabinet lighting emits UV radiation that is never good for anyone’s eyes, and incandescent lights left on for long hours will result in expensive light bills. The one-time procurement cost of replacement LED festoons will immediately begin returning investment through lower monthly power bills.

To learn more about Phantom Lighting, contact us at 713-863-1133 or ask one of our United States lighting agents to show you first hand the many benefits of Phantom Strip Lights and the Phantom Contour Projector.

Phantom Lighting Strips Are Custom Manufactured To Your Exact Specifications And Color!

strip_light_colorsPhantom Lighting manufactures light strips to your exact specifications to provide hidden, smooth illumination for cabinets, bookcases, furniture, indirect cove lighting and kitchen under cabinet lighting. Phantom is about lighting creations – not about seeing light bulbs. Therefore, we have taken care in our engineering design to ensure that the light source is concealed from each viewing angle, no matter how severe.

Our exclusive patented adjustable shelf lighting system allows for easy movement of individual shelves without tools or hassles. This is accomplished by using exposed metal standards or concealed buss bars to conduct the electricity without exposed wiring. Now with LED lamps you got to see it to believe it!

Designed for both residential and commercial applications our Phantom Lighting Strips are available in seven painted finishes including premium metals such as stainless steel, solid brass and natural copper. Our painted finishes include (left to right) paint grip galvanized steel, flat white, gloss white, light beige, almond, medium brown, flat black and gloss black. Our premium metal LED lighting strips are (Left to right) natural copper, polished stainless steel, satin stainless steel, polished brass and satin brass.

To learn more about Phantom Lighting products such as the Contour Projector or Lighting Strips please contact a lighting agent in your city or state for more information. You may also request a quote online using our handy order form. Thank you!

LED Festoon Lighting System from Phantom Lighting

Phantom Lighting announces its new LED lighting system at Light Fair 2007 in New York. These festoon LED lighting fixtures offer more options for uniqueness and customization than any technology currently on the market. Low voltage LED lighting fixtures not only save on energy costs, but also maximize fine art color rendering with no harmful affects to canvas or paints whatsoever. Phantom LED light fixtures adapt to all shelving and cove lighting environments and produce superior glare free lighting without visible intrusion into viewing angles.

Collectors often encounter odd angles and sizes in finer bookcases, cabinets, and furniture. This is because the highest level of quality also means one of a kind customization that deviates from generic measurements. Such individuals quickly see the value in Phantom LED Light Fixtures that can adapt to fit any size bookcase, fine china cabinet, and ornamental furniture. Phantom LED Light fixtures are the only strip lights on the market that utilize patented, adjustable shelf concept.  This eliminates visible wiring and transmits a safe low voltage current through shelf standards and mounting clips.

Phantom kitchen under cabinet lights or in cabinet lighting generate very little heat and no harmful UV rays. This allows the collector to leave the lights on for long periods of time so fine art remains illuminated with a magical effect throughout daytime and late night hours. The high color rendering of these fixtures combined with the elimination of ultraviolet light allows for continual illumination without risk of damage to sensitive art. Phantom LED light fixtures operate at 12 VAC on both magnetic and electronic transformers. This offers added value to the festoon system as an energy-efficient solution. The festoon system can safely and cost effectively light entire collections or even multiple collections in a number of rooms without the risk of heating or excessive expenditure of energy.

The festoon phantom led strip lighting system optimizes illumination with an almost invisible presence. True to their name, phantom led strip light fixtures feature custom metal strips designed specifically for horizontal, vertical, or cove lighting applications. Regardless of the shelving or housing utilized for showcasing, phantom led strip lights adapt to a variety of surfaced wiring methods on any number of sizes of antique furniture and existing cabinets. Power leads that feature varying lengths and configuration ensure all wiring is hidden. Phantom LED light fixtures feature built-in glare shields that all but eliminate seeing the lamps from severe viewing angles. All Phantom LED lamps have a 120 degree beam spread for smooth, even illumination, and they can be customized for 60-degree beam spread by special order.

Come see us shine in New York at LIGHTFAIR 2007 held May 8-10th, 2007 Javits Center in New York City, New York Visit us at Booth 465 to learn more about our new LED Festoon strip lighting system. With unrivalled adaptability, these low voltage lighting fixtures can shine brighter with less heat than any DC equivalent and optimize the beauty innate in illuminated art. Contact a Lighting Agent today for a demonstration in your area.