Cabinet Lighting Reviews Helps You Make A Good Decision

holiday01-LCabinet lighting reviews can help a homeowner make smart decisions regarding display fixtures, and this feedback is bringing out some important trends. Perhaps the most notable among them is that more and more homeowners are looking for custom installations instead of a standard design that is rather inflexible. Homeowners who have been through the process also have a strong idea of what to look for in a fixture, and what to avoid.

Phantom’s name comes up quite a bit in positive cabinet lighting reviews, and for good reason. Phantom’s fixtures, particularly its Elite and Ultra, are extremely flexible and can fit into spaces most other fixtures cannot go. This, along with their customization options, makes the Elite and Ultra among the most versatile display fixtures on the market. Phantom’s former clients also appreciate the high quality components found in the Elite and Ultra, which ensure long term durability and a reliable source of bright illumination.

There can’t be any flaws in display illumination, as the slightest quirk will be picked up on right away. That’s why Phantom only accepts thoroughly binned LEDs from a single manufacturer, and also why Phantom pairs its strip fixtures with dimmer controls, aiming trims, and glare shields. This fine tunes the illumination until it flows evenly and beautifully. It’s a measured look that homeowners will truly appreciate.

Using LED Display Lighting For Statuary Collections

Showcase-Adjustable-LED-LightingLED display lighting for statuary collections have a simple mission to complete. The fixtures have to bring out the dramatic edges, the gentle curves and the subtle features of the sculpture, making it appear as if it was almost alive. Sculptures are one of the most interesting things to illuminate, as their unique shapes often produce dramatic shadows. Few things have the visual punch of a sculpture shining brightly in the dark, and with the right setup, it is possible to evoke nearly any feeling.

Not all sculptures are kept in a cabinet or mounted to a pedestal, which is an important concept when using LED display lighting for statuary collections. A lot of people like to invest heavily in a few large sculptures that dominate a room, so they need to be well-illuminated around the clock. This may be enough illumination, but if it isn’t, Phantom can help install recessed fixtures or projectors in the ceiling to illuminate it better from above. Regardless, the effect will be well put together and look like something out of a magazine or movie.

For premium fixtures designed for any type of collection, contact Phantom and talk with the experts for the best results.

Home Cabinet Lighting Makes A Difference For Displays

Concealed-LED-Shelf-LightsFew additions to the home can match cabinet lighting in terms of visual impact, and if the goal is to get attention for a beloved display, these fixtures are the way to go. Phantom’s fixtures are specifically made with display applications in mind, and so they have been built with maximum flexibility and capabilities. As such, they can be paired with nearly any type of display, no matter its composition.

In the home, cabinet lighting has a single, but important purpose. It must create a visual centerpiece in the room, drawing people to the display and providing the kind of inviting illumination that will encourage people to linger. It’s true that power is an important consideration, but if the fixtures cannot be controlled well, they will be a liability, no matter how much output they can create.

That’s why Phantom has engineered its Elite and Ultra LED fixtures to be as versatile as possible. Both the Elite and Ultra can be controlled with dimmers, positioned in one of several ways, and shaped using aiming trims. And because they use extremely efficient LED technology, they produce zero heat and are much safer than other illumination systems.

Combine the safety, efficiency and versatility with the sheer power that comes with the Elite and Ultra, and you have a fixture with no significant weakness.

Adjustable Cabinet Lights Offer The Best Solution

Showcase-Adjustable-LED-LightingAdjustable cabinet lights are the answer to the frustrating issues that come with rigid, inflexible illumination systems. Phantom is one of the few producers of flexible display fixtures, and can pair the versatile system with its powerful, efficient LED fixtures. This makes for a display illumination system that is not only beautiful enough to attract attention, but adaptable and convenient for nearly any type of display a homeowner might have.

Phantom’s adjustable cabinet lights are so flexible because they are not installed using exposed wiring. It’s this wiring that normally makes it impossible to shift the fixtures around, and it comes standard in the vast majority of display fixtures. Phantom’s LED systems instead use buss bars and brass components to channel the current from the concealed driver, without the need for exposed wiring.

The real flexibility in the system, though, comes from the buss bars because they are fabricated with several anchoring spots and run up the length of the furniture. When a homeowner wants to place the shelving in a new position, they only have to remove the anchor screw, find a new spot for the shelf, and replace the screw. It is an extremely easy way to manage sophisticated display illumination, and its flexibility makes it ideal for showing off striking, uniquely shaped items.

There Are Limitless Possibilities With Under Shelf Lighting

Most homes and businesses use under shelf lighting for its versatility, energy efficiency, and safety. It is easily concealed from view and its brightness is controllable. It has a multitude of uses besides displaying pieces in bookcases or shelving units. Most strip luminance is utilized for task illumination – food preparation, office luminance, or reading. Specialized strip illumination is used in grocery stores to provide luminance in dairy cases, meat cases, and the produce section because it does not emit enough heat to cause products to spoil faster. Cosmetic departments utilize it because their products are not affected by excessive heat. Jewelry stores use specialized strip illumination because quality lighting brings vibrancy to the different gems and precious metals.

In private residences, under shelf lighting can be used in any room – from kitchen to living room to the bathroom. LED luminance ribbons are an excellent alternative to overhead traditional vanity fixtures in a bathroom. They can be mounted behind mirrors giving a glare-free, soft illumination that creates visual interest and an overall pleasant ambience. Parents should also consider LED ribbons as a substitute for nighttime illumination in a child’s bathroom over traditional nightlights, due to the ability to dim the lights more. Another excellent use for specialized strip illumination is for mounting behind flat panel televisions. It provides indirect lighting without screen glare, and reduces eye fatigue and eyestrain that can lead to headaches. LED ribbons can produce different colors and create a different mood for whatever entertainment is showing.

Under shelf lighting is an excellent alternative to overhead illumination. It is safer to use against flammable surfaces and textiles. It does not emit harmful UV radiation, so it will not ruin priceless heirlooms or artwork. Specialized strip illumination is an overall great investment for any business or home wanting to upgrade and enhance their spaces.

Attracting People Is Easy When Using Bar Light Fixtures

IMG_0336Bar light fixtures are perfect for ramping up business and attracting people to an establishment. Trendy clubs and pubs are always competing with each other for clientele, especially in a dense urban environment. To bring in people, a business only has to draw their eyes for a moment, and the easiest way to do this is with unique illumination produced by Phantom. They produce a number of LED strip lighting models that can be customized to fit any space and produce any color of illumination.

LED strips built by this company consist of six diodes grouped together into a single device. This model produces a reliable level of illumination, about 40 lumens strong. This is twice as strong as competing models. These LED strips require very little energy to function, under a watt or so. This keeps energy bills low, and decreases the risk of fire.

Phantom produces customized bar light fixtures, so they will fit any space in the building. Unlike most manufacturers, these devices can be modified further during installation. This is extremely helpful for an installer that needs to tweak the strip just a bit to get it to fit without being seen. These strips are designed to be low profile. They come with metal glare shields, so the illumination is diffused and softened. The end result is a subtle glow that adds complexity and color to the environment. These devices can be placed just about anywhere in the building. They can be installed under the counter, in a display case, on product shelving, behind artistic pieces or televisions or in a seating area. They can radiate any color, from the trendy blues and purples found in trendy clubs to the orange and whites found in casual pubs.

Reasons To Add Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Fixtures

An excellent blend of decorative and task light functionality can be obtained through the use of linear or ribbon under kitchen cabinet lighting fixtures.  These custom designed, adjustable devices produce superior results in the arenas of illuminance and uniformity.  Illuminance is a term that describes the amount of light that is visible on any given surface.  In most designer circles, an illuminance level of at least 300 lux is necessary to generate sufficient visibility for ordinary kitchen tasks like preparing food.   Uniformity is necessary in order to create a decorative effect that can contribute to overall kitchen aesthetic.  Ideally, such fixtures should allow users to adjust illumination levels at will so as to better blend it with luminance from other sources in the room.

Lamping options range from traditional incandescent, which is seldom used now do to poor energy conservation, to fluorescent, halogen, xenon, and LED.  Xenon typically offers the best uniformity and also adds a golden touch to surfaces much like that produced by incandescent lamps.  Xenon has long been a designer favorite for under kitchen cabinet lighting applications because of these reasons.  In recent years, however, LED lamps have developed to a level of quality that they can now be used for a wide range of decorative, as well as task oriented applications.  LEDs have the longest lamp life of any option, and they offer the best energy conservation as well.  When engineered to dissipate heat and allow users to adjust levels of luminance, LEDs offer a blend of functional and aesthetic value that is likely to become the preferred option for designers in only a few short years.

Cabinet Lighting

There are a few fixtures that can provide a decorative flourish and some needed functionality, and cabinet lighting is among them. This concept has been around for decades, but until recently it has mostly been used to see well. While this is still an important function, many venues are adopting the technology for displays, and to add a warm touch to a kitchen or den. In the ‘60s and ‘70s, these fixtures were harsh, overly bright, and inefficient. In recent years, improvements in the industry have produced energy efficient fixtures that can be set at any color temperature and brightness.

Phantom provides a huge range of cabinet lighting options, from LED ribbons to festoon lamps. They can be installed inside or outside the furniture, providing illumination wherever it’s wanted or needed. In the kitchen, these fixtures can be placed under a wall-mounted cabinet, which will provide illumination in a food preparation area. They can also be placed inside, where they will bathe the room in a soft, warm glow. Not only will this add some interesting color to the area, it will also make it easier to see at night. With a little extra illumination, any room can be made safer and have a better ambiance.

The fixtures offered by Phantom require very little wattage to operate. Usually, this form of illumination is kept on around the clock, so energy efficiency is a must. Otherwise, it will quickly become a power drain. Phantom’s fixtures are energy efficient, and produce an extremely low amount of heat.

Every room requires a custom design and particular set of fixtures to provide the perfect combination of illumination and beauty. A consultant with Phantom can help a person determine which fixtures are right for them.

Cabinet Lighting Remodeling Ideas

Cabinet Lighting Remodeling IdeasDo I have to buy new cabinet lighting when I remodel my house?
You don’t when you work with Phantom Lighting. If you already have linear cabinet lights in your kitchen, over-the-counter areas, bathroom cabinets, and decorative displays, forget about having to spend money on all new equipment.
With Phantom’s latest generation of LED festoon lamps, you can simply purchase new LED festoon lamps and retrofit them to your existing cabinet lighting fixtures. You will start saving money immediately on two levels.
The first savings will be seen in reduced electrical cost to operate this new generation of lamps. You see, each lamp needs only 0.6 watts of power to produce a level of brightness equivalent to that of a xenon or incandescent decorative lamp.
The second savings you will see is a reduced cooling cost. One watt of power equals 1 BTU of heat, so you are already paying more than you think on any festoon-based cabinet lighting system that operates at 1 watt per lamp or higher.
These new LED lamps that we have developed produce virtually no heat, so no matter how long you operate them, they will not overheat their immediate environment, nor will they overheat the room. This will lower your air conditioning costs noticeably, if not significantly.
Where can I go and buy these new cabinet lighting bulbs?
Call our office toll free at 800-863-1133 or request a quote or contact a local lighting distributor.
My remodeling contractor has already offered replacement bulbs at a discount. What should I do?
Have a conversation with us first to obtain all the necessary technical data on our new product. Show this to you builder. The same thing goes with your interior decorator if you are working with a specialist in design. Present this information (all of which you can download or bookmark on our website) to your contractor and politely insist that they install the festoon retrofits of your choosing.
If your contractor wants to bill the retrofit under his or her invoice, reassure him or her we will sell direct to them and allow them to bundle our product under our invoice. As a cabinet lighting manufacturer, our sales are geared toward both the contractor and the homeowner based upon project, need, or demand.
What decorative advantages do your cabinet lighting festoons offer that no other kinds do?
The lumens output of these lamps is superb. Previous generations of LED were challenged in their ability to produce a light that was bright enough to compete with fluorescent, incandescent, and xenon equivalents.
We solved this problem by building a single lamp that contains 6 diodes per lamp housing. The combined light output easily equals that of any source you may currently be using under your cabinets or inside your collectibles display.
The color temperatures of these lamps are equally superb, ranging from the cool 5,000K to the warm 2,700K which for all intents and purposes is identical to xenon quality.
Order your free full color DVD catalog today.
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Phantom LED Festoon Lamps

LED.ht2When LED energy saving festoon lamps were invented just a few years ago, they changed decorative lighting forever. Up until this time, it was always something of an expensive chore to light ceiling, cabinets, bookshelves, and special displays with incandescent and xenon lamps. Any attempt to use cheaper lights like fluorescents in cove lighting yielded bright light but very little decorative ambience. It was always this tradeoff between quality and power savings.

Before LED festoon lamps, there was also another problem with heat. Incandescents produce a light that is very similar to that of the sun. They can also get very hot. The issue here is not so much one of fire hazard but rather overheating a room in general. The AC is going to kick in when the thermostat rises, and the cost of cooling the room down is going to compound on top of the cost it.

Linear lighting with 5-7 watt festoon lamps will overheat a room quickly. Just one watt of power emits 1 BTU in heat. Multiply that by 5 watts per lamp, and you can see how hot your room gets, and how much extra you have to pay to cool it down.

This all changed when LED festoons came on the scene. They made decorative lighting affordable. LEDs typically use 60% less electricity as incandescent lamps. However, heat was still an issue in spite of the power savings. While LED light bulbs did not produce heat, the printed circuit boards that power them do —even those with lamps of less than 5 watts of power.

However, things have changed again thanks to Phantom Lighting’s LED replacement festoon lamps. Each of these new lamps requires only .6 watt of power. This results in negligible heat output, which in turn offsets the cost of cooling a room. The savings curve is even greater, and the quality of the lighting is greater as well.

The new 6-emitter led lamp design emits plenty of light in a 120 degree pattern of distribution and a better blend of color temperature. Our lamps also emit 5 times the amount light as competing models. Phantom LEDs, you can have the same lumens output as incandescent and xenon without the additional costs.

Phantom LED cove lights are available in superb color temperatures of 3500K, cool white 5000K, and 2700K. They operate at a CRI of 80 and also have a 50,000 hour average lamp life. They can be retrofitted to linear strip lights made by almost any lighting manufacturer, and they can work on either 12V or 24V magnetic lighting transformers without any need to rewire your fixtures. This means you do not have to buy new strip lighting fixtures. You only need remove your original festoons and replace them with Phantom LED lamps to make the switch.

Phantom lights are ideal for under cabinet lighting, display cabinet lighting, and custom furniture lighting. They have also proven valuable in nautical lighting, aviation lighting, and under the adjustable shelf lighting applications.

Contact Phantom Lighting now toll-Free at 1-800-863-1184. Speak to a US lighting sales representative today about specific strip lighting series and the many aesthetic and practical benefits that led light bulbs add to display and showcase lighting on all levels of function and form.

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