Why Are LED Festoon Bulbs A Smart Choice For Lighting Systems?

Why Are LED Festoon Bulbs A Smart Choice For Lighting Systems?Updating an existing lighting system can be extremely frustrating for a company, but Phantom’s LED festoon bulbs can significantly reduce the burden. Lighting represents around 30 percent of a company’s energy costs, so business owners can save a lot of money by keeping their lighting infrastructure current with diode fixtures. This technology has grown a lot in the last 15 years, and now offers performance that is equivalent or superior to other lighting systems, and at a fraction of the operating costs.

What makes Phantom’s LED festoon bulbs the smart choice is their ease of installation. Typically, updating a building’s lighting means ripping out existing fixtures and laying down infrastructure to accommodate the new lights. However, Phantom’s diode lamps are designed for retrofit applications and can slot into existing incandescent and xenon systems with ease. This means existing transformers and wiring, as well, so no build-out is needed and minimal effort is required to set the fixtures up.

Phantom’s diode fixtures are some of the most efficient lights available on the market, as well as among the safest. They can be tied to dimmers to allow for finite control of the lamps, and they are available in both 12 and 24 volt varieties, in addition to a number of color temperature options. In short, this means a business owner can get the exact look they’re hoping for while significantly reducing the cost of keeping the building lit nicely.

What Are The Two Options Of Cove Lighting?

Cove-HallwayCove lighting is an indirect source of illuminating a room or space by casting luminance above and to the side. This form of illumination creates a softer ambiance with a greater reduction of light reflection and harsh glare. These luminance fixtures are completely hidden from view, making them a highly sought after product for cove lighting design. Phantom offers two forms of this lighting – individual festoon lamp strips and LED linear lighting.

Individual festoon lamps come in Xenon or LED lamp options and are mounted on a variety of trim profiles. Both options are more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, but the LED festoon bulbs will be more energy efficient, cheaper to operate, and have a longer life than the xenon festoon bulbs. Xenon festoon bulbs have a lower cost input than LEDs initially, but their operating costs will be more annually. The xenon bulbs come in multiple wattages and can have frosted or clear glass and tend to have a warmer tone than LED. The LED festoon lamps come in 3 different color temperatures to create the right ambiance.

Phantom offers an Ultra Series and an Elite Series of LED continuous linear lighting. They come in a variety of color temperatures, are dimmable, and fully customizable. The Ultra Series is an outstandingly bright strip of diodes, whereas the Elite Series is Phantom’s standard diode strip. Both series are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and very economical to operate. They cost pennies a year to run and are very durable, lasting up to thirty years.

Phantom’s luminance choices can be used for under cabinet illumination in kitchens, utility areas or garages. They are popular choices for hutches, bookcases, and nooks. They can even be used for rim illumination behind flat screen televisions or on furniture. The applications for concealed illumination strips are infinite. When looking for quality, dependable cove lighting options look no further than Phantom for all illumination needs!

What Are Benefits Of Cabinet Light Fixtures?

Living_Room_CabinetsCabinet light fixtures are appropriate for underneath and inside these areas of display.

Due to the wide range of bulbs and fixtures available, there are almost no cabinet configurations that cannot accommodate installing additional illumination. However, some bulbs only come mounted in certain forms, so the type of lighting may be restricted. The type of bulb will determine the amount of lumens, the color temperature, the energy usage, and lifespan. LEDs, xenon, fluorescent and incandescent, the most popular bulbs for this type of project, each have their own benefits. For someone unsure about how to go about increasing the brightness of an area, a professional can be consulted. Their knowledge of the options, products, and measurements of a cabinet can be used to create a custom lighting solution.

Usually, a low voltage option is chosen, because the smaller size of low voltage bulbs translates to a more inconspicuous mount. For those that cannot be tucked out of sight, the mount can be used as a decorative accent.

Regardless of whether the shelves are adjustable or fixed in place, there are fixture options that facilitate additional illumination. Cabinet light fixtures are also appropriate for bookshelves and display cases.

When they are hardwired, they can be operated with a switch. There are also options that are battery operated or that plug in to electrical outlets. A superior option is transferring energy from a remote transformer that is low voltage. Through the use of an out of the way transformer, which is not an option offered by every lighting company, electrical wires can be eradicated entirely. This set up also creates less heat, which is safer.

The Benefits Of Choosing Indirect Cove Lighting

When a space requires an aesthetic boost, indirect cove lighting can provide that extra decorative touch.  This form of illumination is growing in popularity as technology makes these fixtures more efficient and easier to customize. They are designed to be placed out of sight where their soft illumination can create a warm glow across the ceiling or other architectural features. To accomplish this, designers often use a number of strip and ribbon fixtures, each consisting of many xenon or LED festoon lamps.

Indirect cove lighting can fit just about anywhere, from behind furniture, to under cabinets, to ceiling overhangs. Strip fixtures are ideal for display cabinet illumination and can also add a professional look to a commercial building like a bank, hotel or restaurant. No matter the size or shape of the installation area, it is now possible to produce fixtures that fit perfectly. Not every company strives to customize their products to each installation, but superior manufacturers like Phantom do. By working with contractors and designers directly, they build each fixture to precise measurements and specifications. The result is a strip or ribbon fixture that fits the space perfectly. This ensures the device stays out of sight and produces the right amount of illumination.

Xenon and LED technology are the most popular choices for this application because they are highly efficient and customizable. Xenon fixtures can produce pure white illumination that’s ideal for rendering color, while LED can produce a range of tones from white to the warm orange glow that incandescent fixtures are known for. Not only are they custom made for a good fit, Phantom’s LED fixtures are particularly efficient. Each lamp only needs about half a watt of energy to function, however, they can produce a brilliant 40 lumens’ worth of radiance, which is about twice the industry average.

Choosing LED Shelf Lighting To Add Focus On A Display

LED shelf lighting is installed when a piece of display furniture needs a little something more. More illumination, more color, more beauty, it doesn’t matter, because these fixtures can provide all of this. This technology is highly customizable, but only a few companies take advantage of its potential. While many manufacturers settle for products that are standardized and unsuitable for many installations, Phantom eschews this design mentality and emphasizes flexibility among its fixtures. Both its festoon lamps and CM strips are premeasured and built to the customer’s needs, fitting snugly into any piece of furniture it’s installed in.

Diodes are the pinnacle of illumination technology because they provide premium radiance at low costs. Their high efficiency means LED shelf lighting produces more lumens per watt, and Phantom’s fixtures are even more efficient than more competing designs. This means lower operational costs, and more compatibility with a building’s power infrastructure.

Phantom’s lamps and strips are designed to remain out of sight to a casual observer. They can also be set up with metal shields that diffuse the illumination, giving it a softer, less intense appearance. Instead of bombarding an onlooker with harsh brightness, the subjects are made to subtly glow, a much more beautiful effect.

Most manufacturers produce fixtures that must be installed with open wiring. This is a problem if the owner wants to rearrange the shelves to accommodate larger or smaller pieces. An electrician will need to set up the fixtures in their new positions, and this will be necessary every time the furniture is adjusted. Phantom’s fixtures avoid this because they function with conductive furniture supports and buss bars. Buss bars are strips of conductive metal that power the lamps directly. There is no open wiring required, so adjustment is a simple process that anyone can perform.

An LED Cove Light Provides Better Illumination With Less Energy

Since the advent of efficient illumination, residential and commercial property owners have been searching for what an LED cove light provides: an inexpensive and beautiful way to brighten up a dark space. While people may be tempted to go with a traditional incandescent or fluorescent fixture, a linear lighting strip powered by diodes can offer more than just sufficient illumination. This technology is safe, inexpensive to operate, and can fit into any space. This versatility gives an installer a myriad of options when improving the look of a room.

Commercial buildings like banks, hotels, restaurants, and offices are usually adorned with small spots of illumination that seem to melt into the background. This provides ambience and class without distracting an observer. An LED cove light, though, can provide better illumination with less energy. The diodes used in this technology are the most advanced available for illumination purposes. Unlike incandescent and fluorescent fixtures, which expend much of their energy on producing heat, diodes use the vast majority of it on producing illumination. This makes it safer and more efficient to operate. Diodes work with a small semiconductor die that is altered to produce an electric gradient. When the device is switched on, electrons that have been moved out of place shift to a stable location. This process releases a mass of photons.

Even though these fixtures can be customized to produce any hue or intensity of illumination, they can do it with less than a single watt. Phantom’s fixtures group six of these diodes together in a single low-profile device. Together they can produce about 40 lumens of illumination. Competing fixtures produce between 15 and 20 lumens, which means a duller look. For this reason, many electricians and architects consistently pick Phantom for their illumination needs.

Looking To Install Under Cabinet Lighting

To install under cabinet lighting fixtures, a do-it-yourselfer will need a few basic tools.  They will need a measuring tape, and a pencil should be used to mark all drill locations prior to cutting into the wood.  A hammer and a drill or a hole saw is needed to drill the holes necessary for mounting the fixtures.  Many installers also prefer to use cable clamps to hold wires in place within the fixture box.  It is strongly recommended that every conceivable safety precaution be taken when working with tools and wiring.  Safety glasses should be worn while drilling holes. A sturdy step ladder should be used to access hard to reach places.

Because Phantom products are custom-made, the parts and instructions that come with each order are also customized to some extent.  Prior to receiving the shipment, the end user will already have provided the necessary specifications to determine in advance the best way to conceal both the fixtures and the wires.  Detailed instructions will be included with the order that walk the installer through the entire process.

The most essential step that will need to be taken to install under cabinet lighting will be to determine the location of the transformer.  This device is necessary to power the linear assembly and must be concealed from the vantage point of any visitor to the kitchen.  Professionals normally mount the transformer either above the linear assembly in the base of the attic or somewhere in the rear of the cabinet base itself.  16 gauge wire is sufficient for connecting the transformer to the array at distances of 20 feet or less.  A heavier gauge wire will be necessary for attic runs exceeding 20 feet.

LED Cove Lights & Cove Lighting

Phantom-Kitchen-300-762061LED cove lights are highly decorative and have to be able to generate the ambient warmth associated with high-end linear lighting. When building cove lights they also have to be bright enough to effectively compliment general room lighting and contribute noticeable quality to the decorum of interior architecture.

Now when we talk about quality, we have to step back and identify the type of quality we are looking to define. Are we talking about the actual amount of light? Are we talking LED energy savings lamps? Is color rendering or color temperature our primary concern?

Each one of these variables represents a different set of considerations that go into selecting a light source. Historically, cove lights prior to LED have been based on the following technologies, all of which had their unique benefits.

• Cold cathode and fluorescent lamps tended to produce the brightest light.
• Incandescent lights known for their golden hue
• Xenon lights used for high-quality lighting with a distinctively white color to their luminance

Although only capable of producing a pale bluish light in their early days, newer generations of LED linear lighting strips have now begun operating at color temperatures comparable to incandescent. People tend to judge the quality of a light by incandescent because this was the very first type of light invented, and it was used for most of the 20th century.

While it is true LEDs have grown competitively warm in color temperature, only Phantom cove LED accent lights now equal both the warmth and ambience of incandescent lights and the brightness of xenon lamps. The added advantage we offer an equally decorative and truly energy conscious solution that saves money and drastically slashes maintenance and replacement costs.

In fact, our level of quality has earned a reputation for warmth, mood, and ambience in the most high-end display, cabinet, and cove lighting applications. Our color temperatures (LED comparison chart) start from the very warm 2700K, which is virtually identical to incandescent, to the ultra-cool, contemporary 5000K.

The success of our Phantom LED lighting lies in the unique engineering of our festoon lamps. We do not use 5mm “toppled” LEDs like other linear strip light manufacturers use. Such a configuration never results in any more than 5 to maybe 10 lumens in the best of possible worlds.

On the other hand, Phantom LED cove lights have always output over 40 lumens per festoon—and this was with our original festoon design, which has now been redesigned for even greater performance!

Our first LED festoon lamps were comprised of 3 LEDs that operated at a combined 1.7 watts per lamp. We have since doubled the number of LEDs per lamp and simultaneously cut the wattage to only .6 watts. This has negated all but a trace amounts of heat produced by the circuits in the lamps themselves.

These new LED cove lights are a brighter source of light than ever, burn cooler than anything else on the market, and will last longer than anything you buy. Even better, you only need to buy the lamps—not the linear strips themselves. Our festoons are made to retrofit any existing cove lighting system operating at 12V or 24V.

Phantom Lighting is a pioneer, Houston-based art lighting supply company and low voltage cove lighting manufacturer established in 1980 to service the lighting and design community. Phantom Contour Projector and Phantom strip lights feature lighting technology that is completely unique, 100% proprietary, and found nowhere else in the world of lighting. Phantom’s revolutionary approach to decorative picture lighting and low voltage display, shelf, and under cabinet lighting has taken it from humble origins to the level of an international leader in lighting manufacturing on two continents.

We invite you to contact us direct at 800-863-1184 to obtain more information on our LED lamping options. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed, view an LED brochure, check out our Phantom Lighting mobile website, or read through the many informative summaries and Phantom FAQ’s located on our Phantom Lighting blog.

LED Festoon Strip Lighting

Led light bulbs will one day become the dominant source of lighting on the planet—if not the exclusive source. They solve a multitude of economic and environmental problems that have plagued and continue to plague users of other types of lamps. The reason for this lies in the manner in which a led bulb generates light. Unlike incandescents and fluorescent bulbs, a led light does not utilize a filament or any type of luminary gas. Instead, led lighting bulb technology is based on something completely different—a semi conductive component known as a “diode.” By passing a low voltage current through a diode, one can agitate electrons within its composite substances, causing light to radiate into the surroundings. This light is cool burning and will not cause heat pollution in work and living areas. Because these LED light bulbs do not rely on inert gases of any kind, they pose no threat to the environment, and the substances of which they are composed are virtually unbreakable compared to standard lamps.
Festoon lamps are available in 3 watt, 5 watt, and 10 watt, in both 12VAC and 24VAC. Xenon lamps (2,800K) typically produce a whiter light and are used for display lighting. The light from an incandescent lamp (2,450K) is warmer in color, and more conducive to residential applications. The average life for a incandescent lamp is 7,500 hours and 20,000 hours for xenon low voltage lamps.
There are many advantages to LED lighting. LED festoon lamps are available in a 0.6 watt, 12VAC and 24VAC models in several popular color temperatures such as 2,700K, 3,500K, and 5,000K. LED festoon lamps produce very little forward throw heat, no UV rays and have an average lamp life of 50,000 hours.
LED 2,700K festoon lamps are perfect for retrofit applications or new projects that require a bright, efficient light source in hard to reach areas. Commercial applications such as LED cove lighting in hotels, casinos, theaters, and large residential cove lighting projects are all candidates for Phantom LED festoon light bulbs. Why replace your linear strip lights when you can simply install new energy efficient LED festoon lamps?
Our new 2,700K Phantom LED festoon lamp is a favorite of interior designers, architects, maintenance departments and electrical engineers because it produces a beautiful warm colored light that works well in indirect LED cove lights, display cabinets, task lights and many other commercial and residential applications.
Contact Phantom Lighting now toll-Free at 1-800-863-1184. Speak to a US lighting sales representative today about specific strip lighting series and the many aesthetic and practical benefits that led light bulbs add to display and showcase lighting on all levels of function and form.

2800K LED Festoon Lamps

Great news regarding the much anticipated Warm Color Phantom LED Festoon Lamps from Phantom Lighting System! We have them in stock and ready for immediate shipment!

Phantom Lighting Systems is pleased to announce the addition of 2800K LED Festoon lamps to our family of 12 volt AC light bulbs. We have received our first major shipment of these fantastic lamps and look forward to helping you create new sales opportunities! The color temperature is 2800K, which renders very closely to Xenon, currently our most popular lamp for cabinet lighting.

Key Selling Points:

  • Phantom LED Festoon lamps operate on 12 volt AC magnetic transformer, not DC
  • The LED Life rating is 50,000 hours at 1.7W vs. 20,000 hours at 5W for Xenon
  • Negligible forward heat throw, due to proprietary design of backside heat sink
  • Fully Dimmable without color shift using conventional low voltage dimmers
    Why replace your linear strip lights when you can simply install new energy efficient LED festoon lamps? Phantom Lighting leads the LED lighting manufacturing industry in customized application of LED lamp festoon lighting and its many benefits to a diverse clientele. Contact us today at 800-863-1184 or visit with a lighting agent in your city to find the best solution for your business’s or home’s lighting needs.

The search for a quality illumination manufacturer is now over. Homeowners, businesses, and art galleries have been using Phantom Lighting to give their space the extra brilliance it requires. Most LED lighting manufacturers give you the product, but not the high-level of service that comes with a top-notch illumination company.

Why settle for another manufacturer? Request a CD Catalog, or contact one of our lighting agents today and come see what magic we have in store for you. You can now view Phantom Lighting products on your hand held device such as a cell phone, blackberry, iPhone or PDA by visiting http://www.phantomlighting.mobi/.