6 Reasons Why Using Led Light Fixtures Make the Most Sense

LED light fixtures are, simply put, the latest and most advanced light bulb technology on the market. They are energy efficient with a low carbon footprint and do not emit any toxic material. This makes them the most environmentally-friendly bulb on the market. They are easy to install. They take lighting as a design feature to the next level. Continue reading “6 Reasons Why Using Led Light Fixtures Make the Most Sense”

For A Cabinet Use Interior Display Lighting

Cabinet-LED-Display-LightsIf a homeowner really wants to show off a cabinet, then interior display lighting is the superior choice. Of course, it’s not the furniture that is the centerpiece, but what is on show inside the furniture or on its shelving. Photos and books are common, as well as glass, artwork, and figurines. No matter the collection, though, high-quality fixtures will ensure there is enough illumination, and that it is directed properly.

Although recessed fixtures can provide a strong option for a cabinet, LED interior display lighting is usually the best choice, for several reasons. For one, LED fixtures are extremely safe because they produce almost no heat. So they can be placed close to a subject and won’t damage it, even if the subject is made from fragile materials or paper. Also, LED fixtures are reliable and long-lived, lasting several times longer than incandescent or fluorescent fixtures. In short, less maintenance and replacement is required. Finally, LED fixtures can be customized to produce one of several color temperatures, so if a homeowner has a lot of silver to show off, for example, the LEDs can be configured to produce cooler color hues.

This doesn’t come at a cost of power, either, as Phantom’s Elite and Ultra series of fixtures can provide more than enough illumination. And they can be pared back as well with dimmer controls. That way, a homeowner can get the exact look they want, no matter the time of day or presence of other illumination in the space.

Why You Should Find Under Cabinet Lighting Reviews

ls_application12smAll it takes is a quick search, and any homeowner will see what under cabinet lighting reviews repeat consistently. Many people reporting their experiences online are looking to replace a system, and many of these homeowners have an idea of what they want. And what these people are finding out is that LED technology is the way to go in most cases. In the past, fluorescent tubes or even incandescent pucks were the fixtures of choice, but LED has surpassed them, for the most part.

Under cabinet lighting reviews have made it clear that LED fixtures are the right pick, but why? Homeowners are sensitive to energy usage, aesthetics, and value, and LED ranks near the top, or at the top in all three categories. It is several times more efficient than traditional systems, and this alone can eventually help offset the higher initial cost. What also helps add value is LED’s longevity. LEDs last around five times as long as incandescent fixtures, and sometimes even longer. That not only means reduced replacement costs, but fewer headaches in keeping the entire system operating at once.

Aesthetics, though, is what matters most, and why homeowners often preferred incandescent fixtures when LEDs were just being introduced to the market. Now, LEDs offer comparable or superior performance in terms of output power and illumination quality. Couple this with LEDs excellent configurability and they can fit into any setting, whether bold and vibrant, or understated and sophisticated.

Custom Bookcase Lighting Plans

Concealed-LED-Shelf-LightsPutting together custom bookcase lighting plans is a smart move for a homeowner that wants illumination that fits the display perfectly. Texts like classic novels and collector items come in a variety of colors and designs, so there isn’t one set of fixtures that can work in every setting. It takes a tailored approach, and that takes an expert with experience in aesthetic illumination. It can be tempting to just settle for off the shelf fixtures for the job, but such fixtures are normally a poor fit for sophisticated displays.

Phantom’s custom bookcase lighting plans are designed to bring out the best in every display, and that means properly fitting the fixtures and ensuring they are emitting illumination that works in the space. A set of fixtures may be extremely powerful or colorful, but if they aren’t metered correctly, the result will be a disaster. And this is the primary issue with off the shelf and low quality fixtures. They aren’t designed to be precise.

But Phantom’s LED fixtures are. Its Elite and Ultra strips can be cut to fit any cabinet, and with their extremely low profile, they can be easily hidden behind a piece of trim, which Phantom can also provide. This trim will shape the illumination to the display, and with Phantom’s dimmer controls, the display can be finely controlled by the homeowner. With this level of control, a homeowner can get a system that truly looks unique.

Adjustable Lighting For Cabinets Can Fit Any Shelf

holiday01-LAdjustable lights designed for display cabinets can take a mundane-looking collection and turn it into something that is both beautiful and dynamic. This is partly due to the excellent flexibility that Phantom’s LED fixtures offer, as they are among the only fixtures on the market that can be rearranged after installation. Normally, display fixtures are rooted in place with exposed wiring, and this is something that a homeowner cannot mess with as it is unsafe. Phantom, though, uses technology that allows anyone, with no tools whatsoever, to move the fixtures into new positions and get as many looks as the homeowner can come up with.

Phantom’s adjustable lights are designed for cabinets of all shapes and sizes, and they can be concealed or exposed. They produce illumination that is identical in power and quality to standard fixtures, though Phantom offers some customization options, such as color temperature and dimmer controls that allow a homeowner to detail their look further. However, what sets these fixtures apart is how they deliver power to the fixtures. Instead of using exposed wiring, a concealed driver manages current into a set of heavy steel buss bars that conduct the electricity into brass shelf supports and contact pads. These pads deliver power to the fixtures themselves. The contact pads and shelf supports are fixed to the buss bars using pins. By removing the pins and fastening them into a different part of the buss bar, the shelves and their fixtures can be set into any position.

When it comes time to switch up the shelving position, any homeowner with Phantom’s flexible fixtures will be grateful they don’t have to pay an electrician to move the display.

Interior Cabinet Lighting Illuminates A Display

holiday01-LThe difference between a boring display and one that shines is often interior cabinet lighting. A lot of homeowners assume that ambient illumination is enough for a display, but they eventually find that this is an inadequate, unattractive way to show off a collection. Ineffective illumination cannot render color properly or provide the kind of contrast that is needed to bring attention to the display. What is needed are high quality fixtures built into the display and directed at the shelving.

Phantom’s interior cabinet lighting includes some of the most powerful LEDs on the market. The Elite and Ultra are extremely intense, though they can be pulled back with dimmer controls that allow for any brightness setting. This power is best harnessed by placing the fixtures behind a piece of trim that conceals the LEDs from direct view. Phantom offers glare shields with the fixtures that soften and diffuse the look as well, so instead of a harsh, direct beam, the display is filled with a warm glow. So, instead of turning every subject into an intense ball of glare, the entire shelving arrangement is brought out from the surrounding space, turning the entire display into a worthy centerpiece.

Maintenance and operation are a snap as well, because LEDs are the longest living fixtures on the market. At 50,000 hours of performance, LED systems only require occasional replacement and produce zero throw heat, making them safer than other illumination systems.

With a set of premium fixtures, a homeowner will never have to worry about outfitting their display again, as such a system will provide beautiful illumination for many years.

Lighting Shelving Requires Certain Fixtures

LED Concealed Cove Light Fixtures Can Make A Room Stand OutLighting shelving is as much a creative endeavor as any art form, and when done right, it can have a major visual impact. Normally, these fixtures are used for display purposes in a variety of cabinetry, and to look right, they have to be made with quality components and technology. It’s not enough for the fixtures to be exceptionally bright. They have to be controlled, subtly metered, and versatile. There is a stark difference between garden variety fixtures at a retail store, and the expertly crafted fixtures that an illumination design firm like Phantom offers.

The most important consideration when lighting shelving is how the fixtures will be arranged. Most homeowners opt for fixtures that are concealed behind a piece of trim. These fixtures are aimed toward the back of the cabinet, striking the front of the display subjects with powerful illumination. This arrangement works best with cabinetry that has a matte backing, so as to reduce glare. Cabinetry with a mirrored background will benefit from side mounted fixtures to avoid glare.

Aiming the fixtures is also critical, and is best accomplished with one of Phantom’s aiming trims. Aiming trims are capable of paring down the illumination so that it only emits into certain angles, ensuring that the subjects, and only the subjects, are illuminated. This helps reduce glare, prevents hot spots, and ensures even illumination across the face of the display.

Of course, it helps to have a fixture that produces consistent output, which is why Phantom only sources its LED fixtures from a single manufacturer that subjects its lamps to extensive binning. Together, the focus on quality and positional flexibility means Phantom’s fixtures can work with nearly any cabinet, and with nearly any display.

Lighting Mineral Collections Using LED Fixtures

Lighting mineral collections using LED offers a few challenges, but when executed correctly, the effect will be incredible. Geological samples can be some of the best, and most difficult things to illuminate. They are a challenge because every sample is unique and coming up with a uniform solution is tough. The lighting system needs to be highly precise, as evenly spread illumination will take the life out of the subject and make it appear dead. However, when illuminated properly, the samples will sparkle brilliantly and appear extremely vivid.

The most important thing to keep in mind when lighting mineral collections using LED is placement. It’s best to find a few spots on every sample that stand out, such as a patch of crystal, well-defined angles, or interesting patterns. Focus on these areas with an intense spot of illumination, and they will be brought out clearly. And though it’s not as important, color temperature will also have an impact on the subject’s appearance. Geological samples come in a huge range of colors, so it is best to match them up with a color temperature that brings out the best. Some wake up under intense white illumination, while others almost glow under yellow-orange or bluer hues. Working with samples that require different color temperatures to stand out can be difficult, though, so it is always best to hire an expert to help out with the process.

Adjustable Lighting For Merchandizing Is A Great Method

Living_Room_CabinetsInstalling adjustable lighting for your merchandizing needs is the kind of move a forward-thinking shop owner makes. There is an incredible amount of research out there that demonstrates just how important illumination is to a business’s reputation and success. But even with this research, many shop owners don’t take commercial fixtures seriously. Part of the reason might be because most fixtures are rather inflexible once installed, and moving them around takes the help of an expensive technician. This is no longer a problem with Phantom’s LED fixtures.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED strips are the best option in adjustable lighting for merchandizing purposes. They aren’t hamstrung by the exposed wiring that holds other fixtures back, instead relying on buss bars to deliver power to the fixtures. The buss bars also function as shelf supports, so there is almost no downtime for the fixtures when changing up a display.

Any experienced shop owner will tell you that the key to selling products is presentation. After a while, the same old display will grow stale and people will stop buying. Something as simple as changing up the shelf arrangement, though, can pay off big dividends, and with fixtures that can reposition with them, it’s possible to get an amazing number of displays with minimal effort. In short, it’s one of the few no-brainer business decisions out there.