Why Are LED Festoon Light Bulbs The Best Choice For A Venue?

Why Choose LED Festoon Light Bulbs For Venue Lighting?Phantom’s LED festoon light bulbs can be found in venues around the world, including some of the most esteemed destinations in America. One of these venues, the Francis Ford Coppola Winery, installed 800 of these fixtures to bring their illumination system into the modern age. The Coppola Winery was in need of a new illumination setup as their existing fixtures were wasting too much power and generating too much heat. With Phantom’s help, the Coppola Winery was able to increase the efficiency of its illumination setup, which continues to save money for the venue, and improve the look of the winery.

Why are Phantom’s LED festoon light bulbs the best choice for a venue?

Phantom’s diode fixtures are designed for new and existing installations, as it can easily replace incandescent or xenon systems. For venues like the Coppola Winery, where there are already hundreds of incandescent and xenon fixtures in place, ripping everything out and putting in new infrastructure can be prohibitively expensive. Phantom’s diode fixtures integrate perfectly into incandescent and xenon systems because they do not require DC inverters and can work with the existing transformers and dimmers. These benefits make Phantom’s diode fixtures an economical option compared to competing systems.

Phantom’s diode fixtures are also easily installed and typically don’t need the assistance of a professional to install, so it can be done quickly. The Coppola Winery was able to place its 800 diode fixtures on its own, making for a swift transition.

This technology is also highly customizable and can be designed to output a range of color temperatures. They can produce the warmer tones that people look for in incandescent fixtures, neutral white and even slightly cool hues if that is desired. These fixtures can also be precisely controlled when attached to dimmer switches, which makes it easy to get the desired aesthetic from them. The Coppola Winery used this to great effect, installing the fixtures in many places, including inside cabinets and around coves.

How is diode technology superior to other forms of illumination?

Because Phantom’s LED festoon light bulbs use diodes to create illumination, they are extremely efficient and safe compared to incandescent and xenon fixtures. Phantom’s diode fixtures are efficient even when compared to competing diode fixtures, requiring only 0.6 watts of power per lamp. Each fixture produces 40 to 50 lumens, so this premium watt to lumen ratio means a venue can get the biggest bang for the buck.

Diode technology is also safe, in part because it is efficient. Because each fixture uses most of its power on creating illumination, very little heat is generated. At the Coppola Winery, excess heat was a major problem, creating a safety hazard and stressing its climate control systems. Phantom’s diode fixtures are much safer in comparison and can be left on for longer without fear of causing a fire or wasting too much energy.

With its ease of use and excellent efficiency, more venues, including the distinguished Coppola Winery, are switching over to Phantom’s diode fixtures.

What’s New in Under Cabinet LED Lighting?

The latest in under cabinet LED lightingWhy have I only now heard about under cabinet led lighting?

Because for a very long time these fixtures had a hard time creating white light that could truly function as a replacement for incandescent sources. If you looked at a countertop lit by LED under the cabinet light fixtures, you could almost immediately tell what they were. Many custom home builders and interior designers avoided using them for this reason. LED was seen new technology with great potential, but not quite ready to take the market. That is, until now.

Is the new under cabinet LED lighting just as good as xenon?

For all intents and purposes, yes. You won’t be able to tell the difference unless you are a trained lighting professional who works with both types of lighting every day. This is because 12 volt under cabinet LED lighting bulbs can now be manufactured that operate at 2800K color temperature—a very white light akin to sunlight. The more white a light is in this sense, the “warmer” its color temperature is said to be. With a warm color temperature lighting source, you can see the greatest level of color and detail in surfaces such as granite and marble.

Why are Phantom under cabinet LED lighting fixtures the best choice for builders to use in custom cabinets?

Aside from the custom nature of the strips themselves, Phantom‘s 2800K LED festoon lamps combines the newest, warmest color temperature available with previous engineering that differentiated our festoon lamps from all competing equivalents. LED bulbs typically emit lower levels of light than incandescent sources. To compensate for this, Phantom developed a lamping techniques that places three bulbs together in a festoon lamp, thus generating a higher lumens output. Now, with this latest evolution in color temperature, you have both the brightness and the “whiteness” that xenon and incandescent have been famous for. For the first time in ever, energy saving led is now poised to eventually replace all other sources of kitchen cabinet lighting.

What are the other benefits of Phantom’s under cabinet festoon lights?

Well, for one thing you don’t have to order new strips to get new lights if you already have Phantom linear strips in place. The 2800K festoon lamps can be retrofitted to both our vertical and horizontal mounting fixtures. They also work on a number of luxury lighting linear strips that use the festoon lamp design.

With incandescent bulbs being eliminated out by 2010 in places like California, developing LED technology to this new level is just in time for today’s custom home builder to offer greater energy savings and superb aesthetic in a problematic housing market. Fully dimmable and ultra-concealable, these linear cabinet lights will add dimension and accent to any home kitchen. Call Phantom now to learn more about 2800K under cabinet led lighting strips and their many applications for builders, architects, designers, and homeowners alike.

Our lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas. Feel free to contact us toll free at 800-863-1184 for assistance on strip lighting or fine art lighting projector equipment. A network of nationwide distributorships and sales representatives fans out throughout all 50 states into cities like Scottsdale, Arizona, Seattle, Washington (SEA), Los Angeles, CA, (LAX) Boston, Massachusetts (BOS), Princeton, NJ (EWR), Philadelphia, PA, Dallas, Texas (DWF), Pasadena, California, Chicago, IL (ORD), Baltimore, MD (BWI), and Minneapolis, MN (MSP). We also service clients internationally, with lighting manufacturer sales representatives working out of Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

Specialty LED Lamp Manufacturer

Strip-Six-780575As a specialty LED lamp manufacturer, Phantom is a solution source not only for designers, but also for other strip lighting manufacturers. Our patented LED lamps are engineered to fit both our own linear lighting strips and the linear lighting fixture of other manufacturers. This makes them ideal retrofits for those seeking to reduce wattage per square foot requirements necessary for obtaining LEEDS certification. We also manufacture LED light bulbs with client convenience foremost in mind. Unlike competing models that require DC power inverters for retrofit applications, all of our LED lamps are operable on standard 12VAC magnetic transformers. Best of all, Phantom manufactures LED lamps that rival the lumens output and physical dimensions of industry standard incandescent and xenon lamps. This allows them to function as replacements that reduce power while preserving color rendering, lighting levels, and glare free ambient lighting effects.

Don’t LED lamps output fewer lumens than incandescent or Xenon lamps?

Most “industry standard” lamps do indeed output lower levels of light. However, Phantom stands unique among LED lamp manufacturers, offering a patented line of festoons designed to rival the output of traditional bulb technologies.

The difference lies in both the bulbs utilized and in how they are installed in the lamping module.

Most LED low voltage lighting manufacturers design festoon lamps that consist of either 5mm, or “toppled” LED’s. This results in a lower level of output than traditional technologies are able to produce. As a general rule, these lamps only produce 1 to 1.5 lumens of output.

This limits the retrofitting capabilities of most LED festoons to only the lowest ambient lighting applications and renders them ineffective for high-end display and showcase lighting where greater visibility is required.

Phantom LED lamps, on the other hand, uses commercial quality bulbs graded rated at the highest level of industry excellence.

These accent lighting tools are designed into a patented lamping design found only through Phantom Lighting.

Each Phantom lamp consists of three-½ watt LED bulbs with tight color binning and a color rendering index rating of approximately 80. The close proximity of highly rated commercial bulbs within the festoon housing results in a total output of 50 lumens. This level of light is equivalent to that of a 7-watt incandescent bulb, making it an ideal replacement for any existing xenon low voltage lighting.

The lamp itself is extremely compact, intended to mirror the size and dimensions of incandescent equivalents. A Phantom LED measures only 1-11/16” in overall length, 9/16” in width and 3/8” in depth.

Can Phantom LED Lamps help my company achieve LEED certification?

Yes. Phantom lamps can help you reduce your wattage per square foot. This is a perfect energy saving LED lighting product that is a major factor in obtaining a LEED certification.

We manufacture our LED lamps with such precision that they produce only trace levels of forward throw heat and minimal wattage per foot. Although the Phantom LED lamp is equivalent in lumens output to a 7-watt incandescent bulb, it only radiates the equivalent of a 1-watt light bulb in heat. Normal operating temperatures will range between –40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The quantum efficiency of our festoons is actually superior to that of incandescents and xenon, and further power savings can be achieved with the use of dimmer switches. You don’t even have to replace your existing low voltage cabinet lighting strips to achieve this power reduction. Provided the strips operate on 12VAC magnetic transformers, the lamps can simply snap into places previously held by less energy efficient festoons.

How do Phantom LED lamps rate on the aesthetic end of the spectrum?

Simply among the best. Phantom lighting strips are technically classified as luxury lighting items, having originally been conceived by our engineers as an aesthetic alternative to visible fixtures and wiring that detract from showcases, cove lighting, displays, and decorative cabinets.

We have always combined our vision of aesthetics, though, with practicality, which accounts for our leadership position as one of the most cost-effective manufacturers of energy saving LED festoon lamps.

Our festoons are available in a broad spectrum of color temperatures that include, but are not limited to, Warm White 2950K, 3500K, 5000K and Daylight 6500K. Colored LED lamps are also available in the standard LED colors, Red, Blue, and Green. Specific lumens output for the 2950K PHANTOM LED LAMP is 42 lumens, 45 lumens for 3500K, and roughly 50 lumens for the 5000K and 6500K lamps.

This allows the Phantom festoon virtually unlimited versatility in a very wide range of residential and commercial linear strip under cabinet lighting applications.

Contact us toll free at 800-863-1184 X 125 or visit our website to find an LED lighting manufacturer agent than can customize our proprietary technology to your exact requirements and specifications.

Not All Lighting Manufacturers Are the Same

Lighting Manufacturer Led LampAre there any lighting manufacturers of LED lighting lamps that can replace existing incandescent and xenon festoons lamps?

Lighting manufacturers offer a myriad of products that vary considerably in quality and price. A large percentage of lighting users must still rely on AC lighting fixtures because of tight budgets. Progressively minded LED lighting manufacturers recognize this reality when proposing any type of upgrade. Certain key design features have to be incorporated into LED bulbs, lamps, and fixtures in order to create the lighting fixture equivalent of “backward compatibility” that will not impede forward motion and industry evolution. It is by striking this delicate balance with innovative, proprietary, and patented engineering that Phantom Lighting has emerged as a leading contender in an industry that is rapidly expanding its service offerings and adding value to multiple global markets.

These lighting strips advance both decorative and task lighting by leaps and bounds without leaving the end user behind.

There are several key points of differentiation that resolve this apparent paradox, and a brief understanding of how LED lamps work will clarify them immediately.

LED festoon lamps normally function on Direct Current only and require DC power inverters to make them compatible with AC wiring systems.

This, of course, presents a burden for the end use, which must user now must purchase additional equipment and try to figure out just how to install it without creating a visual nuisance. Phantom coordinates the manufacturing of led lights and linear strip lighting that resolve both of these issues by engineering its products with design features found nowhere else in the world. We design our linear strips with low voltage magnetic transformers that are fully compatible with 120VAC current and eliminate the headache of AC to DC conversion. We also manufacture our led lighting strips to work independently without exposed wiring. Our AC Series adjustable concealed lighting concept is one of the most sophisticated forms of commercial cabinet lighting. It also enables us to manufacture led light strips that are easier for us to have custom fabricated and simpler for our clients to adjust.

We also work very hard to accommodate those who do not have the budget to replace entire lighting strips.

We have perfected a special design that enables us to manufacture LED lamps and bulbs capable of completely replacing incandescent, fluorescent, and xenon festoons on previously installed linear lighting systems. This has resulted in a tremendous cost savings for commercial clients who are looking to obtain LEEDS certification by reducing their wattage per square foot. In most instances now, it is only necessary to replace the lamps without throwing out the strip lights.

Phantom not only made this solution possible—we actually patented it. The keys to this LED strip lighting design are the quality of the bulbs themselves and the combined output of three identical bulbs placed in close proximity to one another. This results is a combined output of approximately 50 lumens (the same as that of xenon and incandescent lamps) that easily outperforms the lamps of other led lighting manufacturers that can only produce 10 lumens each on the average.

To our knowledge, we are the only manufacturer of LED lighting lamps in the world that can effectively replace incandescent, fluorescent, and xenon festoon lamps with equivalent lumen output. We use the world’s top commercial grade LED’s and have them installed in our unique festoon lighting design.

Click here to read how Phantom Lighting Sales Reps offer in-depth consulting for our clients at the point of initial purchase—at no additional cost. Customer service agents are standing by at 800-863-1184 X 125 to answer any questions or assist with your LED Phantom lighting installation.

Phantom LED Accent Shelf Lighting Strips Bring Electric, Rare, And Highly Aesthetic Displays Out Of The Shadows So Everyone Can See Them

Houses today are much larger and very different than they were in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Homes are now built with a level of customization previously reserved only for the Elite and their mansions. Because of this, the home interior design industries, as well as home lighting manufacturers, have exploded. Eclectic furniture and cabinetry has become a mainstay for making a home interior look equally unique and sophisticated in comparison to its exterior architecture. LED accent shelf lighting strips bring electric, rare, and highly aesthetic displays out of the shadows so everyone can see them. This adds accents task-oriented areas under cabinets with a decorative touch that achieves a more balanced aesthetic with kitchen and bathroom lighting design.

This emerging and very powerful linear LED lighting technology is just as important to corporations and retailers ad as it is to individual homeowners and families.

Living rooms and office spaces that decorate floor space with mini-libraries need led accent lighting because it offers the safest and least expensive source of hardback and rare book illumination. LED light bulbs radiate no ultraviolet or infrared light and will therefore not degrade the binding or lettering along the spine of a book. In office libraries that promote corporate value production with displays of technical and marketing literature, Phantom LED light strips make company branding readily evident to visiting clients. Our CM series strip light designed specifically for cove lighting also works very well in to set the right mood in offices and clinics where visitors wait for a short time in the lobby prior to meetings. LED accent strip lights produce a softer, more pleasant field of light that calms the mind and makes for a better exchange once the meeting is underway.

LED replacement lamps produce a form of illumination that very closely mimics certain qualities of traditional incandescent or xenon light sources. As such, they are ideal replacements for incandescent lamps that are fast becoming obsolete due to environmental concerns and recent legislation in California. Because Phantom LED’s are directional lights, they also focus a softer light more tightly in one direction and minimize excessive, radiant glare. They fulfill the specialty niche requirements of lighting displays, cabinets, and under cabinet lights found in bedrooms, living rooms, dens, kitchens, fine baths, and commercial interiors. People often invest hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in the finest cabinetry, display shelving, bookshelves, and eclectic furniture, only to realize that the interior of these fine pieces remains in shadow.

One might think of Phantom LED accent lights as low voltage lighting for fine furniture and cabinets.

Homeowners and businesses are not the only ones to benefit from riding this new wavelength of light. Jewelry stores who once exclusively relied upon fluorescent showcase lighting are now beginning to change their minds as they see what LED energy saving accent lighting can do for gold, silver, and gemstone displays. Fluorescent lights produce a great deal of reflective glare and aside from energy efficiency offer little value as a showcase lighting fixture for fine jewels.

LED’s, on the other hand, use even less electricity than fluorescent, and because of their directional wavelength, they minimize reflection just enough to make a diamond sparkle without blinding the shoppers’ eyes with glare. Diamond cuts look even more sophisticated—almost magical— under a combination of blue and white led accent cabinet lighting, and Phantom linear strips of different color temperatures can be combined in this way to produce a special effect unique to particular metals and gems. Guest areas in homes and meeting rooms in offices also look more sophisticated and feel more comfortable when any display, shelf, or cabinet is accented with LED light bulbs and LED lamps.

The cost of all this is shockingly low at Phantom Lighting. Even at normal voltage levels, LED accent lights never use more than 20% of the power required by other forms of lighting. Click here to read how this works.

Phantom LED Cabinet Lighting Offers The Best Source Of Display Lighting For New Work And Remodeling Projects

johnson02-L_optiIs it true that LED’s cost approximately 5 times as much as other forms of lighting?

The initial, front-end cost of LED lamps is indeed 4-5 times higher than other lamps, and they are worth every penny you spend. When you consider the extremely low power requirements of led lamps (only 20% of other lamps) and their extremely long lamp life (50,000 hours), the accrued back-end savings quickly returns the initial investment. Phantom LED cabinet lights can last up to ten years, so you will not need to worry about replacing them any time soon. They are also the safest form of lighting you can use. They produce none of the UV radiation emitted by fluorescent lamps and only trace amounts of heat. This makes them ideal for illuminating any number of sensitive materials and/or items.

I have heard that LED lights are not as bright as other bulbs. Is this true?

It is not true with our LED cabinet lighting strips. While it is true that many generic LED lamps produce only 5-10 lumens each, Phantom lamps produce up to 50 lumens of safe, brilliant light. Phantom LED lighting strips also provide a full spectrum of color temperatures in order to accommodate both functional and aesthetic lighting demands. Warm white (our incandescent equivalent) begins at 2950K and ranges upward to a more bluish, daylight white at 6500K. The mainstay colors that defined the earliest LED’s—green, red, and blue—are also available in similar temperature colors.

What can Phantom LED cabinet lighting strips be used for?

Phantom Lighting technology is designed to add value to both residential and commercial displays across the board. Works of art, exquisitely tailored clothing accessories, and even rare documents in museum displays can all be brilliantly showcased using Phantom LED linear lighting strips. You can decorate virtually any cabinet, cove, or bookcase with our lighting strips. The added benefit of adjustability offers you the freedom to periodically change displays without altering the intensity of the light or damaging electrical components.

Do Phantom Lighting Strips make dependable, retrofitted upgrades for fluorescent, incandescent, and Xenon strip lights?

Yes, and Phantom even offers an entire series of LED cabinet lights specifically engineered for retrofitting. The AE (Adjustable Exposed) series is manufactured to custom fit exposed metal tracks and to use them as power conductors in a complete circuit. This provides the seamless equivalent of a tailor-made product in spite of its function as a retrofit component!

With the growing push for LEEDS certification, and California’s recent ban on incandescent lamps, now is the time to start thinking seriously about retrofitting antiquated lamping technology. Call us for more information, or click here for details on two important considerations you need to take into account when retrofitting any display lighting product.

Do you offer anything for new construction builds?

Yes. Our AC series is the preferred strip light for new cabinet build outs. “AC” stands for “Adjustable Concealed” and combines a low profile, near-invisible source of light that enables the new homeowner or commercial tenant to see the light, not the fixture. Because the AC series employs custom buss bars that conduct power to each adjustable shelf, the fixture itself is completely concealed from the eye of the average viewer. It has become a fast favorite among custom homeowners who prefer pins and drilled holes to exposed metal supports. The AC series can also be special-ordered with either solid metal trims for horizontal applications that require additional decorative highlighting, or it can be custom cut with a variety of specialty trims for custom under cabinet lighting or applications above eye level.

To learn more about Phantom LED cabinet lighting strips, click here to read the full article on the LED Lighting Section of our main website. Likewise, you also contact a Phantom Lighting Sales Representative or contact the Phantom Customer Service Department toll free at 800-863-1184 X 125.

Phantom LED strip light bulbs are power savers and key components to acheiving LEEDS certification

Phantom Strip Light Bulbs are energy savers that help achieve LEEDS certification.LED strip lights provide an ideal source of showcase lighting in any situation involving heat sensitive items. Materials such as makeup, textiles, foods, produce, can quickly deteriorate when exposed to forward radiant heat and/or ultraviolet light. Phantom LED festoon light strips generate only a small fraction of the heat of incandescent or Xenon equivalents, with the radiant heat of each individual lamp being roughly equivalent to that of a 1 watt light bulb. This makes them not only well-suited for various forms of retail showcasing, but also for museum lighting of historical documents, antiques, and ancient artifacts.

Over the past decade, we have also seen a growing demand for LED strip lights in cove lighting design work. LED Cove lighting requires both an optimal beam spread and a high lumens output that can dispel all shadows along a curved surface. Because it can be such a chore to replace cove lights when they fail, a longer lamp life is preferred in order to curtail maintenance costs. Furthermore, because cove lights tend to remain on for longer periods of time than task lights, it serves a budget well to use an energy efficient light source. Phantom led lights strips fulfill all of these requirements. With only 1.7 watts of power, the Phantom LED lamp is designed to ultimately replace all 3, 5, and 10 watt incandescent and festoon lamps by minimizing current without sacrificing light intensity.

Phantom LED strip light bulbs have also worked their way into larger industrial spaces as power savers and key components to LEED certification. In areas where scaffolding or man lifts must be used to service cove lighting systems in hard to reach areas or tall ceilings, Phantom LED light lamps reduce costs by exponentially reducing lamp replacement cycles. No other festoon bulb offers longevity comparable to a Phantom’s 50,000-hour lamp life. Incandescents burn out after approximately 7,500 hours and Xenon’s after about 20,000 hours. Incandescents and Xenon festoons also consume more power and emit less light.

Why not jump on the LED lamp train and contact Phantom Lighting to learn more about the benefits of Phantom LED technology! Phantom distributes low voltage strip lighting and fine art lighting projectors throughout the Western Hemisphere and works with both commercial lighting firms and private end users. Contact a professional lighting manufacturer representative in your area, or simply call 1-800-863-1144 to see LED technology in a whole new light.

New PDF files for Phantom Contour Projector & LED Strip Lights ready for download!

Phantom Lighting Systems, a Houston based lighting manufacturer has recently posted updated information on their website for the Contour Projector and Strip Lighting products. Some of the changes include the introduction of a LED lamp option for the Strip Lights and a custom gobo holder for the Contour Projector.

Phantom Contour Projectors are designed by a professional installer and have been engineered so a novice, do it yourselfer or qualified electrician can successfully illuminate art. The patented mounting method, simplified optical system and the ability to use shutters, gobos and custom templates make this one of the most versatile and awesome art lighting fixtures on the market today. By shaping the light to only the canvas, the art takes on a “Lighted from within” look that can only be seen to appreciate.

Please visit any of the following links to learn more about our fine art lighting projectors:

Phantom Contour Projector RM Series

Phantom Contour Projector FF Series

Phantom Contour Projector TA Series

Phantom Contour Projector NC Series

Phantom Contour Projector SM Series

Phantom Light Strips provide the ultimate in performance and flexibility as a seamless, concealed low voltage linear lighting source. The new energy efficient 1.7 watt 12VAC LED lamps are ideal for commercial applications where energy code compliance is an issue or a major consideration. All lamp options are fully dimmable for achieving the perfect light level or to extend lamp life. Our low voltage lighting strips are available in eight popular painted colors as well as premium metals such as polished brass, satin brass, polished stainless steel, satin stainless steel and natural copper. Phantom Lighting is all about seeing the light, not the fixture!

Please visit any of the following links to learn more about our low voltage lighting products:

Phantom AC Series Light Strips

Phantom AE Series Lighting Strips

Phantom CM Series Light Strips

Phantom HM Series Lighting Strips

Phantom TL Series Light Strips

Phantom VM Series Lighting Strips

If you would like additional information on Phantom Lighting products or to speak with a lighting representative in your area to schedule a product demonstration, please call 800-863-1184 X 125. Thank You!

Looking for a simple LED solution to replace your low voltage incandescent & xenon festoon light bulbs?

The Phantom LED Lamp may be used in a variety of linear strip lighting products that operate at 12VAC, regardless of the manufacturer.

They offer benefits of saving energy, producing less heat, longer lamp life and lower amperage loads and dimmer sizing requirements. This LED lamp is perfect for hard to reach cove lighting applications, sensitive display lighting jobs, under cabinets or any installation that requires a high performance lighting solution. Why stick with incandescent or xenon lamps when you have an suitable LED solution?

The Phantom LED Lamp is a 1.7 watt festoon lamp designed to replace a 5 watt or 7 watt incandescent or xenon festoon light bulb. The LED lamp operates on 12VAC, is completely dimmable and utilizes three ½ watt LED’s with tight color binning and CRI around 80. It has an integrated ribbed thermal design to dissipate heat on the back side of the circuit board improving performance and extending lamp life.

Lighting manufacturers all around the country are going head to head with each other to get your LED lighting business. Choosing the right type of lighting manufacturer requires a little bit of information about, who the company is, and what type of product they are offering. Many LED lighting manufacturers try to run similar product lines to each other, so one company cannot outdo the other. However, it is the company, which stands up and takes the initiative to produce innovative products that have not been seen before that reaps the ultimate benefits. Phantom Lighting is one company that falls into this category. Our state-of-the-art patented technology has revolutionized the illumination industry with new and exciting products.

If you would like more information regarding Phantom Lighting LED lighting products, to receive free Light Fair 2008 Las Vegas Exhibition Hall tickets, or if you are interested in becoming a Qualified Lighting Representative in your area just give us a call. We can be reached at 800-863-1184 X 125 or online by using our simple contact us form.

LED Light Bulbs are the Future of Strip Lighting

LED light bulbs use semiconductor materials rather than filament or neon gas to produce illumination. This solid-state technology offers a number of advantages over other methods of lighting. LED lights are low voltage and consequently enjoy longer bulb light, produce less heat, and consume less energy than their fluorescent under cabinet lights or incandescent counterparts. The exceptionally long bulb life and environmental friendliness of LED light bulbs have made then the next wave in the automotive, commercial, and residential lighting industry. Phantom Lighting leads the way in this evolution, incorporating these amazing devices into a series of strip lighting fixtures that make fine art and display lighting magical, safe, and impeccably ornate in the process.

The miniature size of LED light bulbs makes them an ideal component for Phantom Lighting’s proprietary strip lighting series. They offer a perfect fit for small and custom-fitted strip light fixtures. Operating at low voltage, LED light bulbs consume far less energy than other lighting technologies and therefore generate less heat. Incandescent lamps turn 90% of the energy they consume into heat. When they become hot to the touch they can pose a fire hazard and give off enough heat to damage delicate works of art. LED lamps offer the ideal replacement for Incandescent and Xenon festoon lighting systems because they can burn longer without damage to art, offer no physical discomfort or fire hazard from excess heat, and contribute to lower energy bills.

Commercial clients of Phantom Lighting almost universally choose strip lighting manufactured with LED light bulbs to illuminate rare and sensitive artwork. Since many oils and canvases suffer degradation from UV rays and heat, gallery curators prefer low voltage LED light bulbs because of their, cool operating temperatures and absence of UV radiation. LED’s render color at a superior index than incandescent and halogen light bulbs. Incandescent and halogen lighting utilizes lenses to produce color. Passing light through a lens, however, causes color to weaken in intensity and lose effect. LED’s output colored light directly onto the subject without a lens, producing millions of colors with clarity and vibrancy.

In Cabinet lights with LED bulbs prove ideal for illuminating statuary, china, and fine art. New light emitting diode technology has advanced to include multiple color choices including warm white, moving away from first generation offerings that had a blue tint. This warm white ambiance looks like a magical glow on bookshelves, cabinets, and lighting kitchen under cabinets. LED’s offer added value through backward compatibility, as diode technology allows retrofitting to any lighting system operating on 12V alternating current. These bulbs have an extremely long light – the longest, in fact, of any bulb on today’s market. Whereas a standard filament bulb lasts for only about 1500 hours, an LED bulb will often last up to 100,000 hours. This significantly reduces maintenance and replacement costs, particularly for those who want specialty lighting fixtures left on throughout the night and even during the day. Savings equivocates to return on investment, so with both energy saving features and longer burn time, LED light bulbs clearly offer a cost-competitive advantage over halogen and incandescent equivalents.

Come see us shine in New York at LIGHTFAIR 2007 held May 8-10th, at the Javits Center in New York City. Visit us at Booth 465 to learn more about the latest application of LED lighting technology. Festoon strip lighting systems simply cannot be outdone in reliability, safety, and performance. Contact one of our lighting agents today to learn more about this exciting and revolutionary new technology.