6 Reasons Why Using Led Light Fixtures Make the Most Sense

LED light fixtures are, simply put, the latest and most advanced light bulb technology on the market. They are energy efficient with a low carbon footprint and do not emit any toxic material. This makes them the most environmentally-friendly bulb on the market. They are easy to install. They take lighting as a design feature to the next level. Continue reading “6 Reasons Why Using Led Light Fixtures Make the Most Sense”

Get The Best Illumination With Modern Lighting Fixtures

Choosing The Best Option Of Modern Art Picture LightsArmed with modern lighting fixtures, an illumination designer can do some amazing things in any space. Cutting-edge illumination technology is highly precise and versatile, but it’s not only the superior choice in terms of aesthetics, it is also much more efficient and reliable compared to older systems. But it can only be executed optimally by experts who have experience with it.

For Phantom, modern lighting fixtures typically refers to its cabinet and cove LED strips. Both the Elite and Ultra make use of the latest in LED technology, and they are among the most powerful LEDs on the market. They provide this power for about 50,000 hours, which is several times longer than what incandescent and xenon systems are graded for. LEDs are superbly efficient, so much so that they produce almost no radiant heat, and are much safer as a result. And because they can be attached to dimmer controls, they offer unparalleled power conservation. Just as important, Phantom’s LEDs are customizable to a great extent, so they can be run to any length and can produce any color a homeowner would like to see.

This highly flexible approach is also part of Phantom’s optical framing projectors, which are designed for use with artwork. Optical framing projectors make use of advanced lensing arrangements and masking attachments to shape a beam of illumination and get a unique glow-like effect.

These advanced fixtures can form the backbone of an aesthetic display, and allow for some impressive effects.

What Are The Advantages Of Under The Cabinet LED Lights?

Undercabinet Lights Can Be Used In A Kitchen Or WorkspaceFew fixtures can provide aesthetics and functionality in a single package, but that’s what under the cabinet LED lights can do. These fixtures are usually installed in the kitchen, though they can also be effective in work areas, such as garages. What makes them so effective is their quality design, as they are unobtrusive yet an effective addition to the space at the same time. And when set up right, they can provide an extra layer of color and visual interest to a room.

When setting up under the cabinet LED lights, the fixtures have to be concealed from view and metered properly to get the most out of the system. From a concealed position, the fixtures can produce a glow like effect that is soft and sophisticated. This effect is enhanced with the presence of glare shields built into the fixtures, and by softening the illumination, there is no chance of hotspots or sharp light contrasts taking away from the display. Still, because the fixtures are placed in close proximity to countertops, they make it easier for people to prepare food and clean with the added brightness. These systems are called task fixtures for a reason.

Phantom can execute such a system with its aiming trims and with dimmer controls, which allow homeowners to set the system’s output level and get the look they prefer. In short, Phantom has a number of tools and customization options to optimize a system, and they can be used in an endless number of combinations to produce just as many looks.

Are LED Lighting Systems Right For Your Display?

Impress friends and family with the unique feature that LED lighting systems have to offer. Add illumination without any exposed wiring or hardware for a sleek, beautiful finish. Though some installations can be a possible DIY project, it is important to speak with a specialist to avoid messy installations. The experts at Phantom Lighting are here to help create the perfect plan tailored to the every type of room, cabinet, or art feature. Invest a small amount of time to research the different types of features that can be installed.

The catalog with cut out sheets is a great tool for homeowners, engineers, and designers. Every installation should begin with the cut out catalog, because it can help visualize the end result. Installing illumination can be tricky and may require some experience and an eye for illumination design. The catalog is a perfect place to begin as it includes specifications for every product and what it can do. The type of bulb is an aspect of installation that should be considered before purchase. Every product has a light source that can change the atmosphere and mood of a room. Phantom offers LED lighting systems, halogen, xenon, and incandescent illumination for a variety of uses.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to an agent for a free design consultation or for any applicable questions.

Phantom Lighting Is A Top Leading Fixture Manufacturer

Phantom Lighting is a leading fixture manufacturer in the display illumination industry, offering several quality technologies that can fit into a range of settings. Artwork, coves and cabinets need special illumination systems to maximize their visual impact, and only a handful of illumination experts can offer them. What sets these technologies apart is the high quality, proprietary components they come with, which allow for extremely precise and powerful effects.

Phantom Lighting is a fixture manufacturer that focuses on aesthetic illumination, producing technologies that offer a sophisticated and measured look. For example, the brand’s optical framing projectors are ideal for displaying art, as they come with superior aiming and positioning capabilities. They are also designed to be compatible with one of several masking options, allowing homeowners to shape the illumination to the subject. This produces an effect that makes the subject appear as if it is glowing, something that most other brands cannot match.

Achieving this effect requires quality components and illumination sources, and that’s why the brand sources all of its materials from exclusive suppliers. The company’s LEDs, for instance, are provided by a supplier that maintains some of the most stringent binning processes in the nation, ensuring that every LED offers the right color and output level.

There are significant differences between manufacturers in the industry, and homeowners will ensure they get the best fit possible if they find one they can trust.

Adding Under Counter LED Lighting To Your Kitchen

Xenon under counter lights are better than halogen.With under counter LED lighting, a homeowner can take advantage of a system that adds both function and form to a space. In most cases, these fixtures are placed in the kitchen, where a few smartly placed fixtures can make a huge difference in how the room looks, and by extension, how the house feels. Every day, the kitchen is where the family gathers, where visitors spend much of their time, and where people build a lot of their memories. It’s the kind of space that deserves high end fixtures, and Phantom can help a homeowner achieve the best results.

Under counter LED lighting adds another visual layer to the room, providing a nice midpoint between the floor and overhead fixtures. It eliminates any shadows below wall mounted cabinetry and can bring out the color from the backsplash or artwork in the kitchen. It’s not called task illumination for no reason, though, as these fixtures are installed with a purpose as well. They are placed beneath cabinetry so they emit illumination along the counters. This gives people in the kitchen additional visibility when preparing food or cleaning, and that extra bit of illumination can prevent eye strain and prevent someone from making a painful mistake, like accidentally slicing a finger when chopping produce.

It’s rare that a set of fixtures can make a room look better while also improving its function, but Phantom’s diode fixtures are one of the few technologies that can do just that.

Reasons To Pick The Concealed LED Lighting Systems

Phantom-Bookcase-bConcealed LED lighting systems are a popular choice for home and business owners that want a new way of illuminating a room. Diode fixtures have come a long way since they were first introduced to the market years ago, and they now rival the output of more traditional fixtures. And, of course, they manage superior efficiency while doing so, something that may be of great interest to businesses. Commercial properties spend about a quarter of their energy on illumination, so relying on diode fixtures instead can make a huge impact on a company’s overhead.

The main reason why people look into concealed LED lighting systems, though, is that they offer finely crafted illumination that won’t overpower a space. There’s nothing worse than a potential client walking into your business and recoiling at the intense glare of your commercial fixtures. It’s just as bad for customers to walk into a poorly lit space and wonder why your business doesn’t care about first impressions. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra strip fixtures will ensure that neither is an issue because they can be finely adjusted with dimmer controls fitted with glare shields that diffuse the illumination.

Much like any decorative implement, Phantom’s diode fixtures are there not to control the space, but to give it more cohesion and definition. They may not always command attention, but once they’re installed, you’ll wonder how your space ever did without them.

Look For LED Display Lighting For Silver Collections

Although it’s a bit of a challenge using LED display lighting for silver collections, the effort is worth it. And it has nothing to do with the diode fixtures. Illuminating metal is more difficult than other materials because it is so reflective. If the fixtures aren’t positioned properly or are too intense, the metal pieces will look like fixtures themselves, bouncing so much illumination that it will take away from the look. Fortunately, there are a few methods Phantom has available that can overcome this issue.

Reducing glare is usually about positioning the fixtures correctly and softening the illumination so that it isn’t focused on any one area. When installing LED display lighting for silver collections, it is best to offset the fixtures so that they do not bounce glare right back into the observer’s face. And by offsetting the fixtures, it is possible to maintain the brilliant luster that precious metals are known for. Glare can also be reduced with glare shields, which slightly diffuse the illumination and make it more uniform over the beam’s spread. Glare shielding isn’t always the best choice for materials that aren’t highly reflective, but with metal, they can be highly effective at maintaining a high level of output without bouncing too much glare.

By using these simple techniques, it is possible to show off precious, lustrous metal without having to worry about blinding people with their brilliance.

Using LED Display Lighting For A Butler’s Pantry

With LED display lighting for a butler’s pantry, a homeowner can bring out the elegance and carefully crafted look that these rooms are meant to show off. Diode fixtures are a perfect fit for these spaces because they are usually filled with cabinetry. Much of this cabinetry is for display purposes as well as storing away valuable silver, China, and other dining implements. With open faced and glass cabinetry, beautifully crafted illumination can make a huge visual impact.

Phantom’s LED display lighting is ideal for a butler’s pantry because it is designed to be as flexible as possible. It is built with an extremely compact design that makes for easy concealing, and with one of several trim options, it is possible to meter the illumination out into the perfect angle. As a result, there’s no worry of the fixtures producing illumination that is too intense or dim. Of course, with Phantom’s dimmer controls, a homeowner doesn’t have to worry about output level at all, as the fixtures can be set to the perfect brightness.

And for rooms that have adjustable cabinetry, Phantom also offers a version of its Elite and Ultra fixtures made for moveable shelving. Produced with concealable drivers and no exposed wiring, the adjustable Elite and Ultra can be readjusted at a moment’s notice, making it possible to get many looks out of a single installation. That’s the kind of flexibility that Phantom offers its clients.

LED Display Lighting For Lead Soldier Collections

With LED display lighting for lead soldier collections, it is possible to illuminate hundreds of pieces at once, whether they include battalions marching in lockstep, or small skirmishes of fighters exchanging blows. People who collect these small models don’t just want them for their appearance or rarity. They also offer an excellent opportunity to exercise the imagination. Some go so far as to set up a massive action scene that takes up an entire room. With so much effort put into gathering these models, it only makes sense that they be illuminated properly.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra diode fixtures are considered by many to be the best LED display lighting for lead soldier collections available. That’s because they produce an intense level of illumination that can be softened using glare shields and precise metering. This means that hundreds of pieces can be illuminated with a single run of fixtures without having to worry about glare.

If the models are placed inside a cabinet, Phantom’s fixtures are a perfect fit concealed behind a piece of trim mounted to the leading edge of the shelving. If placed on a platform outside of the cabinet, the fixtures can be mounted along the edges of the platform and bathe the setup in sharp illumination.

The only thing limiting Phantom’s diode fixtures is the vision of the model owner and installer, but with a creative eye, diode fixtures can impart even more drama and energy into a display.