Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

ls_application12smArchitects and builders order Phantom TL series linear strips anytime they need a source of under cabinet kitchen lighting capable of meeting all the complex demands of custom kitchen cabinet lighting. Our diversity of trim and lamping options makes this unique task light adaptable to the under surface of any cabinet, and its exceptionally small size makes it very easy to conceal behind the front lip of the cabinet.

We built this versatility into our under kitchen cabinet lighting fixtures because we know how important countertops are to custom kitchens. Just as they function as much needed work areas, counter tops are also foundational design elements. Builders will go to exorbitant lengths and invest expense to install a marble or granite counter that sets the entire tone for interior kitchen design. Because this is such an important room, the appearance of kitchen countertops often plays a pivotal role in establishing home sale price.

The two greatest enemies of countertop aesthetic are reflective glare and shadow. Glare creates white spots that can irritate the eyes of people handling utensils such as knives. Shadows make it hard to distinguish between shades of color, which in turn makes it hard to see food products clearly. Uneven kitchen undercabinet lighting diminishes the aesthetic of custom stone work that characterizes many modern kitchens. To combat these enemies, architects must use under cabinet kitchen lighting fixtures engineered with better trims and more precise angles of light distribution. They must also turn to any number of both traditional and non-traditional festoon lamp designs in order to find the very best color temperature to match to the particular material and design of the countertop they are illuminating.

Phantom lighting strips are intended to function as linear templates that can be customized to specific lamping and trim requirements on a case by case basis. For example, beam distribution angles range from 88 degrees to 166 degrees, depending on which trim you select. Because our under kitchen cabinet lights mount on the forward under surface of the cabinet, the light shines backward across the countertop. While this does not reflection, most of the light that is reflected travels away from the eyes and illuminates the backsplash. This is a much better method lighting a counter than using puck fixtures, which are notorious for creating white spots beneath cabinets. A concealed source also results in more attractive presentation than one produced by visible fluorescent fixtures. In spite of the energy-saving qualities of fluorescents, they invariably create an eyesore by shining glare toward the viewer, and by visibly protruding below the cabinet surface.

A better aesthetic luminance that also saves on energy costs is the new Phantom LED festoon lamp. It is capable of producing a lumens output equivalent to a 5 watt xenon lamp, yet it operates at only 1.7 watts. Its patented heat sink technology draws forward throw heat away from the cabinet and the counter, making this a truly cool-burning source of illumination. Capable of reducing energy costs by as much as 60 percent, the Phantom LED festoon gives homeowners he option of leaving their under kitchen cabinet lights on as decorative luminaires for extended periods of time. Our warmest color temperature, the 2800K, is a close approximation to xenon, and one that is highly favored by builders who install marble and granite countertops. Cooler counter top colors, such as white and off white, are often lit with our 2950K series LED cabinet lighting.

For architects who prefer color temperature ranges between 2600-3000K, Phantom also installs xenon lamps in its linear strips in order to provide that traditional, luxurious lighting effects that xenon has always been famous for. Although the lamp life is much shorter than that of LED (7500 hours as opposed to 40,000 to 50,000 hours), dimmers on our cabinet lights let users offset normal power consumption, driving down operating costs and extending lamp life as a result. Dimmer controls also offer the added aesthetic matching decorative and task lighting levels to precisely compliment general kitchen lighting.

Phantom under kitchen cabinet lighting strips are custom-made to fit the exact specifications of every cabinet undersurface. Trims and lamping options are based on cabinet surface area, material build, color, and decorative pattern. These options are chosen with the help of a Phantom Lighting specialist who knows your industry and can help you match our technology to functional and decorative expectations of your clients.

Our in-cabinet lighting supply facility is located in Houston, Texas. We then distribute these nationwide through our network of lighting suppliers that encompasses all 50 states into cities like Keahole, HI (KOA), Dallas, TX (DFW), El Paso, TX (ELP), Duluth, MN (DLH), Charlevoix, MI (CVX), Montrose, CO (MTJ), Telluride, CO (TEX), Dubuque, IA (DBQ), Mason City, IA (MCW), and Chicago, IL (MDW). We also service clients internationally, with lighting manufacturer representatives working out of Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

We invite you to contact us toll free 800-863-1184 to obtain more information on all of these options. You can also request literature on our main website, visit our mobile website, or read through the many informative summaries and FAQs located on our lighting blog. All of these resources contain a wealth of information about our custom; low-voltage lighting products that are the dream come true of art lighting designers and cabinet lighting builders on two major continents.

Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting

Architects know that every home they design has kitchens, and every kitchen has cabinets. Beneath these cabinets are countertops that serve a dual purpose of decoration and multi-task utility. Shadows in these spots are both unattractive and possibly hazardous. Eliminating these dark areas with kitchen under cabinet lights instantly improves the aesthetic and safety of utility areas, and can play a major contributing role in a home buying decisions.

To ensure that the most important elements of kitchen under cabinet lighting installations are met, architects must move beyond generic puck lights and outdated fluorescent “energy savers” toward a more robust engineering and manufacturing design that captures the intentions of an artist with the precision of a scientist.

Phantom TL series kitchen under cabinet lights is one of the few strip lights that offer LED lamping in color temperatures that are aesthetically complimentary to the granite and marble countertops common in high-end homes. Warmer color tones look best under the 2800K led festoon, and cooler temperatures can be accented using our 2950K. These options offer home buyers a long-term return on investment on the front-end costs of the strips. The energy efficiency of LED, which is up to 60% more than that of any other form of lighting, accrues a savings that offsets initial purchase costs. Also, LED lamp life of 40,000-50,000 bulb hours eliminates the need for frequent maintenance and makes bulb replacements very rare.

LED kitchen under cabinet lights can also play a contributing role in reducing cooling costs. Most people who invest in under cabinet fixtures tend to want to leave them on in the kitchen if and when it is safe to do so. A hot-burning light source is going to trigger the thermostat to activate the HVAC system, driving up power bills in the process. However, LED bulbs emit light electronically rather than chemically through the ignition of gas in a sealed glass container. This makes them a very low-heat source of illumination, perfectly safe to burn throughout the night, and negligible in terms of impact on room temperature.

For applications that require color temperatures ranging from 3000K-5000K, Phantom also offers xenon lamping options that offset the higher power consumption curve with dimmability options and low-voltage transformers engineered to curtail excessive electrical consumption. Our purpose is to provide our commercial design clients with the full range of necessary color temperature compliments to every cabinet build, interior decorating scheme, and general lighting requirements they may encounter in custom home design.

The linear strips that power our kitchen under cabinet light fixtures are sophisticated pieces of engineering in their own right. These linear strips are very small in comparison to most competing models, and they are much easier to conceal beneath the surfaces of a variety of cabinet sizes and custom builds. Two very important features of these lighting strips work to eliminate not only shadows, but also reflective glare. Rather than mounting in the center of the under surface like puck lights, or in the back as many fluorescent fixtures install, Phantom TL series fit under the front of kitchen cabinets. Special glare shields that are built into the lights direct the light backward away from the eyes and across the utility areas under countertops. Dimmer controls allow the homeowner to adjust lighting levels to match those created by general overhead lighting. This adjustability allows the end user to create a contiguous luminous that is both sourceless and seamless from the viewer’s perspective, and creates a very attractive setting for gatherings, parties, and cooking demonstrations.

Phantom Lighting makes it easy for architects to incorporate our kitchen under cabinet lighting fixtures into their custom home designs. Each fixture is custom cut to the dimensions provided to us by the architect. The choice of LED or xenon sourcing is determined (with the help of a Phantom specialist if need be), and a purchase order for custom manufacturing of the fixtures is set in order.

Call a Phantom Agent for more information on all of these options. We invite you to call toll free 800-863-1184 to request literature online or visit our lighting blog to learn more about Phantom custom low voltage lighting products.

Our lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas with professional lighting sales agents located throughout the United States that enable us to service all of Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America and the United States including Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, Las Vegas Nevada. Portland Oregon, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Tucson Arizona, Orange County California, Atlanta Georgia, Austin Texas and Palm Springs California.

What’s New in Under Cabinet LED Lighting?

The latest in under cabinet LED lightingWhy have I only now heard about under cabinet led lighting?

Because for a very long time these fixtures had a hard time creating white light that could truly function as a replacement for incandescent sources. If you looked at a countertop lit by LED under the cabinet light fixtures, you could almost immediately tell what they were. Many custom home builders and interior designers avoided using them for this reason. LED was seen new technology with great potential, but not quite ready to take the market. That is, until now.

Is the new under cabinet LED lighting just as good as xenon?

For all intents and purposes, yes. You won’t be able to tell the difference unless you are a trained lighting professional who works with both types of lighting every day. This is because 12 volt under cabinet LED lighting bulbs can now be manufactured that operate at 2800K color temperature—a very white light akin to sunlight. The more white a light is in this sense, the “warmer” its color temperature is said to be. With a warm color temperature lighting source, you can see the greatest level of color and detail in surfaces such as granite and marble.

Why are Phantom under cabinet LED lighting fixtures the best choice for builders to use in custom cabinets?

Aside from the custom nature of the strips themselves, Phantom‘s 2800K LED festoon lamps combines the newest, warmest color temperature available with previous engineering that differentiated our festoon lamps from all competing equivalents. LED bulbs typically emit lower levels of light than incandescent sources. To compensate for this, Phantom developed a lamping techniques that places three bulbs together in a festoon lamp, thus generating a higher lumens output. Now, with this latest evolution in color temperature, you have both the brightness and the “whiteness” that xenon and incandescent have been famous for. For the first time in ever, energy saving led is now poised to eventually replace all other sources of kitchen cabinet lighting.

What are the other benefits of Phantom’s under cabinet festoon lights?

Well, for one thing you don’t have to order new strips to get new lights if you already have Phantom linear strips in place. The 2800K festoon lamps can be retrofitted to both our vertical and horizontal mounting fixtures. They also work on a number of luxury lighting linear strips that use the festoon lamp design.

With incandescent bulbs being eliminated out by 2010 in places like California, developing LED technology to this new level is just in time for today’s custom home builder to offer greater energy savings and superb aesthetic in a problematic housing market. Fully dimmable and ultra-concealable, these linear cabinet lights will add dimension and accent to any home kitchen. Call Phantom now to learn more about 2800K under cabinet led lighting strips and their many applications for builders, architects, designers, and homeowners alike.

Our lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas. Feel free to contact us toll free at 800-863-1184 for assistance on strip lighting or fine art lighting projector equipment. A network of nationwide distributorships and sales representatives fans out throughout all 50 states into cities like Scottsdale, Arizona, Seattle, Washington (SEA), Los Angeles, CA, (LAX) Boston, Massachusetts (BOS), Princeton, NJ (EWR), Philadelphia, PA, Dallas, Texas (DWF), Pasadena, California, Chicago, IL (ORD), Baltimore, MD (BWI), and Minneapolis, MN (MSP). We also service clients internationally, with lighting manufacturer sales representatives working out of Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

LED Cabinet Lighting

kitchen_TK-LWhat makes Phantom LED Cabinet Lights the best choice for illuminating custom cabinets in new homes?

Three features make linear LED cabinet lights the ideal choice for new home build outs and custom cabinet illumination. For one thing, they are almost completely heat less and can be left on for extended periods of time. Secondly, they require only 20% the amount of power needed by incandescent and halogen light sources. Third, led energy saving cabinet lights have the longest lamp life of any fixture of their kind on the market—approximately 50,000 hours. On the average, they can be expected to last up to 10 years, negating the annoyance and needless expense of ongoing replacements and unattractive dark spots in your kitchen.

LED cabinet lighting is also some of the safest illumination you can use in a custom home. These linear lighting strips feature a unique, patented adjustable shelf wiring method that uses brass shelf supports and buss bars instead of visible, external wires. This system delivers low-voltage current safely and allows the shelf to be adjusted without the risk of short circuit or shock.

Can LED cabinet lighting offer the same quality of luminance and color rendering as fluorescent, incandescent, or xenon bulbs?

Phantom has engineered a replacement LED festoon lamp that is light years ahead of earlier LED technology. Our patented festoon design uses three bubs in close proximity to one another to produce 45-50 lumens of light per lamp. This makes them equivalent in brightness to xenon lamps, with only a fraction of the power requirements. Phantom LED festoon light bulbs operate at 1.7 watts, whereas xenon lamps operate at 5 watts—a clear savings in power for the energy conscious custom home owner.

Additionally, Phantom LED cabinet lighting strips provide a full spectrum of color temperatures that range from the warm white of the 2800K festoon lamps and the slightly cooler 2950K led festoon light bulbs on upward and to the more a more bluish, daylight white at 6500K.

Can Phantom LED Cabinet Light Fixtures be used to retrofit existing kitchens and remodels?

Absolutely. We manufacture a total of six different linear strip models to provide lighting design companies and interior decorators the full gamut of choices when it comes to replacing outdated and worn-out equipment. Phantom Agents, located throughout North, Central, and South America, provide everything from product information and demonstration to customization and ordering services.

For custom homeowners looking to “go green”, or California residents facing legislation that requires replacement of all incandescent strip lights by 2010, Phantom LED cabinet lights offer yet another LED lighting advantage. Generally speaking, most LED lamps are DC-powered lamps. This presents a problem for some users when it comes time to replace an incandescent or Xenon strip powered by an AC circuit. The extra costs of AC to DC conversion equipment, plus additional labor fees, are a needless expense for the client and a nuisance for consultants to justify. Phantom led cabinet lighting strips; however, solve this problem with AC low voltage transformers that power the lamps along existing circuitry.

How aesthetic are the actual lighting fixtures themselves?

Custom home builders must always pay attention to aesthetics as much as function. Since design considerations are paramount to winning a contract, many builders have found that the AC Series (Adjustable Concealed) provides their proposal with both them a leading technical and decorative edge over the competition.

The AC series uses custom buss bars that conduct power to each adjustable shelf, resulting in complete concealment of the wiring. Contractors can custom order an AC linear cabinet lighting strip products with either solid metal trims for horizontal applications that require additional decorative highlighting, or with a variety of specialty trims for custom undercabinet lighting or applications above eye level.

These led cabinet lighting strips lights offer a low profile, near-invisible source of illumination that allows the new homeowner to see the light, but not the fixture.

How much lighting control does the homeowner have over these lights?

All Phantom Lighting fixtures of any kind are completely dimmable and come in many popular trim colors. Regardless of the specific LED cabinet lighting are further engineered for superior optics with advanced glare shielding that directs the light toward the intended subject and away from the viewer’s eyes.

With a generous 120-degree beam spread from each light emitting diode, the resulting illumination easily homogenizes or converges to achieve a continuous linear light source. Ultimately, therefore, wine cellar lighting strips with LED Lamps offer not only an equivalent luminosity to linear incandescent strips, but an infinitely superior distribution system that minimizes the fixture and emphasizes the light.

How can I learn more about your lighting products?

Call a Phantom Agent for more information on all of these options. We invite you to call toll free 800-863-1184 to request literature online or visit our lighting blog to learn more about Phantom custom low voltage lighting products.

Are your LED lighting strips made in the USA?

Yes, our lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas with professional lighting sales agents located throughout the United States that enable us to service all of Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America and the United States including Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, Las Vegas Nevada. Portland Oregon, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, San Antonio TX, Tucson Arizona, Orange County California, Atlanta Georgia, Austin Texas and Palm Springs California.

Cabinet Lights

Cabinet lights are found in a variety of residential and commercial environments, and they are used for both decorative and functional lighting purposes. Cabinet lighting installations in kitchens is intended to eliminate pockets of shadow both within cabinets and underneath cabinets. Cabinet lights also play an important role in decorating and illuminating guest baths in custom homes. Work areas in the home and in the office also need under cabinet lighting and in cabinet lighting to alleviate strain on the eyes and to maintain a positive, upbeat momentum in process flow. Finally, any type of special display in a residence, business, or retail environment often benefits from custom cabinet lighting that functions to place the subject in its own unique light that differentiates it from its surroundings.

In most settings, the most effective source for cabinet lighting comes in the form of low profile linear strips. These strips offer several advantages over more generic under cabinet fluorescent lights and puck lights. They are smaller, and therefore less visible. They typically render color at a superior level, and they are adjustable because, unlike fluorescent, they can be dimmed to any desired level. Phantom Lighting manufactures six lines of linear strips that feature some very proprietary and unique transformer, power distribution, and lamping designs. Five of these lighting strips can be used for cabinet lighting or under cabinet lighting fixtures.

Whether you have cabinets with glass or wooden shelves, these linear strip lights can be adjusted for an ideal fit. The vertical mount (VM) series, for example, is field notched to clear your shelves, and the lamps are spaced in conjunction with your cabinet structure. These strip devices provide even illumination to surrounding objects, bringing out color and intricate details, which may be hidden otherwise.

This display cabinet lighting can provide an important component in any cabinet that features custom shelving, and that is used to showcase rare collectibles or special edition hardcover books. Other types of cabinet lights from this unique lighting manufacturer include the adjustable concealed (AC) series, adjustable exposed (AE), horizontal mount (HM), and the task light (TL) series. Phantom also offers the cove mount (CM) design for cove settings.

One of the most unique features of Phantom’s cabinet lights is the way they are designed. Using existing metal shelf standards to conduct an electrical current, a clandestine low voltage transformer allows energy to flow through the shelf standards and mounting clips. When the shelf is in position, the entire circuit is completed. This specialized design gives the user the versatility of not having to use tools to remove or relocate shelves. This adjustable shelf concept is unique to Phantom Lighting, and it provides the user with the advantage of a cabinet light that uses no exposed wiring.

Phantom curio cabinet lights can be fitted with any number of lamping options. For warm color rendering, incandescent bulbs can be inexpensively fitted to your strip lights. A more refined light can be produced by xenon lamps that can be used to illuminate the most exquisite and rare of collectibles. Phantom LED festoon light bulbs produce very little forward throw heat and have a lamp life of 50,000 hours. They are a perfect choice for illuminating items which may be sensitive to infrared or ultra-violet heat. Special glare shields on the strips prevent the bulbs from being seen, even from irregular angles, and all Phantom cabinet lights are low voltage and completely dimmable for ultimate user friendly lighting control.

Phantom Lighting fixtures are easy to install as well. All you have to do is select the right trim and obtain the proper measurements, and Phantom will take care of the rest. Simply contact a united states sales representative today and provide him or her with the dimensions of your cabinet, and the factory will custom build your cabinet lights according to those exact, specific measurements.

With Phantom Lights, expect nothing but the finest illumination for your home, office, or store. Phantom’s unique strip lights make illumination simple and quite fun. So let step into the spotlight with the revolutionary designs offered to you by Phantom Lighting.

We invite you to call toll free 800-863-1184 to request literature online or visit our lighting blog to learn more about Phantom custom low voltage lighting products.

Our lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas with professional lighting sales agents located throughout the United States that enable us to service all of Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America and the United States including Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, Reno Nevada. Portland Oregon, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Tucson Arizona, Los Angeles California, Atlanta Georgia, and Palm Springs California.

Specialty LED Lamp Manufacturer

Strip-Six-780575As a specialty LED lamp manufacturer, Phantom is a solution source not only for designers, but also for other strip lighting manufacturers. Our patented LED lamps are engineered to fit both our own linear lighting strips and the linear lighting fixture of other manufacturers. This makes them ideal retrofits for those seeking to reduce wattage per square foot requirements necessary for obtaining LEEDS certification. We also manufacture LED light bulbs with client convenience foremost in mind. Unlike competing models that require DC power inverters for retrofit applications, all of our LED lamps are operable on standard 12VAC magnetic transformers. Best of all, Phantom manufactures LED lamps that rival the lumens output and physical dimensions of industry standard incandescent and xenon lamps. This allows them to function as replacements that reduce power while preserving color rendering, lighting levels, and glare free ambient lighting effects.

Don’t LED lamps output fewer lumens than incandescent or Xenon lamps?

Most “industry standard” lamps do indeed output lower levels of light. However, Phantom stands unique among LED lamp manufacturers, offering a patented line of festoons designed to rival the output of traditional bulb technologies.

The difference lies in both the bulbs utilized and in how they are installed in the lamping module.

Most LED low voltage lighting manufacturers design festoon lamps that consist of either 5mm, or “toppled” LED’s. This results in a lower level of output than traditional technologies are able to produce. As a general rule, these lamps only produce 1 to 1.5 lumens of output.

This limits the retrofitting capabilities of most LED festoons to only the lowest ambient lighting applications and renders them ineffective for high-end display and showcase lighting where greater visibility is required.

Phantom LED lamps, on the other hand, uses commercial quality bulbs graded rated at the highest level of industry excellence.

These accent lighting tools are designed into a patented lamping design found only through Phantom Lighting.

Each Phantom lamp consists of three-½ watt LED bulbs with tight color binning and a color rendering index rating of approximately 80. The close proximity of highly rated commercial bulbs within the festoon housing results in a total output of 50 lumens. This level of light is equivalent to that of a 7-watt incandescent bulb, making it an ideal replacement for any existing xenon low voltage lighting.

The lamp itself is extremely compact, intended to mirror the size and dimensions of incandescent equivalents. A Phantom LED measures only 1-11/16” in overall length, 9/16” in width and 3/8” in depth.

Can Phantom LED Lamps help my company achieve LEED certification?

Yes. Phantom lamps can help you reduce your wattage per square foot. This is a perfect energy saving LED lighting product that is a major factor in obtaining a LEED certification.

We manufacture our LED lamps with such precision that they produce only trace levels of forward throw heat and minimal wattage per foot. Although the Phantom LED lamp is equivalent in lumens output to a 7-watt incandescent bulb, it only radiates the equivalent of a 1-watt light bulb in heat. Normal operating temperatures will range between –40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The quantum efficiency of our festoons is actually superior to that of incandescents and xenon, and further power savings can be achieved with the use of dimmer switches. You don’t even have to replace your existing low voltage cabinet lighting strips to achieve this power reduction. Provided the strips operate on 12VAC magnetic transformers, the lamps can simply snap into places previously held by less energy efficient festoons.

How do Phantom LED lamps rate on the aesthetic end of the spectrum?

Simply among the best. Phantom lighting strips are technically classified as luxury lighting items, having originally been conceived by our engineers as an aesthetic alternative to visible fixtures and wiring that detract from showcases, cove lighting, displays, and decorative cabinets.

We have always combined our vision of aesthetics, though, with practicality, which accounts for our leadership position as one of the most cost-effective manufacturers of energy saving LED festoon lamps.

Our festoons are available in a broad spectrum of color temperatures that include, but are not limited to, Warm White 2950K, 3500K, 5000K and Daylight 6500K. Colored LED lamps are also available in the standard LED colors, Red, Blue, and Green. Specific lumens output for the 2950K PHANTOM LED LAMP is 42 lumens, 45 lumens for 3500K, and roughly 50 lumens for the 5000K and 6500K lamps.

This allows the Phantom festoon virtually unlimited versatility in a very wide range of residential and commercial linear strip under cabinet lighting applications.

Contact us toll free at 800-863-1184 X 125 or visit our website to find an LED lighting manufacturer agent than can customize our proprietary technology to your exact requirements and specifications.

Lighting Curio Cabinets Is Harder It Seems

Lighting Curio Cabinets, Display Units & Bookshelves:

Lighting curio cabinets is easy with Phantom Lighting solutions.What is the most difficult aspect of lighting curio cabinets?

When lighting curio cabinets with mirrored back panes the biggest problem is reflective glare. This is an almost unavoidable disadvantage when lighting a display cabinet in front of a mirror of any type.

When lighting curio cabinets made from solid wood, the problem is shadows and uneven distribution of light. This is why some of these showcase cabinets have two or more light fixtures to light the objects from multiple angles. The disadvantage here, though, is that too many lights creates “fixture clutter” that diminishes presentation.

What about these lights that come pre-installed in some curio cabinets?

Honestly, they are not a bad way of lighting a curio cabinet, provided that it is a standing wall cabinet of larger than average size, and provided that the shelves are made of glass. Light passes downward through the shelves and reflects off the mirror, wrapping itself around the collection in the process. However, there will still be reflective glare from certain viewing angles such as couches and chairs near the display.

In a wall curio cabinet made from dark, solid wood, glass shelves will allow overhead light to pass all the way to the cabinet floor without the nuisance of reflective glare. However each object casts a shadow that requires either multiple fixtures top-mounted fixture or some sort of alternative, secondary source of lighting for the curio cabinet.

This is where Phantom under cabinet LED light fixtures can prove invaluable tools to truly impeccable presentation.

OK, so how do Phantom linear strip lights overcome these obstacles?

If the cabinet is made of wood, there is a great deal of creative freedom and flexibility you can apply to either supplementing in cabinet lights or using Phantom LED strips as the primary source of curio lighting. Cabinets made of wood will accommodate up to three major Phantom Strip Series, all of which are designed to remain concealed from viewing angles. Our Classic lighting products can be mounted to vertical, horizontal, and even curved surfaces.

Furthermore, in spite of the nuisance of reflective glare, Phantom HM series make for some of the best curio cabinet lights you can use for wall-mounted display cases. Whereas mirror panels in larger cabinets may actually show reflections of the linear lighting strips themselves to seated guests, wall mounted cabinets feature more narrow surface depth that actually helps create the optical illusion that the lighting strips are actually built into the top of the cabinet.

What bulb types are the best choices for curio cabinets?

Phantom is a lighting fixture manufacturer of quality strip lights with incandescent, xenon, or led bulbs, each of which offers unique advantages to the specific type of curio cabinet they light and the nature of the collectibles on display. Wooden curio cabinets with no interior mirrors need the brightest illumination possible, so we generally recommend xenon low voltage bulbs that are renowned for producing the whitest light. You can set the dimmer switch to a higher setting when guest are active throughout the home, then turn the lights down to leave them at lower levels once most people have gone to bed. LED replacement lamps will render xenon lamps obsolete as colors improve.

Inside and Under Cabinet Lighting Options

In and under cabinet lighting adds ambience to kitchens.Up until a few years ago, very specific types of kitchen cabinet lights were used for either in cabinet or under cabinet lighting needs. Most people preferred puck lights for under cabinet lighting because they cast bright circles of light onto counter tops and provided great visibility and clarity for work. Back then, of course, most counter tops were made of cheaper materials that absorbed light without reflecting it back into the eyes.

People in the 60’s, 70’s also used a lot of fluorescent under cabinet lighting because they helped conserved electricity. Their lower heat output also made them everyone’s favorite under cabinet / over the stove light for cooking.

This, of course, is all changing now. Increasingly large numbers of people are replacing generic counter top materials with custom, granite and marble. These surfaces are highly reflective and introduce an entirely new element into the lighting equation. Kitchen cabinet light manufacturers must now shield the eyes from reflective glare in addition to providing the same levels of light as they did before.

While it is a fact that fluorescent lights are normally housed in frosted fixtures that minimize glare, they do not render color with enough detail to do justice to the subtle shades and variations that custom counter tops feature. Puck lights, that use halogen lighting, render color very well in most cases, but they are simply too intense and will almost always throw reflected light back into the eyes.

In this type of kitchen, it is almost always better to go with custom linear strip lights such as those manufactured by Phantom Lighting. This is due to both their low profile design and the unique qualities of glare free light they produce.

Each Phantom under cabinet lighting strip is custom pre-fabricated to exact cabinet or shelf dimensions. It will install seamlessly to either a horizontal mount or vertical shelf mount and remain virtually invisible to the casual eye. It also contains patented lamping designs and features special shielding that reduces reflective glare to near-undetectable levels.

Phantom strips can be fitted with a variety of festoon bulb types. Our most popular bulb type for under cabinet lighting in kitchens is xenon. Xenon will render colors at a level almost equivalent to that of sunlight. When xenon low voltage lamps are installed in conjunction with a low voltage transformer and dimmable lighting strip, they will bring out the subtlest red of granite and the multi-dimensional hues of marble like no other form of light—at a fraction of the cost of competing in cabinet and under cabinet LED strip light fixtures.

Incandescent festoon lamps produce the “warmest” form of light and make everything within the cubic interior of the cabinet clearly visible. Unlike pucks, they consume virtually no cubic space within cabinets, and leave more room for storing larger cookware items. Phantom strips also make cleaning the shelves much easier as they require little external wiring. You can even remove shelves fitted with our lighting strips without risk of shock or fixture damage.

Restaurants should consider retrofitting their existing kitchen cabinet lights strips with one of Phantom’s newest innovations—LED replacement festoon lamps. These lamps produce a lumens output equivalent to that of incandescent and fluorescents, but they use 80% less electricity. Although a restaurant kitchen requires little, if any, aesthetic consideration, employee comfort and cost consciousness are of vital importance.

Fluorescent under cabinet lighting emits UV radiation that is never good for anyone’s eyes, and incandescent lights left on for long hours will result in expensive light bills. The one-time procurement cost of replacement LED festoons will immediately begin returning investment through lower monthly power bills.

To learn more about Phantom Lighting, contact us at 713-863-1133 or ask one of our United States lighting agents to show you first hand the many benefits of Phantom Strip Lights and the Phantom Contour Projector.

In Cabinet Lighting with Puck Lights and Low Voltage Linear Lighting Strips.

Cabinet Lighting StripsIn cabinet lights come in two main varieties: puck and linear strips: Puck lights mount in the center of the cabinet’s upper top space and shine illumination downward in a widening, circular spread.

Linear light strips mount either along the back vertical top or bottom wall space, or as in the case of a Phantom strip, along the top-front horizontal cabinet strut. Linear strip lighting in cabinets will cascade and radiate downward, resulting in a gentler and even wash of light that puck lights generally do.

Phantom LED cabinet lighting strips are ideal for all display cabinets with the exception of those with mirrored back planes. They also provide very good task lighting in kitchen cabinets above eye level where the wiring and fixture of puck lights may appear unsightly to visitors opening cabinet doors.

Knowing these basic facts helps one to determine in advance what will work best for a particular purpose, environment, and task. The following examples constitute general guidelines recommended by our US Lighting Agents as helpful points to consider when choosing between fixture types.

Over the Counter Kitchen Cabinets:

Linear light strips are better for LED kitchen cabinet lighting for the reasons already mentioned above. A puck light in a kitchen cabinet will instantly stand out to anyone who opens the cabinet. Also, the wires, the fixture, and the more intense concentration of light will also tend to work against the decorative design elements of today’s larger, more hospitality oriented kitchens.

Under counter cabinets:

On the other hand, the opposite is usually true with larger kitchen cabinets near the floor where pots and pans are stored. Puck lights in these cabinets remain hidden from normal view, and the more intense output they produce makes it easier to find utensils and cookware more quickly.

Fine Antique and Curio Cabinets:

In-cabinet linear light strips are almost always superior to puck lights when decorative appeal is the foremost consideration. Linear custom cabinet lighting as manufactured at Phantom are designed to hide themselves along horizontal or vertical shelf edges. This allows the viewer to better see lighted contents without noticing the fixtures.

Retail Display Cabinets:

Sporting good stores often display guns in cabinets with a red back plane and a glass door that keeps weapons safe under lock and key. You also see similar cases also used to display expensive diamonds and gemstones. Cabinet lights in these environments need to be as sophisticated and as low profile as possible to not only showcase the value of expensive merchandise, but to also emphasize higher price points with a truly complimentary, luxury lighting fixture. Linear strips with LED or low voltage xenon lamps are good choices for doing this much more effectively than puck lights.

Understanding the three basic uses of almost all cabinetry will go a long way toward simplifying the process of choosing the right in cabinet lights. In the most broad and general terms, cabinets are either functional, decorative, or a synthesis of function and display. Lighting in a cabinet should support its general function and compliment its form without visual distraction or physical obstruction. Display lighting in cabinets must also convey an additional decorative element that enhances contents as well as containment. It is necessary to have these basics fixed firmly in mind before trying to make any decisions on what to purchase for your kitchen, bathroom, or antique collectibles, or retail showcase display.

Phantom Lighting in cabinet linear light strips combine sophisticated decorum with practical LED low energy efficiency and user-friendly installation and adjustment features found nowhere else in the world. Detailed technical documents and informative articles on all six of our strip lighting products can be found throughout our website. You can also call 800-863-1184 for literature or other information about Phantom Lighting.

Not All Lighting Manufacturers Are the Same

Lighting Manufacturer Led LampAre there any lighting manufacturers of LED lighting lamps that can replace existing incandescent and xenon festoons lamps?

Lighting manufacturers offer a myriad of products that vary considerably in quality and price. A large percentage of lighting users must still rely on AC lighting fixtures because of tight budgets. Progressively minded LED lighting manufacturers recognize this reality when proposing any type of upgrade. Certain key design features have to be incorporated into LED bulbs, lamps, and fixtures in order to create the lighting fixture equivalent of “backward compatibility” that will not impede forward motion and industry evolution. It is by striking this delicate balance with innovative, proprietary, and patented engineering that Phantom Lighting has emerged as a leading contender in an industry that is rapidly expanding its service offerings and adding value to multiple global markets.

These lighting strips advance both decorative and task lighting by leaps and bounds without leaving the end user behind.

There are several key points of differentiation that resolve this apparent paradox, and a brief understanding of how LED lamps work will clarify them immediately.

LED festoon lamps normally function on Direct Current only and require DC power inverters to make them compatible with AC wiring systems.

This, of course, presents a burden for the end use, which must user now must purchase additional equipment and try to figure out just how to install it without creating a visual nuisance. Phantom coordinates the manufacturing of led lights and linear strip lighting that resolve both of these issues by engineering its products with design features found nowhere else in the world. We design our linear strips with low voltage magnetic transformers that are fully compatible with 120VAC current and eliminate the headache of AC to DC conversion. We also manufacture our led lighting strips to work independently without exposed wiring. Our AC Series adjustable concealed lighting concept is one of the most sophisticated forms of commercial cabinet lighting. It also enables us to manufacture led light strips that are easier for us to have custom fabricated and simpler for our clients to adjust.

We also work very hard to accommodate those who do not have the budget to replace entire lighting strips.

We have perfected a special design that enables us to manufacture LED lamps and bulbs capable of completely replacing incandescent, fluorescent, and xenon festoons on previously installed linear lighting systems. This has resulted in a tremendous cost savings for commercial clients who are looking to obtain LEEDS certification by reducing their wattage per square foot. In most instances now, it is only necessary to replace the lamps without throwing out the strip lights.

Phantom not only made this solution possible—we actually patented it. The keys to this LED strip lighting design are the quality of the bulbs themselves and the combined output of three identical bulbs placed in close proximity to one another. This results is a combined output of approximately 50 lumens (the same as that of xenon and incandescent lamps) that easily outperforms the lamps of other led lighting manufacturers that can only produce 10 lumens each on the average.

To our knowledge, we are the only manufacturer of LED lighting lamps in the world that can effectively replace incandescent, fluorescent, and xenon festoon lamps with equivalent lumen output. We use the world’s top commercial grade LED’s and have them installed in our unique festoon lighting design.

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