The Different Types Of Art Lighting Fixtures For Illumination

There are a variety of options when it comes to choosing art lighting fixtures. The display of work can do a lot to impact the way it is viewed. An incorrect choice can lead to a washed out look, colors actually fading, or glare. Over time, the colors will be leached if art is placed in the sun or if the illumination is pointing directly at it, rather than being angled. For these reasons it is important to take into consideration the medium that is being displayed. Is the piece two dimensional? A sculpture will have different requirements than a painting. Oil paintings are subject to glare when placed directly in illumination. Often, angling the lights can solve the issue of glare.

Many of the fixture options are designed to showcase the art, and the top three bulb types are fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen. Some bulbs, like halogens, burn hotter than others. This means that certain types of illumination will have to be positioned farther from the piece, so that the display materials are not harmed.

The type and framing of the artwork will also factor into which illumination choices will create the most appealing display. The width of a frame should be taken into consideration so that it does not cast shadows onto the image. Frames can be handy, and the fixtures can often be mounted directly on the frame.

The advantage of choosing art lighting fixtures is that they are designed to exhibit the pieces in the most flattering way. The true colors and form can be easily admired with the proper lighting.

How Are Low Voltage Cabinet Lights A Cost Effective Option

Without low voltage cabinet lights from Phantom, a collection on display will not be able to reach its full potential. Whether its books, heirlooms, memorabilia or art on show, sleek LED fixtures can bring out the inner beauty in each subject. Phantom’s LED festoon lamps and strips are a popular choice for this purpose among designers and architects, for several reasons. For one, they are highly efficient, which reduces energy costs greatly. They are also highly customizable, and are measured to fit any piece of furniture.

Some homeowners settle for traditional incandescent bulbs for their display areas. This may seem like a natural choice, but it isn’t the best one if aesthetics and function are concerns. Low voltage cabinet lights designed by Phantom can be built for a range of color temperatures, from warm incandescent (2700K) to brilliant white (5000K). They can be easily hooked up to dimmer switches for variable brightness and, unlike standard bulbs, are premeasured to fit their space perfectly. A perfect fit ensures that the fixtures remain out of sight, and illuminate the subjects fully. Phantom offers a number of fixtures for this purpose, from under cabinet fixtures to adjustable devices perfect for display shelves.

Energy efficiency should also be a concern, because these fixtures are normally left on day and night. While most manufacturers produce an LED lamp capable of producing between 15 and 20 lumens with a 12V current, Phantom’s fixtures produce about 45 lumens with the same amount of energy. The extra lumens per watt and lumens per volt means every last drop of power is being squeezed from the electrical current. This cuts energy costs and ensures better illumination quality.

A precious collection is a treasure trove of happy memories, harkening back to the best moments of a person’s life. These items should be given the esteem they deserve with premium low voltage cabinet lights.

Contemporary Dining Room Lighting Is Beautiful Yet Functional

Dining room lighting supports multiple tasks beautifully.Dining room lighting can be functional and attractive when chosen carefully for the space and its contents. Once a formal area with a standard chandelier saved for holiday meals, it is finding more purpose through such activities as playing games, completing a puzzle, and working on paperwork. When looking for the most effective illumination source it is important to be aware of what the space will be used for, and how many layers of light will be necessary to create the desired mood and functionality.

As this part of a home has evolved in its use, the traditional decor has become less common. Consumers are instead looking at all types and styles of fixtures in order to determine what will achieve personal satisfaction, visual appeal, and maximized purpose.

There are three main types of dining room lighting that can accomplish this feat. Ambient fixtures include wall sconces, torchieres, and cove or hidden ceiling fixtures. The brightness is toned down and is utilized to create a mood rather than to accentuate a specific display piece.

Phantom Lighting is an excellent producer of many types including cove units. They come in linear and ribbon styles depending on the dimensions of the mountable surface and ability to conceal the equipment. Task illuminators are placed for short term use. While most are portable many times they are easily adjusted and rather versatile. The traditional chandelier can remain a focal point hanging over the table or with a mixture of various styles. Free standing lamps and pendent fixtures are common as well.

Consideration of the desired preferences and quality of product are all part of the design process. When the ideal home accent pieces have been selected the final product should set a mood, provide a decor boost, and offer a comfortable space to those that utilize it.

Lighting Cabinets With Fixed Shelves

Do you manufacture fixed shelf lighting fixtures specifically for custom furniture and retrofit applications?
Yes. We not only manufacture light fixtures specifically for non-adjustable shelf lighting, but we take it one step further by making each individual strip light custom to the dimensions of the shelf or vertical style to which you intend to mount it. We have engineered the basic components of our display cabinet lights to accommodate a wide range of wiring techniques that allow you to install what amounts to a completely concealed or almost completely concealed hidden cabinet lighting source.This customization allows you total freedom in a much wider range of cabinet lighting installations. Customization means more application power when it comes to illuminating build outs and retrofits that are characterized by highly stylized cuts of wood and unique construction designs.This sounds like a very bold claim. Is there any type of cabinet you cannot light with your equipment?
To be honest, there is. Any cabinet with a glass or mirrored backing tends to produce too much reflective glare. However, when it comes to lighting private library cabinets with solid wood backing or panel backing, there really is no style our fixed shelf lighting fixtures cannot be adapted to fit.

I read about your HM series (Horizontal Mount) on your website. How can I install these fixtures on a shelf that has no reveal?
There are two ways we can help you do this. One would be to custom design a trim that matches color of the wood. This would be the equivalent of creating the equivalent of a reveal out of a fixed shelf lighting fixture itself. Another way we could accommodate you is to add a reveal to the front of the shelf behind which we can conceal the lighting strip. Your intentions in design and quality of aesthetic are very important to us, so we will ultimately recommend what both works best—and looks best—for your particular project.

I have another cabinet I’m looking to add fixed shelf lighting to. I do not want to alter the shelves in any respect because it is an antique reproduction that requires minimal alteration.
In your instance, we recommend using vertically-mounted curio cabinet light strips concealed along the interior edges of the vertical cabinet styles. If there is a small space between the shelves and the style interior, we will notch the trims on your fixtures so that one continuous vertical strip light can be installed on either side.

If no space is available, we can cut vertical segments proportional to vertical dimensions between each set of shelves.

What if I light a cabinet that has no vertical styles, but instead has large hinged doors?
Hinges present a challenge for fixed showcase cabinet lighting, but it is never an insurmountable challenge. European-style hinges, even though very effective in function, can be quite large and cause you a great deal of difficulty if you attempt to install a continuous accent light strip. For this application, we recommend you get strip lights with lamps spaced around the hinges. We also recommend that you notch the glare shield in the field to maintain a finished look.

Do you have vertical strips that mount to the door interiors rather than cabinet interiors or shelf bottoms?
Yes, but this is only recommended for fixed shelf cabinets that measure 30” or more in width. It is a very effective accent lighting tool for displaying solid objects such as china, vases, sculptures or books which may block the light and produce shadows. A center mount trim requires special wiring provisions that will give the wiring enough slack to allow for door movement.

Is it difficult to conceal the wiring for fixed shelf cabinet lighting fixtures?
It is much easier to conceal wiring with our cabinet lighting system than with any type of standard or generic fixture available on the open market. Since all of our cabinet lights are custom built, we have evolved our technology to accommodate unique techniques that are custom to both the individual cabinet and the trim of the fixture. Also, our transformers are much smaller than other competing models and are therefore also much easier to conceal.

We invite you to contact us toll free 800-863-1184 to obtain more information on all of these options. You can also request literature on our Phantom Lighting website, visit our Phantom Lighting mobile website, or read through the many informative summaries and FAQs located on our cabinet lighting blog. All of these resources, including our online virtual lighting showroom contain a wealth of information about our custom; low-voltage lighting products that are the dream come true of art lighting designers and cabinet lighting builders on two major continents.

Retail Display Lighting, Accent Lighting Tools, Low Voltage Strip Lights, Linear Lighting Products from Phantom Light.

Retail Display Lighting constitutes a very complex science and generally requires the help of a lighting designer or retail display expert who can help you choose the right fixtures, bulb types, voltage settings, and lighting controls for your store. Any online query will quickly produce an endless array of retail display light fixtures that can quickly overwhelm your senses and your pocket book if you are unsure of what you need. While specialty lights will always have their place in the world of design and merchandising, it is normally not necessary to buy a different type of fixture for each separate display in your store. In most cases, custom-built linear lighting strips can be mounted in a variety of environments and provide optimal, safe, efficient, and high quality luminance that will place your products in the best possible light.

Under Cabinet Light
Under cabinet fixtures are often used for retail display lighting anytime a shelf beneath a cabinet offers sufficient room for merchandising. Linear strip lights are usually the best source of illumination in these cases because they tend to blend more with the under belly of the cabinet that do puck lights and fluorescent under cabinet fixtures. Also, they can be fitted with any number of bulb types that are both dimmable and free of ultraviolet light—something fluorescent lights are notorious for producing.

For rich, dark colors, you might want to use retail display lights fitted with energy saving LED light bulbs. Phantom LED lamps have a warm color temperature, that is close to incandescent lamps.

Window Display Light
Retail lighting here has to be cost effective before it is anything else. Some window displays are left on 24 hours a day and can run a light bill straight through the roof if low voltage and cost effective lamping technologies are not utilized to offset power consumption.

Any number of linear strip lights for retail displays can be fitted with low voltage transformers to curb electrical usage. The Phantom Linear Lighting Strip, for example, can be custom manufactured as either a 12V or 24V fixture, and it can operate incandescent or xenon festoon bulbs at much lower costs than line voltage puck lights, flex lights, or even overhead fluorescent panels.

Even better, consider investing a little more on the front end to fit your retail display lighting fixtures with LED festoon lamps. Even on a line voltage system, LED bulbs use only 20% as much power as incandescents and xenon. On a low voltage window lighting strip, there is an exponential multiplication of power savings.

Display Cases
Virtually any type of accessory case can be fitted with linear retail display lighting fixtures. The only exception to this rule is any case with a mirrored back plane. Linear strips contain many small festoon lamps that will appear like white or golden dots along the top of the mirror, ruining the aesthetic of the display. However, if the case is made from clear glass, or even better, has a dark backing or cloth on which the merchandise is laid, linear strips provide some of the very best display lighting for retail display cases you can imagine.

The type of low voltage lighting you choose really should depend on what type of merchandise will be showcased your display. Toys look great under incandescent light because it makes them glimmer slightly with a cheerful, white aura. Ladies clothing accessories such as hats and scarves look better under xenon. The slightly golden aura it casts about the items makes them look well worth the price tag.

LED lights can be fitted to retail display light strips to create a near equivalent effect to either incandescent or xenon. This all depends upon the color of the bulbs used, and it also depends on the sophistication with which the festoon lamps themselves are designed. Phantom linear strips use a patented lamping technology that combines LED bulbs into a radiant output equivalent to that of incandescent lamps.

In cases where very expensive fabrics colored with highly sensitive dyes are showcased, it is best to use LED cabinet lights because any ultraviolet output from other bulb types could cause the color and material to degrade over time.

Jewelry displays can be lit with virtually any type of bulb. The color temperature and lighting levels, however, should be carefully adjusted to match the types of precious metals and stones that compose your selection. For more information on retail jewelry display lighting, click here to read our full-length article on the subject.

For any other questions, information about Phantom Lighting or to place a custom order call toll-free at 1-800-863-1184. You can also visit our helpful and informative lighting blog “Tips from the Manufacturer” to see first hand hand our low voltage lighting products.

Our lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas with professional lighting sales agents located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states including Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, Reno Nevada. Portland Oregon, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Phoenix Arizona, Los Angeles California, Atlanta Georgia, and Culver City California.

Phantom Is One Of The Only Linear Lighting Manufacturers That Treats Every Order As A Special Project

Aquarium8Commercial lighting designers, commercial clients, and private end users all look to Phantom as the Western Hemisphere’s premier linear lighting manufacturer. We have built a distribution network of agent representatives on two continents that equally accommodates the lighting design firm, the corporate facilities manager, and the private homeowner. We manufacture linear lighting fixtures in six unique series to fully accommodate new construction build outs, retrofit applications, and festoon LED upgrades in all commercial and private arenas.

What industries and/or individuals benefit from Phantom linear lighting strips?

Retail showcase lighting lets merchandisers take every advantage of specific lighting levels and lighting safety requirements to fully complement the visual aspects of their product offerings. Cove lighting gives homeowners more options in highlighting specialty interior architecture. Industrial clients use fluorescent Phantom strip lights for under cabinet lighting in break rooms, kitchen areas in construction trailers, and management offices. In the world of decorating, Phantom manufacturers linear lighting products that provide collectors and curators with a number of lamping options ideal achieving for varying effects and power-saving features. .

Does Phantom Lighting provide any unique services?

Phantom is one of the only low voltage linear lighting manufacturers that treat every order as a special project. We believe it makes the most sense to take this approach because virtually every display consists of either a unique set of dimensions and/or a custom design that only exact cutting to measurements can accommodate. This not only facilitates greater ease of installation, but it also creates a more evenly distributed field of light than retail grade showcase lights can offer. We are also a very design-conscious manufacturer. Linear lighting lamps can be equipped with fluorescent, xenon, or LED bulbs depending on client preference and need.

What do specific lamps offer to specific applications?

Jewelry can be very safely showcased under inexpensive fluorescent lights. More sophisticated white light produced by incandescent lamps or the near-natural daylight qualities of xenon low voltage lamps works better to show reds and earth tones. Rare books, antiques, sensitive merchandise, and historical documents are best showcased under LED light strips- the world’s most efficient power saver with only trace amounts of forward throw heat and absolutely no ultraviolet radiation.

What voltage options are available for Phantom lighting strips?

Phantom manufactures home linear strip lights with either 12V or 24V festoons. Our patented engineering design uses existing metal shelf standards to conduct electricity. This is both less obtrusive and less hazardous. The adjustable shelf concept is a patented, innovative design that allows the collector complete flexibility to remove or relocate shelves without tools or any need to disconnect wires. The lights are attached to the individual shelves and are powered through hidden connectors utilizing safe, low-voltage current. Phantom is the only linear lighting manufacturer that has this design, and much of our rising popularity and success derive from its efficiency and ease of use.

Are there other costs benefits to using Phantom Strip lights?

Yes, especially when it comes to LEEDS certification. You can use strip LED lamps to reduce your watts per square foot ratio. Many organizations would like to go “green” with LED lamps, but insufficient funding makes across the board strip lighting replacement unfeasible.

This is again another major point of differentiation between Phantom and competing lighting manufacturers. Linear LED lighting strips in existing displays and shelves do not have to be replaced to qualify for LEEDS certification—only the incandescent and xenon lamps themselves. Phantom LED’s can snap easily into most existing fixtures and do not require a DC power inverter to function on an existing AC wiring network. For those organizations that have a budget for a complete retrofit of entirely new LED strip lighting fixtures, we design the AE (Adjustable Exposed) series specifically to meet this need.

How can I contact Phantom?

Phantom manufacturer agents work throughout North, Central, and South America to answer questions and to help clients configure custom orders. If you are a commercial designer specializing in linear lighting, our manufacturer agents will act as distribution interface to custom-design the product to meet your client’s precise specifications. If you are a commercial or residential client in need of technical support, our representative agents will assist you in designing and installing your new display lighting fixtures. Call us today at 1-800-863-1184.

Phantom Low Voltage Cabinet Lighting Is Designed For Businesses And Homeowners Wanting To Install Display Cabinet Lighting

Thus eliminating heat and power consumption by replacing physical wires with conductive mounts grounded safely to the cabinet itself. Phantom specialists spend a great deal of time in consultation; determining exact dimensions and material constitutions of individual low voltage displays and cabinets lighting. Low voltage lighting engineer’s custom cut each strip to provide a perfect match for both new builds and retrofit mounting. Phantom Lighting builds six different series of strip lights, knowing that different shelving and display designs require different types of mounting fixtures for shielded low voltage cabinet lighting.

Cabinets built by custom designers featuring fine finish and hand carved surfaces require the most seamless possible fit to avoid a visible fixture from detracting from craftsmanship and design. Our AC series strip lighting is perfect for this. It is designed for new build cabinets, so most of AC series customers are builders or cabinetmakers that order the strips pre-cut and physically build the fixture into the display.

For private commercial clients and homeowners looking to retrofit existing cabinets or add decorative flair to generic cabinetry, we carry a similar low voltage strip lighting for cabinets in our AE series. This cabinet light allows for greater flexibility with only slightly more visibility in the fixture itself. It is ideal for retrofitted installation onto existing shelves, and it can also dual function as a custom piece for new cabinets under construction.

The AC series does not provide total fixture concealment, but it is nonetheless can prove a highly decorative add-on to a plain or basic displays, and its many finish and color options can even add a slightly high-end touch to standard retail low voltage display cabinets. Lighting levels are controlled in both series with special glare shielding that prevents light “spillage” when viewed from either above or below eye level.

Both the AC series and AE series offer multiple lamping options, ranging from fluorescent to incandescent, on up to higher end xenon and state of the art LED light bulbs. The unique positioning of our smaller, festoon lamps makes for a more even “wash” of luminosity that creates both even distribution of photons and a more ambient light within the cabinet space itself.

Read more about other Phantom strip low voltage undercabinet lights for cabinets and additional benefits in our the informative section of our site.

Phantom Shelf Lighting puts books and collectibles in a whole new, superior light.

There are a number of things you should keep in mind when searching online through the seemingly endless number of shelf lighting options today’s market offers. Keeping a few rules of thumb in mind will not only help you select optical shelf lights for your particular display, but also lead you to the conclusion that efficiency and innovation are the keys to putting your collectibles, rare books, and even retail merchandise into a whole new, superior realm of impeccable light. LED Shelf lights should always evenly distribute illumination within the enclosed space of a bookshelf, display case, or specialty furniture piece. The light should never “spill” too far outward into the room. In shelf lighting, self-containment and a less is more approach to equipment are the two keys to glare free radiance and specialty effects that highlight and accentuate.

Shelf lights need to conserve power and in certain cases minimize heat. Ideally they should offer both low-voltage fixture options and dimmable lamping capability. At the same time, they must be bright enough to render colors accurately and accent the displayed objects with both required and optional lighting effects. Most importantly, shelf lighting achieves maximum aesthetic results when the equipment itself remains concealed, so that viewers only sees the contents under display highlighted by ambient combinations of luminosity and appropriate degrees of coloration.

Phantom’s series of specialized strip lighting fixtures fulfills all of these requirements with exceptional display and showcase lighting. Phantom strips eliminate wires as conductors by using existing metal shelf standards to power small lamps embedded in the surface of the strip fixture itself and with remote low voltage transformers. Phantom offers four major lamping options to cover the full gamut of both retail and in-home shelf lighting needs.

Read our full-length informative article on showcase shelf lighting and study our product specifications now to learn more about each of the specific bulb types and fixture designs we offer, and which of our Phantom strip lights will best place your fine books and collectibles on display in a whole new, superior light….

ETL Approved, Phantom Puts Everything On Display In A Whole New Light

holiday01-LPhantom’s patented technology conducts electrical power along metal shelf standards without physical wires and without revealing the electrical power source. Phantom light strips feature flexibility in installation and deliver high performance, seamless, lighting. Our strip lighting technology is the only one of its kind in the world and offers a perfectly controlled, concealed source of illumination. LED Phantom strips bring energy efficient lighting to coves, displays, bookshelves, cabinets, and antique furniture. Phantom manufacturing custom cuts each lighting strip prior to shipping so it will match the exact dimensions of a specific surface, display case, or furniture piece.

All Phantom lighting strips feature solid metal trim with glare shields that optimize them for either vertical or horizontal applications. Trims come in multiple shapes as well, allowing for custom installation and lighting requirements above eye level. Each of our six types of lighting strips is manufactured with specific environments and illumination requirements already in mind. Available in eight standard paint finishes, Phantom strip lights come in solid brass, stainless steel, and copper. Click here to view cut sheets and read through our informative section for lighting application ideas.

We utilize four different types of bulbs in order to meet the lighting needs of different situations such as under cabinet lighting. We give every client a choice between 12 and 24-volt operation to accommodate the full range of power consumption needs and architectural designs we encounter. Above the low-end fluorescent lamps for clients on tight budgets, we pre-install our strip lights with 3, 5, and 10-watt incandescent lamps rated for 7500 hours, or, we fit them with Xenon lamps rated for up to 20,000 hours. We are also very pleased to announce the addition of LED lamps to the Phantom entourage. LED’s burn cool and use only 20% of the power compared to other bulb types. They are ideal for commercial applications heavily regulated by environmental legislation.

Fully ETL Approved, Phantom puts everything on display in a whole new light!

Phantom Lighting Strips Are Custom Manufactured To Your Exact Specifications And Color!

strip_light_colorsPhantom Lighting manufactures light strips to your exact specifications to provide hidden, smooth illumination for cabinets, bookcases, furniture, indirect cove lighting and kitchen under cabinet lighting. Phantom is about lighting creations – not about seeing light bulbs. Therefore, we have taken care in our engineering design to ensure that the light source is concealed from each viewing angle, no matter how severe.

Our exclusive patented adjustable shelf lighting system allows for easy movement of individual shelves without tools or hassles. This is accomplished by using exposed metal standards or concealed buss bars to conduct the electricity without exposed wiring. Now with LED lamps you got to see it to believe it!

Designed for both residential and commercial applications our Phantom Lighting Strips are available in seven painted finishes including premium metals such as stainless steel, solid brass and natural copper. Our painted finishes include (left to right) paint grip galvanized steel, flat white, gloss white, light beige, almond, medium brown, flat black and gloss black. Our premium metal LED lighting strips are (Left to right) natural copper, polished stainless steel, satin stainless steel, polished brass and satin brass.

To learn more about Phantom Lighting products such as the Contour Projector or Lighting Strips please contact a lighting agent in your city or state for more information. You may also request a quote online using our handy order form. Thank you!