Lighting Crystals And Gems Makes A Difference In Displays

The trick to lighting crystals and gems is to direct the illumination exactly where it needs to go. Flooding a cabinet or set of shelves with bright illumination will only leave the specimens appearing dull. Aiming a high power fixture at a small part of the specimen will create a tiny, but noticeable reflection. This is what gives a specimen its sparkling, brilliant appearance, so the goal is to set up a number of small fixtures around every exhibit. Continue reading “Lighting Crystals And Gems Makes A Difference In Displays”

Art Lighting Upgrades Can Make A Big Difference

With a powerful set of art lighting upgrades, a homeowner can get that display they have always dreamed of, one that looks like it jumped out of the pages of a magazine. Anyone who has been to a museum or gallery can attest to the impact that illumination can have on a painting or sculpture and that cannot be overstated. But finding the high-quality fixtures and installing them properly is another thing entirely. Fortunately, illumination designers can help find the perfect set of fixtures for a homeowner. Continue reading “Art Lighting Upgrades Can Make A Big Difference”

Find Experts In Lighting Fine Art When Needing Help

Experts in lighting fine art can take what many homeowners would consider a complex process, and make it is easy to manage. Experienced designers have completed dozens, even hundreds of projects, and in any setting imaginable. This means that the average home won’t even challenge a designer, but if there are unusual obstacles to overcome, a talented designer has the tools and vision possible to complete the task. Continue reading “Find Experts In Lighting Fine Art When Needing Help”

How To Effectively Perform Framed Art Lighting

Truthfully, it’s not difficult to illuminate framed art, but lighting it in a unique way and compelling people to look at it is something else entirely. People are used to traditional forms of display illumination, and though the tried and true methods can still be effective, they are often rather neutral. In other words, they do their job and show off the piece, but they don’t possess the kind of aesthetic that will really draw people in. Continue reading “How To Effectively Perform Framed Art Lighting”

Art Lighting Experts Can Help You Create Any Display

With the help of art lighting experts, a homeowner can get that perfect look for their display without putting up with a frustrating installation process. One of the reasons why homeowners stay away from advanced illumination systems is that they aren’t sure how to place the fixtures themselves, and they can’t find help from a professional they trust. Continue reading “Art Lighting Experts Can Help You Create Any Display”

Where To Start For Unique Art Lighting

Every homeowner wants to be proud of the unique art lighting in their home, but it may be tough to know where to start. There are many fixture options on the market, and for those unfamiliar with how they work, it’s not easy to determine what they will look like once installed. Most experts, though, agree that optical framing projectors are a highly effective way to get a look that most people have never seen before. Continue reading “Where To Start For Unique Art Lighting”

Focusing Light To Highlight Art With An Optical Projector

Focusing light to highlight art is always easier to do with an expert helping out, and help may be needed for a homeowner who isn’t technically inclined. Still, Phantom designs its optical framing projectors to be as intuitive as possible, so they are extremely flexible in trained hands. Continue reading “Focusing Light To Highlight Art With An Optical Projector”

Lighting Multiple Objects Of Art From One Light Source

Lighting multiple objects of art from one light source is difficult without the right technology, but with the right fixtures, it is possible to illuminate several subjects at once without creating an annoying amount of glare or overhead clutter. And this is normally the problem as homeowners typically rely on fixtures such as track lighting, and that just washes the entire space with illumination, not rendering the best look for the display. Continue reading “Lighting Multiple Objects Of Art From One Light Source”

Adjusting Framing Projectors Makes A Difference For Display

Adjusting framing projectors to fit a painting or sculpture is the best way to get the most out of the subject, and it’s an easier process than most people realize. That’s because Phantom’s art lights are made to be as flexible as possible. That’s an important consideration because every piece of art is unique, either in size, shape, or composition. Continue reading “Adjusting Framing Projectors Makes A Difference For Display”

Using A Focused Art Light Is Great For Displays

Displaying a painting or sculpture properly takes a focused art light, and one that has the power to stand out. One of the most common pitfalls when setting up a display is selecting underpowered fixtures for the job. Display fixtures have to be rather intense to stand out amid ambient illumination, and this power has to be controlled to work effectively. Continue reading “Using A Focused Art Light Is Great For Displays”