Where To Start With Art Illumination

There are many approaches to art illumination, but only a few can provide a special look that will wow others. People quickly get used to traditional forms of lighting, which can make it difficult to get people to pay attention to a prized painting or sculpture. Continue reading “Where To Start With Art Illumination”

Masking Light For Art Is A Great Method

One of the most effective techniques for setting up a beautiful display is masking the light for your art. Of course, securing the right fixture and placing it in the correct spot is also essential, but even the most advanced fixture needs to be adjusted before it is ready. Illumination can be a tough thing to wrangle, and the dimensions of the room will often be an additional challenge to overcome. Continue reading “Masking Light For Art Is A Great Method”

Residential Art Lighting Should Be Done With Certain Fixtures

Residential art lighting can be that element that ties a display together. It is capable of bringing out the subtle touches and colors in any piece, and this will be essential if a homeowner wants their collection to be fully appreciated. Continue reading “Residential Art Lighting Should Be Done With Certain Fixtures”

Use Optical Framing Light For Art When Illuminating Pieces

The key to setting up the ideal painting or sculpture display is placing an optical framing light made for art. Projectors are usually the best option for any display, as they offer unparalleled flexibility and precision; both are essential components of any sharp look. This flexibility is something that Phantom truly prides itself on, offering more customization options and projector models than any other competitor. Continue reading “Use Optical Framing Light For Art When Illuminating Pieces”

Residential Art Lights Need The Best Fixtures

Residential art lights may seem like a luxury, but if a homeowner is going to invest hundreds or thousands in precious paintings or sculptures, it makes no sense not to pair them with the right fixtures. Otherwise, the piece will not get the attention and admiration it deserves. In fact, homeowners are often surprised by how different their paintings look with proper lighting. Continue reading “Residential Art Lights Need The Best Fixtures”

A Framing Projector Light Should Be Used With Art

A framing projector emits sharp, attractive light that most other lighting fixtures can’t match. The effect is achieved by getting rid of all spill illumination, which is the radiance that spills over the edges of the subject. Spill light is common in most homes and venues, but it doesn’t have to be. Continue reading “A Framing Projector Light Should Be Used With Art”

Why Use A Optical Framing Picture Light For Art

Phantom’s optical framing picture light is for artwork of all types, including oversized art and sculptures. When home or venue owners have one or more pieces of art to show off, they regularly turn to recessed or frame mounted fixtures to get the illumination they need. Continue reading “Why Use A Optical Framing Picture Light For Art”