Lighting Minerals And Gems In Your Home

Nothing shines like minerals and gems when they are properly lit up, but these subjects offer a challenge when setting up lights. With their propensity to sparkle and shine, it is possible to use too many fixtures, or to ruin the look with poorly placed lights. The thing to remember is that every light will create a reflection, which can look nice if managed properly. Continue reading “Lighting Minerals And Gems In Your Home”

Ivory Collections Need LED Fixtures

Ivory collections are some of the most beautiful displays in the world, but they are also a challenge to preserve and light properly. Because the material they are made from is organic, it will deteriorate in the presence of moisture, heat, and intense light. Illumination designers have to keep this in mind when assisting a homeowner who is setting up fixtures for their display. It’s not just about the perfect fixture placement, it’s also about placing the perfect fixtures. Continue reading “Ivory Collections Need LED Fixtures”