Lighting Mineral Collections Requires Planning

Gems and geological specimen collections can be some of the most visually striking, which is why a lot of thought has to go into lighting mineral collections. These specimens interact strongly with illumination, sparkling or shining with a lustrous glow if the fixtures are set up just right. Under poorly positioned or focused illumination, though, the specimens will appear lifeless. Continue reading “Lighting Mineral Collections Requires Planning”

How Lighting Shelves Effectively Should Be Done

The trick to lighting shelves effectively is to get perfectly even coverage. If there are any flaws in how the fixtures are set up or built, it will be apparent right away, and most homeowners will find the look unacceptable. This is a common problem with cheap, off the shelf fixtures that cannot be customized to the display. Instead, homeowners should consider a targeted solution produced by an illumination designer. Continue reading “How Lighting Shelves Effectively Should Be Done”

When Showcasing Rocks And Minerals Use Strip Fixtures

Collectors are, naturally, into showcasing their rocks and minerals, but a lot has to go into a single display. Lighting and geological specimens can make for a powerful combination, but only if the lighting is set up properly. In general, gems and other specimens work best under precisely metered illumination, which calls for directional fixtures instead of strip or tube fixtures. Continue reading “When Showcasing Rocks And Minerals Use Strip Fixtures”

Shelf Lighting Offers You The Best Options

Shelf lighting isn’t just a throw in, it is an essential element of a sophisticated display, and a homeowner should consider fixture options appropriately. How is the display arranged? What kind of aesthetic does the homeowner want to maintain? How static will the display be? The answers to these questions will narrow down the fixture options a homeowner has, but an illumination designer can provide needed insight into the process, and offer fixtures that might not be easily available. Continue reading “Shelf Lighting Offers You The Best Options”

Call Shelf Lighting Experts Before Installing Display Lights

Shelf lighting experts know how to use a variety of fixtures to create an endless array of displays, and this knowledge can be put to great use for a homeowner. Some people, when setting up a set of display fixtures, like to ponder on how it will look and what fixtures to use. Others just want to bring in a talented designer to handle the hard stuff. Continue reading “Call Shelf Lighting Experts Before Installing Display Lights”

Never Underestimate Shelf Lighting Products

The power of high quality shelf lighting products cannot be underestimated, and homeowners that see them in action will immediately realize why. Everything looks better under beautifully metered illumination, and with the right fixtures, a homeowner can even get that striking museum look that really impresses. But that’s not a look that off the shelf fixtures can offer, and any designer worth their salt will say the same. Continue reading “Never Underestimate Shelf Lighting Products”

Finding Bookshelf Lighting Ideas For Displays

There are plenty of bookshelf lighting ideas a homeowner can use to great effect. As long as a homeowner keeps them in mind when looking for fixtures, they will be able to secure the perfect look for any display. Novels, magazines, comics and other texts are found in nearly every home, and they can provide a beautiful centerpiece if they are allowed to shine. Continue reading “Finding Bookshelf Lighting Ideas For Displays”