Adjustable Retail Shelf Lights Offers Stores Many Options

Adjustable retail shelf lights can provide many display options to a shop owner, giving them the power to show off products in any way they wish. However, such versatility is not available with cheap, low quality fixtures, so a shop owner will need to consider a high-end illumination system an investment. But it is an investment that will pay immediate dividends, as it will help sell additional products and improve the shop’s appearance and reputation.

There is a distinct aesthetic that a lot of top shops aim for, and adjustable retail shelf lights can go a long way in producing it. The contemporary, visually bold approach to product displays is a tried and true method of getting attention for a product display, and this aesthetic can be built with an LED illumination system that is highly flexible as well.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra are two of the very few systems on the market that can be repositioned after installation. Normally, open wiring makes it impossible for a shop owner to reposition the fixture safely, but the Elite and Ultra can be designed with buss bar supports and brass contact pieces instead of a traditional open wiring system, and such a system can deliver power to the fixtures no matter how the display is arranged. In only a matter of minutes, a shop owner with no technical ability or tools can produce a fresh look, and this will keep customers interested and coming back again and again.

Lighting Mineral Collections Requires Planning

Gems and geological specimen collections can be some of the most visually striking, which is why a lot of thought has to go into lighting mineral collections. These specimens interact strongly with illumination, sparkling or shining with a lustrous glow if the fixtures are set up just right. Under poorly positioned or focused illumination, though, the specimens will appear lifeless. That is why jewelry shops keep their products in glass display cases, as this provides a frame for mounting many fixtures.

When lighting mineral collections, the major consideration is how the fixtures are positioned. Gems and rocks are adorned with many faces, and each one can shine if illuminated properly. This is why fixture designers will usually set up several small fixtures around a single subject. Each fixture will create a point of illumination on the subject’s surface.

The best way to achieve this effect is with fixtures that can be precisely aimed and focused. Fluorescent tubes, for example, emit diffused illumination that won’t create the tiny reflections a designer is aiming for. Instead, most experts rely on directional halogen fixtures, and in particular the MR-11 and MR-16 varieties. Both are built with internal reflectors that send illumination forward, and both offer several dispersion patterns. This will be extremely helpful when coming up with a tailored illumination pattern for each specimen.

How Lighting Shelves Effectively Should Be Done

Living_Room_CabinetsThe trick to lighting shelves effectively is to get perfectly even coverage. If there are any flaws in how the fixtures are set up or built, it will be apparent right away, and most homeowners will find the look unacceptable. This is a common problem with cheap, off the shelf fixtures that cannot be customized to the display. Instead, homeowners should consider a targeted solution produced by an illumination designer. This will ensure all components of the display are taken into account when selecting and installing fixtures.

Phantom’s xenon and LED strip fixture are perfect for lighting shelves effectively, as they can be precisely customized to any display. Specifically, Phantom can produce a set of strip fixtures to any set of dimensions, which are normally provided by the installer. And with Phantom’s aiming trims, which conceal the fixture and direct illumination, that perfect even look is completely attainable.

Strip fixtures are installed close to the display, which may alarm some homeowners. After all, won’t the heat ruin any paper or photos placed inside the cabinetry? Maybe with incandescent or fluorescent fixtures, but Phantom’s LED fixtures are extremely efficient, so not only do they last longer and require less power, they also emit close to zero heat. This makes Phantom’s strip fixtures are the ultimate choice in safe, beautiful display illumination.

When Showcasing Rocks And Minerals Use Strip Fixtures

Collectors are, naturally, into showcasing their rocks and minerals, but a lot has to go into a single display. Lighting and geological specimens can make for a powerful combination, but only if the lighting is set up properly. In general, gems and other specimens work best under precisely metered illumination, which calls for directional fixtures instead of strip or tube fixtures. Diffused illumination is not the right approach for the most part, though there are a couple exceptions. Instead, collectors will need to look to a couple types of halogen fixtures to get the most from their display.

When light hits the specimen’s surface, it will create a single point that appears to sparkle. Lighting designers can use this to great effect by setting up multiple fixtures and aiming them from different angles. Getting several lights into a small space, though, and ensuring they have room to operate takes a knowledgeable hand. It also takes special lights that are ideal for showcasing rocks and minerals. In most cases, MR-11 and MR-16 halogens are the way to go, as they are designed to focus light forward. They can be placed inside a variety of fixture housings as well, such as recessed fixtures, track fixtures, and even optical projectors. This allows a designer to set up a display that is customized to the specimens, which will ensure a look that appears sophisticated and crafted.

Shelf Lighting Offers You The Best Options

Cabinet-LED-Display-LightsShelf lighting isn’t just a throw in, it is an essential element of a sophisticated display, and a homeowner should consider fixture options appropriately. How is the display arranged? What kind of aesthetic does the homeowner want to maintain? How static will the display be? The answers to these questions will narrow down the fixture options a homeowner has, but an illumination designer can provide needed insight into the process, and offer fixtures that might not be easily available.

There are a couple things that shelf lighting must always offer. They must be powerful enough to draw attention to the display, and they must be immaculately metered so that there are no flaws in the look. The only way to get both is with high-quality fixtures, such as Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixture technologies. Both are among the brightest LEDs on the market, and because they are made with LED technology, they will last much longer than incandescent and fluorescent fixtures, and will maintain their color as they age.

Phantom offers several fixture models, including a vertical and horizontal mount option, as well as an adjustable option that is ideal for displays that are cycled out regularly. Phantom’s adjustable fixtures require no technical expertise or tools to manage, making them some of the most powerful and intuitive fixtures available.

Which system works best in a given setting will depend on the display’s layout, but no matter how challenging it is, Phantom’s experts can devise a solution that works perfectly.

Call Shelf Lighting Experts Before Installing Display Lights

ls_application15Shelf lighting experts know how to use a variety of fixtures to create an endless array of displays, and this knowledge can be put to great use for a homeowner. Some people, when setting up a set of display fixtures, like to ponder on how it will look and what fixtures to use. Others just want to bring in a talented designer to handle the hard stuff. An experienced illumination designer will step into that role willingly, determining optimal fixture placement and customization options.

The real work, though, is during the planning phase, when the fixtures are selected. Shelf lighting experts typically get their fixtures from trusted manufacturers that maintain excellent quality standards. And some designers have produced their own fixtures which can be adapted for special use. For example, Phantom has developed a unique adjustable fixture design that is built into cabinetry while it is being constructed. Phantom’s adjustable fixtures allow the homeowner to switch the shelving arrangement around at a moment’s notice and get as many looks from the cabinet as possible. This is normally impossible with standard fixtures, but it is just one more feature that a knowledgeable designer can offer.

In short, there’s no reason a homeowner shouldn’t at least consult with a professional before beginning a project. During consultation, the designer can offer valuable advice, and much more if the homeowner is impressed with what they hear.

Lighting Shelving Requires Certain Fixtures

LED Concealed Cove Light Fixtures Can Make A Room Stand OutLighting shelving is as much a creative endeavor as any art form, and when done right, it can have a major visual impact. Normally, these fixtures are used for display purposes in a variety of cabinetry, and to look right, they have to be made with quality components and technology. It’s not enough for the fixtures to be exceptionally bright. They have to be controlled, subtly metered, and versatile. There is a stark difference between garden variety fixtures at a retail store, and the expertly crafted fixtures that an illumination design firm like Phantom offers.

The most important consideration when lighting shelving is how the fixtures will be arranged. Most homeowners opt for fixtures that are concealed behind a piece of trim. These fixtures are aimed toward the back of the cabinet, striking the front of the display subjects with powerful illumination. This arrangement works best with cabinetry that has a matte backing, so as to reduce glare. Cabinetry with a mirrored background will benefit from side mounted fixtures to avoid glare.

Aiming the fixtures is also critical, and is best accomplished with one of Phantom’s aiming trims. Aiming trims are capable of paring down the illumination so that it only emits into certain angles, ensuring that the subjects, and only the subjects, are illuminated. This helps reduce glare, prevents hot spots, and ensures even illumination across the face of the display.

Of course, it helps to have a fixture that produces consistent output, which is why Phantom only sources its LED fixtures from a single manufacturer that subjects its lamps to extensive binning. Together, the focus on quality and positional flexibility means Phantom’s fixtures can work with nearly any cabinet, and with nearly any display.

Benefits Of Flexible Hidden Shelf Lights Using LED

ls_application15There are a number of displays that would benefit from flexible and hidden shelf lights that use LED technology. These fixtures are designed specifically for aesthetic settings, particularly in display cabinetry. They stand out among other fixtures for their ease of use, visual impact, and versatility, and with diode technology in play, they also bring superior efficiency, reliability and safety as well. In short, these fixtures have it all, which is why they are gaining traction among business owners as well as homeowners.

Flexible and hidden shelf lights that use LED technology are, first and foremost, prized for their versatility. A common problem with standard display fixtures is that they are static once placed. During installation, wiring is run from the fixtures to power sources, and this means that only an electrician can rearrange the fixtures if they need to be moved. Home and business owners find out right away that this is an undesirable situation and just settle for the one look they have to work with.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures aren’t hemmed in with the use of open wiring, and so they can easily be rearranged at will. This is because the Elite and Ultra can be powered with buss bars and contact pads instead, and these don’t require extensive open wiring to function. When it’s time to shift the fixtures into a new spot, merely take out the support screw that’s secured into the buss bar shelf support, arrange the new display as you see fit, and replace the screw once a new look is decided on. It’s about as intuitive as a set of fixtures can be, and it ensures that you get the most out of your investment into premium illumination.

Concealed LED Shelf Lights Are Subtle And Sophisticated

Concealed-LED-Shelf-LightsIf a homeowner wants a display that is both subtle and sophisticated, concealed LED shelf lights can provide the right look. Hiding a fixture may seem to defeat the purpose, but keeping the lamp itself out of sight can be a powerful flourish that draws more attention to the subject itself. People have a tendency to seek out illumination sources when they enter a space, and intense fixtures are needed to stand out among ambient illumination. It makes sense, then, to keep those powerful fixtures out of immediate view so that they don’t annoy observers and push them away from the display.

Concealed LED shelf lights are a marked step above other forms of illumination, such as incandescent or fluorescent fixtures. Diodes use modern semiconductor technology to maintain optimal efficiency while in operation. This means a more controlled spread of illumination, less wasted energy, and less heat. Older fixtures are usually an energy sink in the home. Diode fixtures are not, and they are much safer.

Diode fixtures are highly customizable and can be paired with all kinds of display subjects. This includes books and photos, and something more exotic, like intricate artistic glass or collectible figurines. Phantom offers a number of aiming trims, each of them formatted for use with certain subjects. Not only do they keep the fixtures hidden from view, they also direct illumination in a way that promotes the best possible look.

With diode fixtures and expert advice from Phantom’s team of professionals, a homeowner can set an illumination system that will remain viable for many years to come.

Adjustable Cabinet Shelf Lights

Phantom adjustable shelf lights can be used to illuminate any custom creation of an architect, builder, or designer (provided the cabinet or bookcase has a solid back plane). Our custom shelf lighting fixtures are designed specifically for displays with varying shelf heights that are commonly found in collections and private libraries. Library cabinet lighting levels can be fine tuned through dimmer controls to create both functional and decorative lighting effects. Heat sinks and glare shields help bulbs operate at cooler temperatures, extending lamp life and protecting display contents from excessive IR output. Phantom strips can be made with either xenon or any one of three custom LED color temperatures—giving the interior decorator total freedom of choice in selecting a source that ideally compliments artistic lighting interior designs.

The amazing range of our adjustable shelf lighting applications that our fixtures can be used for is made possible by several unique and patented features of our custom technology. Because adjustable shelf lights are specifically designed for new constructions, they can be configured and installed as wireless hidden custom cabinet lighting source. This is made possible through a unique combination of patented buss bars, brass metal shelf supports, and brass contact pads connected to the linear strips themselves. Installing this proprietary technology takes only a few simple steps.

Custom Phantom buss bars are custom cut to the vertical height of the cabinet so they can be installed in routing on either side of the case. Each buss bar has screw holes located a regular intervals so metal shelf supports can be affixed to them at any desired height. The adjustable shelf linear lighting strips attach to the forward bottom of each shelf, concealed behind the reveal. Contact pads connected to the lighting strips complete the circuit when they are laid on top of the shelf supports. This wireless, low voltage circuit is thus completed using a few pads and screws making simple touch contact with one another—completely replacing the need for internal or external wiring with ingenious Phantom innovation.

If you are a collector, this gives you a tremendous freedom for setting up your display any way you choose to do so. For example, if you are collecting antiques of different types, you will no doubt need to vary shelf height to create variable display spaces to accommodate differently sized objects. The same could also hold true if you are an avid collector of hardback books. Rare prints and first editions will invariably feature different spine lengths, forcing you to adjust your shelving height accordingly. With in cabinet lighting strips that do not require rewiring the entire cabinet, you can do this in minutes without the help of an electrician, and at no risk of electrical hazard to yourself.

If you are a contractor responsible for building display cabinets and libraries for custom homeowners, consider the benefits you can pass along with adjustable LED shelf strip lighting that is not only easy and safe to manipulate, but also generates a superior quality of light than competing, standard fixtures. Our patented strips are made with glare shields that direct light downward and backward from a concealed location beneath the front of the shelf. This creates a more even distribution of light on book spines and collectibles, and it more effectively fills cabinet space with a warm, decorative, luminous aura.

Color temperature ranges include new 2800K LED festoon lamps, which emit a warm color tone that very closely approximates that of xenon. Adjustable shelf lights can also be built with the slightly cooler color temperatures of 2950K and 5000K. Xenon is also still available through special order, and even though it represents a traditionally shorter-life lighting source known to generate a great deal of heat, these negatives can be offset with heat sink technology that dissipates the heat away from contents, and from dimmer controls that allow wattage to be reduced to conserve both power and lamp life.

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