Designing Cove Lighting In Homes

When designing cove lighting in homes, perhaps nothing is more important than picking the right fixtures for the job. Spaces that rely on precisely arranged display illumination need more than just basic fixtures off the shelves. They need a highly customizable solution that works with the space. Continue reading “Designing Cove Lighting In Homes”

Cabinet Light Trims Offers Concealment For Your Fixture

Cabinet light trims are essential for producing optimal illumination metering, and can provide much needed concealment as well. No homeowner wants their new xenon or LED strip fixtures to be visible, as they aren’t designed to be pretty themselves. That’s where a concealing piece comes in, as it can be attached to existing furniture to provide a bit more cover. Continue reading “Cabinet Light Trims Offers Concealment For Your Fixture”

How Lighting Shelves Effectively Should Be Done

The trick to lighting shelves effectively is to get perfectly even coverage. If there are any flaws in how the fixtures are set up or built, it will be apparent right away, and most homeowners will find the look unacceptable. This is a common problem with cheap, off the shelf fixtures that cannot be customized to the display. Instead, homeowners should consider a targeted solution produced by an illumination designer. Continue reading “How Lighting Shelves Effectively Should Be Done”