How Is Under Cabinet Task Lighting Used?

Light sources and lighting technology have evolved over the years. Under cabinet task lighting options from Phantom Lighting present excellent fixtures that act both as decorative and functional solutions for the home and office. This type of lighting provides an appealing ambiance, a soft glow that interior designers love to use as a way to enhance a room. Since the lights can be programmed or work off of a dimmer switch, the illumination can be adjusted to fit mood and circumstance. Continue reading “How Is Under Cabinet Task Lighting Used?”

Achieving Mood Lighting In Your Rooms

Homeowners often want more than a particular look from their rooms – they want the rooms to evoke a certain feeling, and that’s where mood lighting comes in. Decorative fixtures are especially effective at creating atmosphere in a space, and they can serve as the lynchpin in this regard. Continue reading “Achieving Mood Lighting In Your Rooms”

Get Shelf Lighting Ideas From A Professional

Showcase-Adjustable-LED-LightingArmed with some smart shelf lighting ideas, a homeowner and the installer can come up with a precise, beautiful look for a display. Although some houses contain free-standing shelving, most organize their displays inside cabinetry, which allows for additional fixture placement options. No matter where the display is set, though, the aim is the same. The installer’s job is to ensure the display has even illumination and that there aren’t any distracting elements to the fixtures.

Illumination designers and fixture installers have a number of shelf lighting ideas at their disposal, but installing strip fixtures is the concept that is really catching on. There are several reasons for this. For one, it’s much easier to fit the fixtures into a display if the strips can be cut down to fit. Also, the strips can be run for long stretches, so if a homeowner has an oddly arranged display, strip fixtures are a great way to show it off properly.

Strip fixtures made with LEDs are better still, as they pair their excellent flexibility and power with an efficient, long-lived package. Of course, none of this matters if the fixtures can’t be configured to the display as it will look poor if the colors aren’t balanced, and if the fixtures aren’t concealed. Color balance is essential for bringing out the natural beauty of the displays interior. For example, natural white and cooler tones work better with a precious metal like Silver. And as long as the fixtures are out of sight, visitors will have a tough time pinpointing where the illumination is coming from. That may sound like a small thing to factor in, but as any lighting designer can attest to, it’s often the little things that make a display work.

What Options Are Offered When Buying LED Light Strips?

Led light strips have been around the marketplace for several years now.  This unique creation has proven to be economical, ecologically friendly, durable, and long lasting. This type of lighting can be particularly beneficial when a homeowner needs to showcase a number of items all together. Many consumers may have questions regarding the right type of illumination to use based on the situation.   Some options to consider include color temperate, color rendering index, customization options, source output, and the proper spread of the illumination.

Let’s take a look at the various options to understand the meaning.  Color temperate simply means combining the warm and cool sides of the color wheel together.  A color-rendering index compares the ability of the source to compare with nature’s setting.  This index is used to determine the degree of realism and naturalness that is shown with any given color.  Light sources with a high CRI are desirable in color-critical applications such as photography, art lighting and displays. The option of customizing the length will depend on the unique needs of each customer, and the manufacturer chosen.   The illumination output and the proper spread will need to be discussed with a professional that understands the exact needs of the customer.

Those customers that live in and around the Houston, Texas area can look to Phantom Lighting to fill all of these needs and more.  This company offers a quality, high-end product that will last.  They have solutions for art, cabinetry and cove lighting, just to name a few.  Reach out to this business today to find the right led light strips to fit any need.

Why Should Customers Consider An Under Cabinet Light?

How Can An Under Cabinet Light Solve Lighting Problems?When customers ask us which of our products can best highlight collectibles or illuminate hard to reach areas, we often point them to our under cabinet light solutions. These are in kitchens, bathrooms and anywhere where inconspicuous illumination is needed.  They are also especially useful in wall units and cabinets.  At Phantom Lighting, we have a commitment to provide superb service to customers that need creative illumination solutions.  Here are two ways that under cabinet light can solve these problems for our customers.

Finding the Right Fit:

For many installers and contractors, it can be difficult to add illumination to custom-made cabinets. That is due to the mostly standardized lengths of strip lighting. Also, adding new strips to older cabinets can also cause issues.

However, we pride ourselves on providing the latest technology and custom pieces. These can save a customer hassles when updating an older home or working with difficult cabinet dimensions.  Planning for lighting is ideal, but if the customer wants to upgrade their current setup, we can create a custom solution.

Reducing Glare:

We make sure to address not only sizing issues, but also what kind of mood the illumination creates. Most builders and contractors use bulbs with frosted lenses in order to reduce glare and intensity. The issues with these are that they can create harsh glares on countertop materials such as marble or tile. In attempting to deal with this issue, some professionals even allow the under cabinet strips to become visible.

With Phantom Lighting products, there are lots of features we use to help fix these issues. These benefits include:

  • Metal shielding to even the distribution of illumination
  • Focus on technology that reduces all kinds of glare, direct or indirect
  • Discreet positioning to the front end of cabinets, reducing glare
  • Compact size that makes cabinet illumination nearly invisible

With the options we provide for, under cabinet light, every customer should be able to find just what they’re wanting

How Is Indirect LED Cove Illumination Normally Used?

How Is Indirect LED Cove Illumination Normally Used?Indirect LED cove illumination is like a bow on a meticulously wrapped present. It’s the perfect accent piece that supports every other element of a space’s look and is beautiful in its own right. Phantom’s diode strips are specifically designed to produce this kind of accent light, with impressive power and a low profile that makes them easy to conceal. Once installed, Phantom’s diode lighting will bring out the subtle features in a room, making colors appear more vivid and imparting an intimate, cozy feel. In commercial settings, Phantom’s diode lighting can be used to great effect, evoking a professional appearance.

How is Phantom’s indirect LED cove illumination normally used?

Efficiency, aesthetics and versatility are among Phantom’s design priorities, so these fixtures can be used in a variety of situations. In both residential and commercial settings, they are installed near the ceiling and gently radiate from their concealment spots. In the home, placing the lighting on top of cabinetry, valences, molding, or in coves will give the fixtures the perfect angle to shine. From here, the fixtures will softly glow, providing a wash of light that wraps around the molding or valence and cascades down walls and over ceilings. Homeowners that want to bring out an interesting architectural feature will find that diode strip lighting is one of the easiest ways to do it.

In commercial buildings, diode strip lighting is ideal for lobbies, meeting rooms or office settings. Office workers are often subjected to harsh, withering fluorescent lighting that makes everything appear lifeless. It’s a struggle to be productive while being washed out by this cold lighting. Phantom’s diode fixtures are much more inviting and show that a company cares about the impression it makes. This is also important when interacting with clients, so diode strips are also a good fit in lobbies. Many companies choose to backlight their logo or artwork in their office lobbies, creating an eye catching effect that can leave a meaningful impression. In more informal commercial settings, like restaurants, backlighting can make an enormous impact on how people perceive the business.

Even after a space appears to be set aesthetically, there’s always room for one more accent to improve the look even more. Phantom’s indirect LED cove illumination is the perfect finishing touch, providing beautiful lighting in an efficient, economical package.

Kitchen Undercabinet Lighting Provides Functional Illumination

Kitchen undercabinet lighting can provide an extra bit of color and function to the room. Modern xenon and LED technology makes this form of illumination a realistic choice for most homes because they are efficient and highly customizable. This is a far cry from just a few decades ago, when incandescent puck and fluorescent fixtures were the norm. Compared to xenon and LED, these fixtures are impractical and ill-suited for this task.

Puck incandescent and fluorescent fixtures are not ideal for kitchen undercabinet lighting because they can be seen from certain angles. Wiring and voltage transformers may also be present, marring their look further. They also direct illumination poorly, so they tend to create a lot of distracting glare. Finally, they are difficult to customize, even with something as simple as a dimmer switch.

Phantom’s LED and xenon fixtures, though, are perfectly suited for this kind of installation. Phantom offers several LED and xenon strip fixtures, most of which can be completely concealed from sight. They direct their radiance away from the person, so they don’t blind people with their brilliance. Instead, they use the reflective surfaced normally found in the kitchen to diffuse illumination throughout the room.

LED and xenon are highly efficient and are safer than incandescent and fluorescent fixtures. Phantom’s LED technology, in particular, is extremely efficient, producing a strong 40 lumens with just 0.6 watts of energy. LED and xenon can produce a range of color tones, from the tried and true warm incandescent hues to pure white. This makes them better at color rendering, a helpful perk to have when preparing food. Phantom also builds every fixture to order, so an electrician or designer will be able to fit them perfectly into their spot.

Strip Lighting Is One Of The Most Versatile Illumination Forms

Strip lighting is one of the most versatile tools in an electrician’s or designer’s arsenal when it comes to aesthetic illumination. These fixtures can be placed nearly anywhere and are built to remain out of sight. This low profile is coupled with high quality radiance that produces a colorful, entrancing effect. Because they fit into a compact space, they can be placed just about anywhere, though they are usually installed in kitchens, display cabinets, workspaces and in commercial settings. Businesses, like restaurants, hotels and office buildings, prefer them because they can help produce an air of professionalism.

Phantom offers a number of strip lighting products, including concealed and exposed designs. Phantom’s Adjustable Concealed (or AC) models can fit seamlessly into shelving and stay out of sight. Adjustable Exposed (or AE) models are integrated into the furniture and are designed to complement the furniture’s look.

Incandescent, xenon and LED lamps are all popular fixture choices for this purpose. Incandescent illumination is perfect for intimate setting or for adding warmth to a prized collection or cozy space. Xenon and LED technologies are both found in highly efficient fixtures that can produce a range of color temperatures with low amounts of power. These fixtures are often found in creative and commercial spaces because they can be customized to produce pure white illumination.

While many manufactures produce these fixtures, Phantom’s are the superior option for important reasons. Every single one is built to the owner’s specifications so they can fit an area of any size. They are also easy to modify further if, for any reason, they don’t fit just right. Phantom’s models are also more efficient than their competitors, saving money and enhancing illumination quality.

Attracting People Is Easy When Using Bar Light Fixtures

IMG_0336Bar light fixtures are perfect for ramping up business and attracting people to an establishment. Trendy clubs and pubs are always competing with each other for clientele, especially in a dense urban environment. To bring in people, a business only has to draw their eyes for a moment, and the easiest way to do this is with unique illumination produced by Phantom. They produce a number of LED strip lighting models that can be customized to fit any space and produce any color of illumination.

LED strips built by this company consist of six diodes grouped together into a single device. This model produces a reliable level of illumination, about 40 lumens strong. This is twice as strong as competing models. These LED strips require very little energy to function, under a watt or so. This keeps energy bills low, and decreases the risk of fire.

Phantom produces customized bar light fixtures, so they will fit any space in the building. Unlike most manufacturers, these devices can be modified further during installation. This is extremely helpful for an installer that needs to tweak the strip just a bit to get it to fit without being seen. These strips are designed to be low profile. They come with metal glare shields, so the illumination is diffused and softened. The end result is a subtle glow that adds complexity and color to the environment. These devices can be placed just about anywhere in the building. They can be installed under the counter, in a display case, on product shelving, behind artistic pieces or televisions or in a seating area. They can radiate any color, from the trendy blues and purples found in trendy clubs to the orange and whites found in casual pubs.

Cove Lighting Fixtures

Venues that require indirect illumination will want to look into the cove lighting fixtures produced by Phantom. Commercial and professional buildings like hotels, restaurants, and museums have long sought for ways to improve their interior atmosphere. Most of these options are expensive and may require significant construction. For these reasons, many have turned to the economy and beauty that can be found in high quality illumination. By brightening up an alcove or other empty space the building will become more inviting and relaxing to its occupants.

Cove lighting fixtures must remain out of sight at all times. The idea is to produce soft illumination without distracting a person or appearing tacky. Phantom’s linear CM and LED strips are ideal for this purpose. They maintain a very low profile while also providing illumination superior to standard fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. While several manufacturers produce CM and LED strips, Phantom’s are the only ones on the market that can be shaped prior to installation. They can be fitted to a surface of any size or shape, even circular, irregular designs.

These features are installed with metal glare shields. These soften the illumination and diffuse it giving it a light, feathery appearance. Also, Phantom’s products can be calibrated to output any color or level of brightness. All of this together ensures that the features become part of a vibrant background, keeping a person in the moment while also enhancing their experience.

Phantom’s features require very little energy to function. CM fixtures with incandescent lamps can function with 10 watts of power or less. Xenon lamps are similar and produce neutral white color that’s ideal for professional settings. LED technology is even more energy efficient, needing less than a watt to function. When used appropriately, cove lighting fixtures can create a tapestry of color and illumination that impresses and uplifts.