Undercabinet Lighting In Retail Spaces

Undercabinet lighting is usually only considered for residential settings, where it can provide excellent illumination in kitchens, studies, offices and crafting areas. However, it does have several commercial applications as well, and is a viable option in retail spaces. Retail lighting is one of the most challenging forms of lighting design, as a designer’s goals extend beyond mere aesthetics. Continue reading “Undercabinet Lighting In Retail Spaces”

How Are Under Cabinet LED Lights Used

ls_application1Under cabinet LED lights are quickly growing in popularity, prized for the accent illumination they can add to any space. For decades, homeowners relied on fluorescent or incandescent fixtures to provide an extra source of task illumination, but these technologies have their limits. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra Task Lighting (TL) series surpass fluorescent and incandescent fixtures in every way, providing the same beautiful radiance while maintaining excellent efficiency and power.

How are under cabinet LED lights commonly used?

More than any other room, perhaps, the kitchen needs warm illumination. This is where families often gather and spend ample time. Poor illumination can make it difficult to see while prepping and cooking. Phantom’s TL strips can awaken a drab kitchen and infuse sophistication and intimacy into the space. The TL series often provides enough illumination to eliminate the need for glaring, overwhelming ceiling mounted fixtures.

Phantom’s diode strips are typically installed right above countertops so they can provide extra illumination for mixing, slicing, seasoning, or other cooking needs. Garages, offices, and work benches are also ideal spots for Phantom’s TL series task lights. Here, they can provide enough illumination for a person to tinker or get work done without having to rely on shadows created by ceiling mounted fixtures.

Why are Phantom’s under cabinet LED lights the best choice?

Phantom offers two series of task lighting led strips, the Elite and the Ultra. The Elite provides 130 lumens of output per linear foot (at 3.5watts a foot), and the Ultra provides 200 lumens of power per linear foot (at 4.7 watts per foot). This superior watt to lumen ratio makes Phantom’s diode strips among the most powerful on the market. Diode strips can also be attached to dimmers so the homeowner can get just the right amount of illumination at any time of the day.

Diode technology has been greatly improved in the last 20 years and now produces much less heat than incandescent or fluorescent fixtures. Less radiant heat means less waste and better temperature control. While diode fixtures may be more of an investment upfront, they cost much less to operate and last longer than other fixtures, even up to twice as long in some cases.

Phantom’s TL (task light) fixtures are compatible with 24V DC power sources and are perfect for larger homes and commercial buildings. Extended run length of 40 linear feet for the Elite series and 30 linear feet for the Ultra series means less connection points and fewer issues related to wiring.

Finally, several companies offer diode strips, but not all of them are as selective as Phantom when it comes to quality. The diode manufacturing or binning process is difficult to control, resulting in subtle variations in color temperature and output, even among fixtures from the same manufacturing run. Phantom only buys from manufacturers that employ strict binning standards, ensuring that every fixture looks and feels the same.

With their reliable craftsmanship and versatility, Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures are perfect for any task illumination application.

Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting

Architects know that every home they design has kitchens, and every kitchen has cabinets. Beneath these cabinets are countertops that serve a dual purpose of decoration and multi-task utility. Shadows in these spots are both unattractive and possibly hazardous. Eliminating these dark areas with kitchen under cabinet lights instantly improves the aesthetic and safety of utility areas, and can play a major contributing role in a home buying decisions.

To ensure that the most important elements of kitchen under cabinet lighting installations are met, architects must move beyond generic puck lights and outdated fluorescent “energy savers” toward a more robust engineering and manufacturing design that captures the intentions of an artist with the precision of a scientist.

Phantom TL series kitchen under cabinet lights is one of the few strip lights that offer LED lamping in color temperatures that are aesthetically complimentary to the granite and marble countertops common in high-end homes. Warmer color tones look best under the 2800K led festoon, and cooler temperatures can be accented using our 2950K. These options offer home buyers a long-term return on investment on the front-end costs of the strips. The energy efficiency of LED, which is up to 60% more than that of any other form of lighting, accrues a savings that offsets initial purchase costs. Also, LED lamp life of 40,000-50,000 bulb hours eliminates the need for frequent maintenance and makes bulb replacements very rare.

LED kitchen under cabinet lights can also play a contributing role in reducing cooling costs. Most people who invest in under cabinet fixtures tend to want to leave them on in the kitchen if and when it is safe to do so. A hot-burning light source is going to trigger the thermostat to activate the HVAC system, driving up power bills in the process. However, LED bulbs emit light electronically rather than chemically through the ignition of gas in a sealed glass container. This makes them a very low-heat source of illumination, perfectly safe to burn throughout the night, and negligible in terms of impact on room temperature.

For applications that require color temperatures ranging from 3000K-5000K, Phantom also offers xenon lamping options that offset the higher power consumption curve with dimmability options and low-voltage transformers engineered to curtail excessive electrical consumption. Our purpose is to provide our commercial design clients with the full range of necessary color temperature compliments to every cabinet build, interior decorating scheme, and general lighting requirements they may encounter in custom home design.

The linear strips that power our kitchen under cabinet light fixtures are sophisticated pieces of engineering in their own right. These linear strips are very small in comparison to most competing models, and they are much easier to conceal beneath the surfaces of a variety of cabinet sizes and custom builds. Two very important features of these lighting strips work to eliminate not only shadows, but also reflective glare. Rather than mounting in the center of the under surface like puck lights, or in the back as many fluorescent fixtures install, Phantom TL series fit under the front of kitchen cabinets. Special glare shields that are built into the lights direct the light backward away from the eyes and across the utility areas under countertops. Dimmer controls allow the homeowner to adjust lighting levels to match those created by general overhead lighting. This adjustability allows the end user to create a contiguous luminous that is both sourceless and seamless from the viewer’s perspective, and creates a very attractive setting for gatherings, parties, and cooking demonstrations.

Phantom Lighting makes it easy for architects to incorporate our kitchen under cabinet lighting fixtures into their custom home designs. Each fixture is custom cut to the dimensions provided to us by the architect. The choice of LED or xenon sourcing is determined (with the help of a Phantom specialist if need be), and a purchase order for custom manufacturing of the fixtures is set in order.

Call a Phantom Agent for more information on all of these options. We invite you to call toll free 800-863-1184 to request literature online or visit our lighting blog to learn more about Phantom custom low voltage lighting products.

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What’s New in Under Cabinet LED Lighting?

The latest in under cabinet LED lightingWhy have I only now heard about under cabinet led lighting?

Because for a very long time these fixtures had a hard time creating white light that could truly function as a replacement for incandescent sources. If you looked at a countertop lit by LED under the cabinet light fixtures, you could almost immediately tell what they were. Many custom home builders and interior designers avoided using them for this reason. LED was seen new technology with great potential, but not quite ready to take the market. That is, until now.

Is the new under cabinet LED lighting just as good as xenon?

For all intents and purposes, yes. You won’t be able to tell the difference unless you are a trained lighting professional who works with both types of lighting every day. This is because 12 volt under cabinet LED lighting bulbs can now be manufactured that operate at 2800K color temperature—a very white light akin to sunlight. The more white a light is in this sense, the “warmer” its color temperature is said to be. With a warm color temperature lighting source, you can see the greatest level of color and detail in surfaces such as granite and marble.

Why are Phantom under cabinet LED lighting fixtures the best choice for builders to use in custom cabinets?

Aside from the custom nature of the strips themselves, Phantom‘s 2800K LED festoon lamps combines the newest, warmest color temperature available with previous engineering that differentiated our festoon lamps from all competing equivalents. LED bulbs typically emit lower levels of light than incandescent sources. To compensate for this, Phantom developed a lamping techniques that places three bulbs together in a festoon lamp, thus generating a higher lumens output. Now, with this latest evolution in color temperature, you have both the brightness and the “whiteness” that xenon and incandescent have been famous for. For the first time in ever, energy saving led is now poised to eventually replace all other sources of kitchen cabinet lighting.

What are the other benefits of Phantom’s under cabinet festoon lights?

Well, for one thing you don’t have to order new strips to get new lights if you already have Phantom linear strips in place. The 2800K festoon lamps can be retrofitted to both our vertical and horizontal mounting fixtures. They also work on a number of luxury lighting linear strips that use the festoon lamp design.

With incandescent bulbs being eliminated out by 2010 in places like California, developing LED technology to this new level is just in time for today’s custom home builder to offer greater energy savings and superb aesthetic in a problematic housing market. Fully dimmable and ultra-concealable, these linear cabinet lights will add dimension and accent to any home kitchen. Call Phantom now to learn more about 2800K under cabinet led lighting strips and their many applications for builders, architects, designers, and homeowners alike.

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