Undercabinet Lighting In Retail Spaces

Undercabinet lighting is usually only considered for residential settings, where it can provide excellent illumination in kitchens, studies, offices and crafting areas. However, it does have several commercial applications as well, and is a viable option in retail spaces. Retail lighting is one of the most challenging forms of lighting design, as a designer’s goals extend beyond mere aesthetics. Continue reading “Undercabinet Lighting In Retail Spaces”

Updating Your Kitchen With Under Cabinet Lights

If a homeowner wants to update the way their kitchen looks, under cabinet lights are a natural choice for the job. The technology offers both form and function, and in many instances, it can replace exposed fixtures as the primary source of illumination. Continue reading “Updating Your Kitchen With Under Cabinet Lights”

How Is Under Cabinet Task Lighting Used?

Light sources and lighting technology have evolved over the years. Under cabinet task lighting options from Phantom Lighting present excellent fixtures that act both as decorative and functional solutions for the home and office. This type of lighting provides an appealing ambiance, a soft glow that interior designers love to use as a way to enhance a room. Since the lights can be programmed or work off of a dimmer switch, the illumination can be adjusted to fit mood and circumstance. Continue reading “How Is Under Cabinet Task Lighting Used?”

What Are The Advantages Of Under The Cabinet LED Lights?

Few fixtures can provide aesthetics and functionality in a single package, but that’s what under the cabinet LED lights can do. These fixtures are usually installed in the kitchen, though they can also be effective in work areas, such as garages. What makes them so effective is their quality design, as they are unobtrusive yet an effective addition to the space at the same time. Continue reading “What Are The Advantages Of Under The Cabinet LED Lights?”

Adding Low Profile LED Under Cabinet Lighting To A Kitchen

With low profile LED fixtures installed for under cabinet lighting applications, a homeowner can completely change the look of their kitchen. When designed and installed by professionals, task illumination can make a room feel more sophisticated, more spacious, and even cleaner. Continue reading “Adding Low Profile LED Under Cabinet Lighting To A Kitchen”

Adding Under Mount Cabinet Lighting To Your Home

With under mount cabinet lighting, all of those interesting colors and angles a homeowner appreciates in their kitchen can finally be brought out. The kitchen is the home’s heart, and where family usually gathers to talk, entertain, and make memories. It’s only natural, then, that a homeowner would want their kitchen to be as inviting as possible. Task illumination placed over the countertops is one way to get there, and requires minimal effort to set up. Continue reading “Adding Under Mount Cabinet Lighting To Your Home”

Adding Under Counter LED Lighting To Your Kitchen

With under counter LED lighting, a homeowner can take advantage of a system that adds both function and form to a space. In most cases, these fixtures are placed in the kitchen, where a few smartly placed fixtures can make a huge difference in how the room looks, and by extension, how the house feels. Every day, the kitchen is where the family gathers, where visitors spend much of their time, and where people build a lot of their memories. Continue reading “Adding Under Counter LED Lighting To Your Kitchen”

Undercabinet Lights Can Be Used In A Kitchen Or Workspace

Undercabinet lights can add the final touch that makes a room feel complete, and they are especially impactful in a kitchen or workspace. These fixtures are typically placed above a kitchen countertop or workbench area, and provide illumination that is both useful and aesthetically pleasing. Continue reading “Undercabinet Lights Can Be Used In A Kitchen Or Workspace”

How Are Under Cabinet LED Lights Used

Under cabinet LED lights are quickly growing in popularity, prized for the accent illumination they can add to any space. For decades, homeowners relied on fluorescent or incandescent fixtures to provide an extra source of task illumination, but these technologies have their limits. Continue reading “How Are Under Cabinet LED Lights Used”