The Contour SM Series Is Perfect When Lighting Artwork

The Contour Surface Mount, or SM, Series, is the ideal projector for a home or business owner that wants maximum visual impact at an economical price. Unlike Phantom’s other projector models, the Surface Mount model is fixed directly to a ceiling, wall or other surface. However, this doesn’t mean the projector is necessarily exposed, as it can often be placed on top of high furniture or shelving that still keeps it out of sight. No matter where it is installed, though, the projector will offer superior art display lighting.

Why should home and business owners consider the Contour SM Series for their artwork?

Phantom’s projectors are specifically designed for art displays, starting with a high quality halogen source that offers superior color rendering. Every projector is made with a special lensing apparatus that is made up of a pair of condensing lenses and a pair of focal lenses. The apparatus is flexible and can be rearranged for different beam angle settings, from very narrow to very wide. In settings where the art is placed far away from the projector, Phantom can provide a special set of 150fl focal lenses to produce an extremely narrow beam spread.

The Contour SM Series can also be fitted with one of several masking attachments, each of which can radically change the look of the lighting. However, they are most effective when the mask is used to eliminate all spill illumination, a term that refers to the light that extends beyond the frame of the art. Excess lighting can make the art appear flat, which will cause it to blend in with the rest of the room. By masking out the spill light, the painting will be the only lit piece in the space, imparting a glow effect that has to be seen before understanding its incredible beauty.

Though the Surface Mount model is not concealed inside the ceiling like Phantom’s other projector models, it can still be hidden with creative positioning, such as on a high shelf. This is often possible in large rooms with high ceilings, and is something to consider if budget is a priority. The Contour SM Series is just as capable as Phantom’s other projectors in every other way, utilizing the same technology and lighting techniques.

These techniques can be used to overcome common challenges associated with lighting artwork. Specifically, those challenges usually involve glare and shadows. Glare is a problem when the light is placed directly in front of the art, as the light bounces right back in the observer’s face. However, if the projector is offset, it can be directed away from most viewing angles. Phantom’s projectors, including the Surface Mount, are designed for offset applications, so they produce close to zero noticeable glare. Shadows can produce an uneven, sloppy look in a display, but as long as the light is metered and framed correctly, they can be neutralized. Phantom’s projectors can be placed and aimed in a staggering number of patterns, ensuring the light always frames away any shadows.

The Contour SM Series can provide the kind of light that is normally only found in professional settings, and will produce a display the homeowner can be proud of.