The Differences Between Phantom And Wendel Lighting

For several decades, the Wendel optical projector lighting option was one of the most well-known, but as technology improves, they are starting to be surpassed by other manufacturers. Among them is Phantom, whose optical projectors are an improvement in almost every way. In fact, many venues that have used both brands consistently approve of Phantom’s greater efficiency, versatility and cost savings. As a result, Phantom’s optical projectors are fast becoming the industry standard and are being adapted for use in venues around the world.

What are the primary differences between Phantom and Wendel’s optical projector lighting?

Phantom places a major emphasis on customization during the installation process. While most other companies only offer a 120 volt version of their optical projectors, Phantom offers both 120 volt and 277 volt projectors. Phantom’s 277 volt projectors are stage quality and similar to the professional illumination used in major theatres around the country.

Phantom also offers a choice between an electric and magnetic transformer during installation. Both provide the same function, which is converting voltage from main power lines into something that can be used by the projector. However, electric transformers are usually lighter and more compact than magnetic transformers, which can be a major help when trying to conceal it. However, magnetic transformers run at lower temperatures, making them a safer option. Magnetic transformers, on average, also last much longer, providing nearly 25 years of optimal performance before they need to be switched out. Most companies do not allow for transformer selection, so Phantom’s clients have unique access to the transformer that works best for their venue.

Masking techniques are also an important consideration while the manufacturing process and Phantom offers more than just the standard hand cut option. In addition to hand-cut metal slide masks, which is better for irregularly shaped artwork, Phantom can also fit a projector with adjustable shutters. These shutters are for square shaped or rectangular artwork, and they can be readjusted quickly. Adjustable shutters are not standard with Wendel optical lighting projectors and can only be fitted with precut masks.

The optical projector housing is also an important consideration, and here Phantom also offers a number of options. Other brands are typically only compatible with a single housing method, but Phantom offers five different housing methods to better fit the projector into the venue. Phantom’s projectors can be placed in one of five different housing methods, each of them formatted for certain construction. That allows for maximum concealment, which will improve the look of the system.

Finally, Phantom’s systems can be installed by most professionals, making it easy to locate an installer and reduce the cost of the job. Other brands require technicians who are specifically trained in their technology, and will often charge clients more for this knowledge. Venues can quickly find a professional to provide support or installation services because Phantom’s technology is standardized and simple to understand.

Phantom’s optical projectors are the pinnacle of optical projector technology and can offer many things that other brands cannot. That is why Phantom is quickly becoming among the most respected names in the industry.