The Elite CM Series Can Be Customized For A Perfect Fit

The Elite Cove Mount, or CM, Series is the ultimate in concealed display lighting. Phantom’s high-quality LED strip is made with an extremely low profile, so they only need a slim piece of aiming trim to remain out of sight. This makes them an ideal technology to use around delicate architecture features, or in areas where the shape of the room can make for a dramatic impact. In most cases, the installation will be near the ceiling, so the lights have to be powerful enough to register, but soft enough that they don’t overwhelm people. That takes a quality fixture and some quality options, and Phantom has both.

What is the Elite CM Series normally used for?

Luxury homes and businesses that can benefit from aesthetics (like restaurants or hotels) often rely on standard ceiling mounted fixtures to provide all of the lighting in a space. These lights are designed to add to the room’s beauty and may not even be bright enough to render the room in all its glory. Cove LED lighting is designed to get rid of these dark spaces and ensure the room is interesting to look at from top to bottom.

The Elite CM Series accomplishes this by directing soft, precisely metered lighting along the ceiling and down the walls, creating a defined pool of light that organizes the space. Metal glare shields built into the strips keep the light from producing hard edges, while aiming trims keep the light confined to a particular area. When the right combination of lighting specifications, placement, and trims are secured, the result is a source of light that is bright enough to see by, but also graceful enough to leave a lasting impression.

What are some customization options available with the Elite CM Series?

Even though Phantom’s LED strips are some of the highest quality LED fixtures there are, they still have to be configured to a space to get that ideal match. That’s why Phantom has designed its LED strips so that they can be field cut at 4-inch intervals, ensuring a snug fit and a perfect look. Every strip can be configured to produce one of five color temperatures, from tones similar to incandescent, to brilliant white, to slightly cool. There are also several monochromatic options as well, including red, green, blue, pink and amber. What colors work best in the space will depend on the room’s composition. And in addition to a variety of drivers and jumpers to make installation a cinch, these lights can be controlled using dimmers. So, home or business owners can determine the color of the light and its output level, allowing for a lot of leeway in creating that perfect look.

And of course, Phantom’s LED strips are extremely safe, and conform to all ETL, UL and CSA standards. They are, in every way, the final word in cove lighting.