The Options Available For LED Fixed Shelf Cabinet Lighting

It is challenging to fit linear strip lights to an existing freestanding cabinet when the design and dimensions of the cabinet are so highly customized that concealing the fixture appears a nearly impossible task. In the few instances where lighting designers and interior decorators do succeed in doing so, light quality is often less than satisfactory.

Trim options are limited, making it difficult to achieve consistent distribution of luminance. Heat buildup is another major problem, because any cabinet door with glass windows is going to trap heat behind its surface. This is true for incandescent, xenon, and standard LED fixed shelf cabinet lighting almost everywhere you look. That is—until you look to Phantom Lighting.

Our LED festoons lamps operate at only 0.6 watt per lamp. Each festoon consists of six toppled LED bulbs that produce a lumen output of 44-50 lumens—equal to that of xenon. Color temperature options range from 2700K-5000K, allowing the designer to substitute LED fixed shelf cabinet lighting for standard xenon options. Enormously long lamp life, plus the elimination of unwanted heat, makes these festoons the ideal source for most display lighting applications.

Making an LED lamp that could overcome the challenges of heat buildup and less than optimal color rendering was one thing. Making a fixture that would power that lamp in any application, however, required a breakthrough in engineering that had already been foreseen and planned long ago. From the beginning, Phantom engineers anticipated a high demand in the marketplace for cabinet lighting solutions that could be customized to existing environments without requiring an entirely new cabinet be rebuilt.

Smaller fixtures would be the first thing that would have to be designed. Most low voltage cabinet lighting strips are simply too bulky to fit into an existing cabinet without at least some portion of their bulk protruding and diminishing the view. These low-profile strips would also need a wide range of trim and glare shielding options to make them seamlessly blend into each new environment and ensure that light was evenly distributed throughout the cabinet interior.

The key to creating both of these features lay in engineering a purely customizable linear lighting strip that could be manufactured specifically for the dimensions and any unique attributes of the cabinet they were to be installed in. Customization at this level of precision required that we develop fixed shelf LED cabinet lighting strips that could mount either horizontally or vertically, depending on the nature of the cabinet.

Creative and custom wiring methods had to also be engineered to address the many unique installation challenges our design partners routinely encounter. For example, some antique shelves have no reveal in the front and cannot bear alteration without the risk of diminishing the value of the wood.

Such applications often call for either notching a vertically mounted strip to fit around the end of the front of each shelf. Others may call for segmenting vertical strips and wiring them in a series so that only the wires themselves wind over the edge of the shelf.

LED fixed shelf cabinet lighting in reproduction antiques, or fine display cabinets not considered antiques, are a bit easier to accommodate with horizontally mounted strips. Either a reveal can be added to the shelf, or the trim can be painted to blend in with the color of the wood.

No one particular set of option ever applies to any one particular cabinet. Just like cabinetry itself is a highly individualized blend of carpentry and pure art, so LED fixed shelf lighting by Phantom is a highly individualized application of technology where light becomes art and art becomes light; and where you always see the light, but never even notice the fixture.

In addition to LED fixed shelf cabinet lighting options, Phantom also offers traditional incandescent and xenon cabinet accent lighting fitted with user-friendly dimmers that allow for some control of power costs and heat. We also provide six unique framing projecting models that produce one of the most renowned lighting effects in all of art lighting-the “lighted from within effect.”

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Together, the professionals at Phantom Lighting will ensure that your next project is an astounding success!