The Options Of Low Voltage Lighting Systems

Low voltage display lighting systems allow you to use powerful and precise sources of light for a fraction of the cost of high voltage equivalents. Low voltage lighting systems can be installed either outdoors or indoors, and they provide landscapes and interiors with superb color rendering and uniform distribution of white light essential to safety and daily activity. Because they are so efficient, low voltage cabinet lighting systems require less maintenance than high voltage systems. The average lamp life on such a system is normally 4,000 hours.

The key to achieving this efficiency lies in the use of magnetic transformers that reduce 120VAC to either 24VAC or 12VAC. Normally, these transformers are surface mounted, although some can be installed in remote locations or can be manufactured with decorative housings that blend more harmoniously with surroundings.

Installing dimmer switches on these arrays will generate further power savings. These energy saving lighting controls are very user friendly and allow for precise regulation of current at the turn of a knob or the touch of a button.

Outdoor Low Voltage Systems

12VAC and 24VAC outdoor lighting arrays figure prominently in the world of landscape lighting. This is because they are so highly effective in a number of accent lighting tools that add dimension and emphasis to trees, gardens, manmade architecture, fountains, and sculpture.

For path lighting, walkway lighting, step lighting, and any type of decorative lighting along walls and patios, they simply cannot be outperformed. The reason for this fact is simple. These lights have to be left on throughout the night both to ensure safe passage for pedestrians and to maintain a consistent visual presentation. It is seldom cost effective to do this with a 120VAC system because of energy costs or complicated wiring methods.

Installing a low voltage lighting system will conserve energy and control the necessary level of light with magnetic transformers connected to automated switches or light-sensitive timers that turn the system on at dusk and off at dawn.

Indoor Low Voltage Lighting Systems

Indoor low voltage lighting tends to play a more decorative role in interior design. In most instances, it is used to create ambiance through selective accent lighting fixtures.

Indoor low voltage lighting systems can be very simple, consisting of only a few decorative fixtures placed in key locations in living rooms, dens, or bathrooms.

They can also be much more complex, representing entire subsystems on a home lighting control network tied to touch panels, automated timers, and wireless controls.

An additional, major benefit created by a low voltage lighting system is the ability to use extremely bright sources of light, such as Xenon and incandescent bulbs, at a fraction of the power that the same technologies would consume on a 120VAC wiring system.

Such versatility means that you do not have to sacrifice utility for design when you go with a halogen low voltage system, because the same elements used to create affect lighting can also be used to provide bright light necessary for daily activities.

Types of Indoor Low Voltage Lights

There are three major categories of low voltage indoor lights: linear, recessed, and surface mounted.

Linear lighting strips are normally used in any type of display lighting that requires showcasing collectibles or fine hardback books. They are also very popular in kitchen and bathroom lighting, and they serve as very cost effective, glare free under cabinet lights.

Low voltage recessed lights install in the ceiling and project at various angles of lighting incident onto wall art, photography, or three-dimensional art.

They have also become quite popular as low-level accent lights for guest baths and have even found their way into some larger kitchens.

Surface mounted low voltage lights tend to be desk and floor lamps that add color and “washes” of light to reading areas, computer work areas, and personal dens.

They are highly favored in bedroom lighting as mood lights, and they can also be used as task lights in some home theater systems.

Phantom Low Voltage Systems

Phantom Lighting specializes in low voltage lighting systems that bring energy efficiency to the world of fine taste.

We manufacture six lines of linear strips, all of which can be custom ordered with either 12VAC or 24VAC magnetic transformers. These low voltage festoon lighting systems are designed with aesthetics foremost in mind. Our transformers are smaller than competing models, and thus easier to conceal.

The 12 volt cabinet lighting strips themselves are virtually invisible, keeping a low profile to the surface of a shelf or cabinet underbelly and hiding themselves from normal viewing angles.

Phantom strip lights are fully dimmable and available in all bulb types. Extra power savings and superior aesthetics can be achieved by investing in Phantom strips fitted with LED lamps.

Phantom LED strip lighting technology rivals that of Xenon in lumens output and uses only 10% of the power of an incandescent system. Low voltage combined with dimmable LED represents a power reduction unimaginable in the past, and proves ideal for commercial showcase lighting as well as residential display lighting.

Any number of color temperatures can be ordered by the eclectic designer that wishes to add special effects to jewelry, rare documents, antiques, mementos, trophies, or even small photographs in standing frames.

Agent Assistance

Whereas most low voltage cabinet lighting systems require a service call from a designer to properly install, the home user can mount and configure Phantom Strips with careful guidance from a phone-based Phantom Agent or from our very informative lighting blog.

Our Lighting Agents cover territories from Canada to South America and will offer technical support and free consultation services to any client or any serious inquirer.

Call 1-800-863-1184 X 6806 now to learn more about how Phantom Linear Strips or Contour Projectors can enhance the appearance and the performance of your entire low voltage lighting system.