The Power Saving Benefits Of LED Phantom Lamps

The power-saving benefits of Phantom technology offer a cost competitiveness on any bid that passes savings on to commercial and residential clients alike. Phantom LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps produce far less heat than other light sources and consistently demonstrate a tremendously longer lamp life than their incandescent and Xenon counterparts. Clients with sensitive materials will find an even greater value in the cool burning temperatures of these lamps. Phantom’s LED festoon lamps which use this technology are also extremely versatile and can be used for custom cove lighting, under cabinet lighting, sensitive and/or high-end display lighting, and any other high performance linear strip lighting project.

One of the most remarkable benefits of Phantom’s LED lights deliver is the ability to output high levels of illumination with a minimal level of current. Our diode-based lamps have been designed as the ultimate technological replacement of 5 to 7 watt incandescent and Xenon festoons. In California, legislation has already mandated incandescent light bulb replacement by 2010, and other states may soon follow suit with similar laws of their own. In the meantime, commercial clients may serve themselves now by investing in these low voltage lamps to obtain LEEDS certification in their respective industries.

Requiring only 0.6 watts of energy, this lamp will operate on 12V AC or 24V AC and is completely dimmable. This gives it market versatility from a lighting designer’s perspective. Residential clients consistently praise Phantom Strip Lights as the best source of linear strip illumination they have ever utilized to adorn collectible displays, coves in vaulted ceilings, rare books and ornate shelving, and even certain forms of antique furniture. Each lamp in actuality consists of six of these highly efficient lights with tight color binning and a CRI of approximately 80. The combined, resulting output is 45-50 lumens depending on color temperature.

Specific colors available through our technology range from the  more sophisticated warm (2700K) warm white (3500K) and cool white (5000K) used for showcasing and specialty lighting. Any number of color temperatures may be combined to showcase specific collectibles or high-end retail merchants. Sensitive objects are perfectly safe when illuminated with Phantom LED lamps, so displays may be left on for extended hours without risk of overheating. This is because Phantom technology is amazingly energy efficient. This not only prevents forward radiation of heat, it also produces the superior conductivity necessary to produce high lumens of output at extremely low wattage. When clients ask for a layman’s explanation of how this technology works, you may explain that these specialized Phantom lamps produce the equivalent of a 7-watt xenon festoon with only the radiant heat of a 0.6-watt bulb! For merchandisers, the cost benefits of Phantom replacement technology speak for themselves, and for home collectors of antiquated valuables, the minimal heat, UV-free illumination is their best guarantor of protection against the deleterious effects of generic, retail strip lights.

As people often factor replacement costs into the equation at least on a subconscious level, another key benefit to point out to both commercial and residential clients is the exceptionally long life of a Phantom 12-Volt LED Lamp. Our festoons feature a 50,000-hour average lamp life compared to the 20,000 hours for Xenon festoons and the meager 7,500 hours for incandescents. Keep in mind as well that other technologies offer only a fraction of the lumens produced by one of these Phantom lamps. Typically, competitor’s festoon lamps use a combination of 5mm light emitting diodes “toppled” together to produce in the end only a meager 10 lumens of output. Thus, the per unit savings differential that may appear to be available on the front end quickly proves illusion when one factors in higher unit volume for optimal light levels, higher power costs, greater amounts of radiant heat with potentially damaging effect, and inevitable bulb replacements. Contrast this with Phantom’s superior performance and reproducibility of color temperatures, then the wider range of application that our technology delivers to both task and aesthetic cabinet lighting requirements becomes readily apparent.

For additional information about Phantom Lighting or to place a custom order call toll-free at 1-800-863-1184. You can also visit our helpful and informative lighting blog “Tips from the Manufacturer” to see first hand hand our low voltage lighting products. Mobile phone users may choose to visit our mobile website to discover which Phantom Lighting products and models will best adapt to your particular lighting needs. Together, the professionals at Phantom Lighting will ensure that your next project is an astounding success!

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