The Process For Designing Cove Lighting In Homes

Phantom’s experts have a lot of experience designing cove lighting in homes, and this expertise can help produce some amazing effects. Of course, it takes more than just experience and technique – it also takes the right technology. To get the desired illumination effect, the fixtures have to be highly customizable, they have to be concealable, and they have to be easy to control. These are all focuses that Phantom places on its fixtures, and why they can be used in a variety of settings.

What is involved in designing cove lighting in homes?

The right approach to display illumination is to treat every project like it’s the first of its kind. The space should be studied to determine what fixtures will work best, and the system diagrammed before it is installed. With enough planning, it’s possible to optimize a set of fixtures in any space, and diagramming also ensures that installers set up the right drivers or transformers.

Part of the planning process is selecting the appropriate fixtures for the space, but what is appropriate depends on the client’s preferences and the space’s composition. Fortunately, Phantom offers a trio of products for this purpose, and they include:

  • The Classic, which uses either incandescent or xenon fixtures to produce a warm spread of illumination. It is available in a 3 watt, 5 watt and 10 watt model, and is rated for 7,500 hours (incandescent) or 20,000 hours (xenon) of performance. The Classic represents an economic option for clients that also prefer the warmer, intimate tones that incandescent and xenon illumination provide.
  • The Elite, which uses state of the art LED fixtures to create a highly efficient and safe system. This strip fixture model is available in several color temperatures and emits 130 lumens of illumination per linear foot, or 180 lumens if uncoated. The Elite provides an option for clients that prefer the efficiency and reliability of LED, but don’t need the top end performance that the Ultra provides.
  • The Ultra, which is Phantom’s most powerful LED system, is one of the most powerful LED fixtures on the market. Like the Elite, it is graded for 50,000 hours of continuous performance and produces an impressive 200 lumens per linear foot, or 400 lumens when uncoated. The Ultra is made for clients that want to fill a space with beautiful, precise illumination.

All three systems are ETL approved and conform to UL standards. They are also compatible with a number of extra components, such as glare shields and aiming trims, both of which can help when designing cove lighting in homes. Judicious use of glare shields and aiming trims, and taking advantage of a space’s architectural features are all essential to executing a planned look. And with Phantom’s experience in a variety of residential applications, this is something its experts are prepared to do.

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