The Variety Of Uses Of Cabinet Lighting And Hidden Fixtures

Elegant cabinet lighting can update the look of any house or room where it is installed. There are an array of luminances available on the market with an endless amount of possibilities. When most people think of cabinet lighting, they automatically envision lighting the kitchen countertops. However, these luminances can be used on bookcases, hutches, or even in the garage.

The purpose of treasured heirlooms is for displaying, not to remain shrouded in darkness. Different illuminating solutions require specific fixtures to achieve the intended look, mood, or atmosphere. Superior cabinet lighting fixtures are a completely hidden source of illumination that do not distract from the pieces displayed. For built-ins, a concealed source of illumination presents a unique challenge, especially if retrofitting is necessary. With adjustable and fixed shelf luminances, the illuminating strip can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Horizontal mounts are attached directly to the shelf, but the shelves need to have a trim or the ability to have a trim installed to hide them. Vertical mounts are ideal for shelves that are more than thirty inches wide. The advantage of vertically mounted fixed shelf luminance is they can be notched to allow for trims. If space is unavailable for the strip, they can be mounted in segments.

The kitchen is the hub of the home. It is where people gather for meals, to catch up, and it is where kids do their homework. Such a well-loved and well-used room needs excellent cabinet lighting to provide illumination for all the tasks that take place. In the kitchen, there are two varieties available – linear strips and puck luminances. Pucks are circular discs that mount directly in the center underside of the cabinet. They are inexpensive and easy to install, but do not emit light evenly. This makes them less than ideal for task illumination. Linear strips mount either to the front underside or back, and provide an even dispersion of luminance. An LED linear strip is the safest, most energy efficient, and most cost effective for task illumination. They evenly distribute illumination across the preparation areas, while emitting little to no heat.

Furniture illumination requires personalization and a custom design. Furniture pieces cannot be altered to conform to the luminances. If the piece contains glass shelving and/or glass doors, there is an illuminating solution available. LED linear strips are the most optimal for this sort of illumination because of their lack of heat emission.  They are less likely to warp material, degrade paints and dyes or weaken fibers and ceramics. By vertically mounting the strips in the corners, illumination is possible without visible fixtures. They can even be placed atop the display piece to cast illumination on items situated above.

When looking for and installing cabinet lighting, it is recommended to hire a professional. They will be able to assess the piece or room and accurately measure, design, and mount the luminances. Most professionals will suggest LED linear strips as they have a range of color tones, are safer, and provide an even dispersion of illumination without damaging the structural integrity of the display case. Elegance is easy to achieve with quality lighting fixtures.

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