The Variety Of Uses For LED Linear Lighting Strips

Linear LED lighting offers all of the functional and decorative benefits of incandescent and xenon linear strip lights with 80% less the power consumption. Even on low voltage linear strips, incandescent lamps are still going to use more power than led bulbs because LED is by nature an energy savings, completely green technology. Additionally, commercial properties and residences in California are facing an impending retrofitting of incandescent lighting anyway, which must be completed by 2010 at the latest.

LED low voltage linear lighting offers these clients a rapid return on investment in the form of lower power bills that will quickly recover procurements funds invested in new lighting strips. They can also pursue LEED certification by retrofitting existing strips with LED festoon lamps if only limited funds are available.

The following represents just a sampling of ideas you can use when decorating your home, office, or workspace with led linear light strips.

Under Cabinet Linear LED Light Fixtures

Under cabinet lighting occupies a unique position in the world of design. It is one of the few lighting design forms that is equally functional and decorative. Cabinet and under cabinet task lights have to provide optimal task lighting to make them a practical investment, but due to increasing customization of basic cabinetry design, they must also produce outstanding aesthetics. Ideally, the ability to produce not only white lights, but also slight variations in the colored lighting spectrum with minimal heat and power consumption offers a more perfect unity between form and function when investing in the installation of under cabinet lighting.

Under-the cabinet linear LED lights speak to all of these requirements with equal efficiency and/or finesse. Because they are low voltage devices, you can leave them on longer in places like the kitchen and guest bathroom to provide both safety and decorative lighting with negligible power consumption. The wide range of color temperatures you can obtain from companies like Phantom lighting can match your led linear lighting to any type of countertop or wallpaper in the room. Dimmer controls on the lighting strips also help you control the levels of light and create moods and ambiance levels appropriate to different occasions and times of day or night.

Corporations looking to reduce their electric bills can readily achieve this goal by installing led linear lighting in kitchens and work areas within the office. Many of these facilities are already saving money with fluorescent under cabinet light strips, but fluorescent lighting produces ultraviolet light that is damaging to skin, eyes, and artwork. Also, fluorescent lighting fails to fulfill LEED certification requirements, so it pays off in more than one respect to install linear led lighting strips in areas over work, food preparation, and desktops.

Bookcase Lighting, Curio Lighting, and Antique Showcasing

Linear led lighting is also the most ideal form of illuminating rare books and company marketing materials. UV light produced by fluorescents can degrade ink colors and paper, and heat produced by incandescents can dry out the cover and pages of a book. Although many other forms of low voltage lighting can significantly reduce deleterious forms of lighting, linear led lighting eliminates heat and ultraviolet light altogether and is the optimal source of illumination for any type bookshelf lighting.

It is also ideal for antique and curio cabinet LED accent lighting for similar reasons. Rare antiques and curios are often painted, and UV light and heat can cause them to lose their color if left on for too long. Both white led light and colored led lamps can be used to intensify the colors of collectibles themselves or create special colors of lights and lighting effects that emulate the golden aura of xenon light—without the heat and electrical demands.

Curio cabinets also look better with linear led lighting because led festoons produce less direct glare and significantly reduces reflective glare when fitted with shields like the ones made by Phantom. This allows you more decorative freedom, because minimized glare allows you to place a wider variety of curios side by side in your display. Linear LED lighting is also the very best source of adjunct lighting in curio cabinets that have built-in puck lights. A Phantom fixture can be dimmed to its lowest level to create an evenly distributed field of light that complements the direct down light of a puck lighting fixture.

Cove Lighting

Commercial cove lighting improves the decorative appeal of your foyer and meeting areas with a soft indirect light that helps set a relaxed tone for meetings and sales. In order to prove itself a cost effective, recession-proof investment, commercial cove lighting must be as power conscious as possible. Linear led cove light strips will generate the highest return on investment by both reducing energy bills and contributing to any future plans to pursue LEED certification.

Residential customers can make any ceiling in their home more robust in appearance with 12V Phantom Linear LED lighting strips. In addition to low voltage advantages, these strip lights offer the additional benefit of being completely customizable to any ceiling length and degree of radius found in a home, office, or retail shop.

Retail Showcase, Jewelry, and Window Display Lighting

Retailers are often tempted to take shortcuts on display and showcase lighting. They settle for less than the best out of fear that electrical costs will eat into their profit margins. LED linear accent lights represent an initial cost on the front end that will pay for itself in a matter of months in several ways. For one, merchandise such as jewelry will appear much more attractive when properly showcased in optimal lighting. Accessories frequently overlooked by busy shoppers can be made to catch the eye and trigger an impulse purchase when lit with any range of colors that contribute to their intrinsic form, fabric, and color.

Perhaps the greatest benefit a small retailer can expect from linear led retail display lights is a competitive advantage with the store in the next suite. Concealed Phantom linear strips can hide themselves so effectively and be fitted with the lowest wattage and voltage settings and still produce a level of light equivalent to incandescent in brightness and xenon in quality. You can literally leave these lights on day and night without fear of an unpleasant surprise on your light bill.

Phantom linear led lighting strips and festoon retrofit lamps have proven themselves to be the best strip lighting options for cost conscious clients over xenon linear strip lights who also want the most advanced technology, the highest level of lighting control, and the most versatile selection of six basic strip models than can be custom fitted the exact dimensions of any commercial or residential display, cove, or showcase. Additionally, Phantom never leaves you in the dark when it comes to selecting your equipment, and we never charge you money for our phone-based consulting delivered through out network of international Agents. Have you visited our virtual lighting showroom gallery or online lighting showroom supply to see for yourself the value of Phantom Lighting?

Regardless of whether you are a homeowner, corporate procurement manager, store owner, professional lighting contractor or interior designer you can call our customer service department at 1-800-863-1184 with any technical questions you have regarding linear led lighting, retrofit lamps, proprietary lamping and power configurations, and installation tips. If you prefer, we have friendly lighting agents who can also assist you with your specifications and layouts.