There Are Many Reasons To Install Above Cabinet Lighting

Installing above cabinet lighting can be a simple way to add extra visibility and beauty in a space. It is also something that is often overlooked. Many homeowners know about placing fixtures inside the furniture, but they may not realize that the top of the furniture needs attention too. These fixtures produce an effect similar to cove illumination. They can provide an additional layer of radiance that can be customized and are designed to fit into the furniture seamlessly.

What Is Above Cabinet Lighting

Some homeowners like to keep some pieces of their collection on top of the furniture, perhaps because they are larger or are more beautiful. However, anything placed on top will tend to blend in against the wall, especially when visibility in the room is poor. While fixtures inside of the furniture can help bring them out a little more, above cabinet lighting is the best solution to this problem. With this technology in place, anything placed on top of the furniture will stand out no matter the time of day.

This form of illumination produces an effect similar to cove illumination. It is also installed using many of the same concealment design techniques. Like cove fixtures, the strips used for this purpose can easily be hidden behind a piece of trim that blends well with the rest of the furniture. Phantom offers a number of trim styles so a homeowner can find the design that works best. These strip fixtures can also be fitted with metal glare shields that soften the intensity of the illumination. This keeps the radiance from pooling on the ceiling and creating an ugly shadow. Instead, the illumination gently feathers out from the fixture, giving any items on top of the furniture a subtle glow. Glare shields also soften the illumination enough to give it an omnidirectional appearance. This disguises the location of the fixture and adds to the aesthetic.

If the top of the furniture is close to the ceiling, above cabinet lighting can pull double duty. Not only can it better illuminate anything on top of the furniture, it can also provide a wash of artistic radiance along the ceiling. This can improve the look of the entire room and give it a more cohesive look. This is especially noticeable if there are already fixtures installed inside the furniture. Adding extra illumination along the top of the furniture balances out the color and intensity of the interior fixtures. This offers a more pleasant picture overall and reduces any distracting contrast that would otherwise exist.

Phantom’s LED and xenon strips are highly customizable and can be installed in a number of color temperatures and intensities. If the homeowner wishes, the installer can set up the interior and exterior fixtures so that they can be controlled separately. With precise dimmer switches, the homeowner can finely control the level of radiance emanating from both the interior and exterior fixtures. Finding the right balance between the two, therefore, is a simple process.

These fixtures can give a piece of display furniture that extra bit of color and depth that draws interest. When installed and calibrated properly, these fixtures produce an air of class and sophistication that every homeowner can appreciate.

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