Things To Remember When Needing Bookshelf Lighting Ideas

All a homeowner needs are a few strong bookshelf lighting ideas to make the most out of their prized collections. Whether a homeowner collects classics or comics, novels, magazines, or other texts, they are an important element of a person’s identity. They speak directly to whom we are, and some periodicals are so old that they may be completely irreplaceable. In short, they deserve attention, and leaving them in the dark is not the way to pay homage to them. Instead, a homeowner should consider installing premium fixtures to provide an extra layer of illumination in the space. Focusing this illumination on the cabinet will draw people to it and make it the focal point of the room.

What are some smart bookshelf lighting ideas to keep in mind?

There isn’t a single best fixture for every set of texts and every cabinet. Any illumination designer that says differently is pushing a product. Texts come in a huge variety of colors and styles, and this has to be factored in when setting up fixtures. For example, a lot of homeowners like to collect older classics that are bound with leather and stamped with gold lettering. When displaying these texts, warmer fixtures are the way to go, as the leather and gold will appear more vibrant under these hues. However, if a homeowner wants to display brightly colorful texts, like magazines or comics, white or cooler color tones will work better. This will promote optimal color rendering in the books and make them appear brighter.

Although there are many techniques available to a designer to make the display work better, nothing beats power when it comes to illumination. Power makes the fixtures work, as weak illumination will not help draw attention to the display. However, a homeowner cannot sacrifice control for output, as uncontrolled fixtures will act unpredictably. Just training the fixtures on the display will also produce an ugly spotlight effect that doesn’t work in the home. Properly metering the fixtures can prevent this from happening, and adding glare shields can soften the illumination greatly. In general, soft illumination is preferable to sharply focused illumination because it warms up the display evenly. The soft illumination is feathered around its edges, which prevents a hard edge from appearing. This gives the entire cabinet a gentle glow that offers the sophistication homeowners look for.

Phantom can help a homeowner come up with efficient bookshelf lighting ideas for their home, and ensure the fixtures are placed in an optimal position. As proper fixture placement is essential to reducing glare and evening out the look, a homeowner will want a fixture that offers excellent flexibility in this area. Phantom can provide one of several trim options that conceal the fixtures and block out the light angles that would take away from the display. For the most part, the greater the fixtures’ positional versatility, the better the display will look.

With a knowledgeable expert helping out, a homeowner doesn’t have to settle for anything less than a perfect cabinet display.