Types Of Art & Artifact Lighting Methods

Finding sophisticated art and artifact lighting methods can deliver a visual punch, providing the perfect illumination for prized items. Illumination is often one of the last things to think about when arranging display items, but when done right, it can wow observers and generate more interest for the piece. This is especially important in galleries and museums where regular patronage is essential. To meet the needs of high-end residential and commercial clients, Phantom offers a versatile range of contour projectors.

Why are Phantom’s contour projectors ideal for art and artifact lighting methods?

Find Art & Artifact Lighting Methods

Several companies offer ceiling-mounted projectors for display purposes, but Phantom’s projectors come with significant advantages that no other can match. All of Phantom’s projectors use a fiber optic halogen lamp with MR16 texturing. This high quality lamp is paired with Phantom’s proprietary lensing arrangement, which is designed to gather, concentrate and release illumination with extreme precision. In effect, Phantom’s projectors produce zero stray beams that could mar the look of the setup.

What makes Phantom’s contour projectors stand out is their versatility. Phantom offers five projector models that come with subtle differences to better slot into different settings. For example, Phantom’s FFL model is ideal for areas where attic access is not available and where it is important to keep the projector concealed. The TAL model is built for settings where bottom access is impossible and where minimal ceiling penetration is needed. With five models available, every home or venue can get the perfect combination of economy and concealment.

Phantom’s projectors only require a tiny aperture to beam the illumination through, and with the exception of the SML model, are finished with a cover plate that blends in. Even during operation, it is difficult to tell where the illumination is coming from. This is in part due to the unique effect Phantom’s projectors produce. Our products are called contour projectors because they shape the illumination to the edges of the piece. This effect can be produced with any kind of display item, including sculptures, paintings, pictures, books, mementos, sports memorabilia, models or any interesting decorative item.

This effect is possible with Phantom’s cutting edge lensing design and masking options. Most art and artifact lighting methods don’t make an effort to mask out excess illumination, washing out the piece with too much radiance. Phantom’s projectors, however, can be fitted with a metal cut slide or a set of adjustable shutters. A metal cut slide is ideal for complexly shaped items, like sculptures. Adjustable shutters are better for square or rectangular shaped items, like paintings. During operation, the slide or shutters block out all illumination that is not trained directly on the subject. As a result, the piece appears to glow, as there is heightened contrast between the subject and the wall.

Few venues offer this kind of visual interest, so Phantom’s projectors can leave observers with a memorable experience.