7 Unexpected Uses For Cove Lights

Cove lights can be used in a variety of ways to add delicate ambience to a room or feature. The different ways that the fixtures can be used provides homeowners with many options and ways to achieve a desired look. The equipment is commonly in the form of a strip or tube, which when hidden produces an indirect glow. The most common approach is to hide the fixture in a false ceiling or behind shelving. While primarily used as a hidden component to create ambient light, there are many more ways to install these fixtures. With a little creativity, these components can create a look that is unusual and one of a kind.

  1. The strips don’t have to be installed on the entire portion of the ceiling. For a more interesting design, reverse installations draw attention to a certain portion of the room. The use of a reverse installation in combination with floor or table lamps can create a dynamic and inviting room.
  2. Add cove lights to a bathroom to create a spa-like effect. There are many parts of a bathroom where a fixture can be installed. Floating features can be installed above the tub to add illumination in a dark room. Trade in bulky vanity lamps for a sleek and modern look with equipment that inconspicuously wraps around the mirror.
  3. Add functional lighting to a closet by installing these fixtures. Closets can be small, and illuminating them should be efficient and clean. Even larger walk-in closets that lack natural sunlight require a good amount of illumination. Cove lights are a great way to supplement other accessories to achieve the perfect amount of light.
  4. Not all installations have to be incorporated on the ceiling. Adding a fixture near the floor can create a modern look to a bathroom or a hallway. Install the fixtures underneath a bed frame or a table for a fun and interesting design.
  5. Create a rail for a sleek, modern staircase. The fixtures can be hidden in the wall to create a visible rail without having to see the tubes or encased bulbs. This design is one of the very unique ways in which cove lights can provide a home with an interesting source of light.
  6. Brighten up floating shelves with a strip underneath or on top of each shelf. This can add a dynamic look to open shelves in a kitchen or a bookcase. It can also be a simple feature in a hallway where family photos can be put on display.
  7. Not all designs have to strictly use sparkling white or warm yellow hues. Bedrooms or theatre rooms can make use of the hidden fixtures by adding a colorful hue to the room. Add a fun color around a bar to liven up the area when entertaining guests. The possibilities of colors and designs are almost endless.

No matter whether a traditional or unique look is desired, every home can benefit from the use of cove lights. Every design is customizable to create something that is personalized to every home and room.

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