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Throughout the United States, Phantom Lighting manufacturer agents take the many proprietary and unique strategies of our lighting technology to new levels of design and application. Phantom extends its influence nationwide with lighting manufacturer agent representatives now in every one of our fifty states. These agent representatives can help Phantom Lighting clients answer any questions they have about Phantom products and their many functions in decorum and design. Both our Phantom LED Projectors and our Phantom Strip Lights have been featured in art galleries, museums, restaurants, and casinos all over the country. Agent representatives will spend as much time with commercial or individual clients as necessary to help them choose the fixtures they most need for their projects at no additional cost to the client.

As any low voltage lighting manufacturer agent who represents Phantom will explain, our products are designed to hide themselves from viewer eyes. Fine art is meant to be enjoyed for its richness of color and sense of emotion and movement. Display cases are designed to showcase special items, or commercial items of high value. Agent representatives will help Phantom Lighting clients showcase their best art, collectibles, fine hardback books, and merchandise by pointing them to numerous available options in our Phantom Projector series and our Phantom Strip Light series.

Phantom Contour LED Projectors have already earned a reputation in the arts community as being the finest art lighting projectors on the market. Phantom Lighting’s Manufacturer agents can assist both professional galleries and private individuals alike choose from any number of six lines of Phantom Projector, each offering unique fixture concealment and ceiling mounting options. Phantom art lights are constructed with a sophisticated optical projector design, and they are thus different from any ordinary framing projector because users have the ability to mask the light to fit the exact shape of a painting or sculpture. Phantom Lighting’s manufacturer agents will supply detailed template cutting instructions to every client that will clearly and understandably explain to the user how to focus the beam directly onto any work of art, bringing out the vibrant color and detail.

Another benefit one receives through the use of Phantom Projectors is preservation of fine art and antiquated works of rare value. Natural lighting is never an option for the art collector, as sunlight contains invisible light in the Ultraviolet and Infrared spectrum that can quickly degrade oils and canvases and ruin the color and texture of a painting. Many art projectors, due to lighting intensity, also project these wavelengths of light and can cause similar damage to paintings if not fitted with filters. Such filters are cumbersome and often very expensive and unattractive in appearance. Phantom Lighting manufacturer agents will explain how our technology has resolved not only the filtration issues of invisible light, but also the aesthetic drawbacks of previous generation of projector and filter technology. Our patented engineering offers an unobtrusive, near invisible mount that filters out harmful light and causes the painting or sculpture to radiate an aura of light, as if the illumination is coming from within the piece. Art collectors have dubbed this “the lighted from within effect,” and all six lines of Phantom Projectors are capable of rendering it. Phantom Lighting manufacturer representatives will take the time to help any client, private or commercial, determine which fixture model is most appropriate to the needs of the facility, the artwork, and the ceiling design.

Phantom Lighting’s manufacturers agents also help retailers and homeowners showcase prominent displays with our patented, one of a kind Phantom Strip Lights. These display lights are ideal for shelves, cabinets, breakfronts, armoires, hidden coves, and merchandising displays. Phantom strip lights evenly illuminate the entire interior of a display and highlight every object within with a uniform light. Phantom Lighting manufacturer agents will help commercial and residential clients make the best possible choice of bulb types ranging from fluorescent to LED. Manufacturer agent representatives will also explain how to utilize the convenient mobility options of our patented adjustable shelf concept, which allows for swapping shelves without interrupting power flow or short-circuiting equipment.

Phantom Lighting products are one of a kind in the United States and the world abroad. Lighting manufacturer agents stand by during business hours from coast to coast not only to take orders and vend equipment, but to offer systematic documentation vital to proper use and ideal outcome, and to provide complimentary support and consultation services to all serious inquirers.

Contact a representative agent of Phantom Lighting customer service at 800-863-1184 to take the next step toward total enlightenment.

Our lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas with professional lighting sales agents located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states including Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, Reno Nevada. Portland Oregon, Austin TX, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Phoenix Arizona, San Antonio TX, Los Angeles California, Miami Florida, Atlanta Georgia, and Culver City California.

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