Use The Appropriate Art Lighting For Illuminations

Professional quality art lighting is the perfect way to showcase every piece, whether it is a painting, photograph or sculpture. Poor illumination can make a subject appear dull or lifeless. Unfortunately, most lighting options are unsafe, unreliable, or unable to produce the desired look. Phantom’s contour projectors address these concerns, crafting a unique look that is designed to fit every piece perfectly.

What are the problems with standard art lighting?

Frame mounted fixtures are still an extremely popular option for home and venue owners, but they are not appropriate for any irregularly shaped objects. Because they are usually close, and they typically use incandescent lamps, they emit a lot of heat directly onto the surface of the piece. With some subjects, this is not a concern, but older pieces or those that contain oils will be damaged by the intense heat. Over time, this will cause the colors to yellow and warp, disfiguring the artwork permanently.

Recessed fixtures are safer to use, as the installation is away from the subject, but they are difficult to customize for a particular look. Recessed lights can only be set up for a single arrangement, so if the subject is ever switched out, the fixtures will need to be moved around by a professional. Not only is this expensive, but it means that the final look will be wholly incumbent on the installer’s design ability. In reality, this means that the placement of most recessed fixtures will possess design flaws. And, even when setup is done just right, recessed fixtures will leave behind a great deal of spill illumination around the subject, which will take away from the complete look. Track fixtures offer greater flexibility if your collection is fluid.  However, track lighting can appear cheap and add clutter to the ceiling and appear unsightly if not done right.

What kind of art lighting does Phantom offer?

Phantom’s contour projectors are the best choice for aesthetic applications and can work with a variety of subjects. This includes paintings, photographs, sculptures, books, pottery, antiques, memorabilia, plants, or anything else home or venue owners would like to display. Each projector has a halogen light engine with a proprietary lensing design to produce a consistent beam of illumination. The lensing design collects the illumination and filters out errant rays, and with customized masking techniques can be shaped  to the piece creating a dramatic effect.

Phantom offers several contour projector models, designed to fit different spaces. Integrating a ceiling mounted projector into new construction or existing home during a remodel project is a challenge, but Phantom has projectors that can accommodate these settings. Phantom’s projectors are also easily concealed inside the ceiling and finished with an unobtrusive cover plate. The cover plate can be built with a zero-sight line and the projector only requires a tiny aperture to beam through, keeping it discrete.

The most impressive aspect of Phantom’s projectors, though, is their ability to shape the illumination precisely to the subject. Removal of all spill illumination from around the subject is done by using either a cut metal slide or a set of adjustable shutters. As a result, the piece will appear to be lit-from-within, a stark effect that generates awe in those seeing it for the first time.

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