Uses For A Concealed LED Lighting Systems

Concealed LED lighting systems are designed to produce beautiful illumination without becoming a focal point of the space. They are the ultimate in support aesthetics, remaining in the background but filling the room up with color and depth. And because they can be installed with minimal construction, they offer a quick way to overhaul the appearance of a space. But flexibility is not the only defining mark of diode fixtures. They are also highly powerful while offering the best energy efficiency around. With so many potential benefits, it’s no surprise that these fixtures are becoming more popular in both residential and commercial settings.

How are concealed LED lighting systems typically used?

Phantom’s diode fixtures are designed to be placed inside coves, under cabinets, inside bookshelves, on top of furniture, and anywhere else the fixtures can be hidden easily. Normally, they are placed close to the ceiling, because this allows for the biggest visual impact. If installed a few inches from the ceiling, the fixtures will create a soft wash of illumination from their hidden spots. Phantom’s diode strips are produced with glare shields as well, and this helps feather the illumination further. The end effect is a spread of gentle illumination that slowly fades as it reaches the center of the room. So, unlike most fixtures which are designed to fill the room with as much illumination as possible, Phantom’s diode fixtures instead create contrast between the edges of the room and the center. This gives the feeling of additional depth and visual layering.

However, Phantom’s fixtures are not just for aesthetic purposes. They can also produce enough illumination to see by, which is particularly useful when installed under kitchen or workshop cabinetry. When placed under cabinetry, the fixtures can provide just enough illumination to work by. It’s perfect for people who need to get some late night work in without waking anyone else up.

Can concealed LED lighting systems be used in commercial settings?

Diode fixtures can also promote a sharp professional appearance in business settings. Commercial settings often allow for more placement options, and in addition to ceiling installations, they can work around reception desks, behind a corporate logo display, and in common areas. In more laid back settings, like restaurants and clubs, they can create a visual punch.

And Phantom offers the kind of fixtures that can work in any commercial setting. Both the Elite and Ultra are available in several temperature and color settings, so they range from the bright natural white tones ideal for corporate buildings, to dimmer, more intimate hues ideal for restaurants.

Perhaps most importantly, though, is that these fixtures are safe to use. Diodes don’t use crude metal filaments, which waste almost all inputted energy on producing heat. Instead, they are fitted with a semiconductor die that allows for a highly granular method of electrical production. This means almost zero throw heat and tightly controlled light production, so diode fixtures last much longer – sometimes four to five times longer than standard incandescent fixtures.

For the aesthetically-concerned home or business owner, Phantom’s fixtures are a natural choice.

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