Uses Of Ultra AE Series In Different Displays

The Ultra Adjustable Exposed (AE) Series is one of the most powerful LED display lighting systems ever designed. Power is an essential element to an effective display, and something that Phantom’s LED systems offer to a great degree, but it is not the only element of an effective display. The lighting also has to be finely metered and customizable to a range of cabinets and layouts. And here, Phantom’s LED systems also shine, as they can be adjusted to a great degree and even repositioned after installation by someone with no technical expertise. That level of flexibility is rare, and it allows for greater control over the system.

How can the Ultra AE Series be used in a variety of displays?

Unlike Phantom’s Adjustable Concealed LED strips, its Adjustable Exposed model is designed to be installed in retrofit applications and in existing cabinetry. Although it is exposed, many homeowners like the look and design of the buss bars, and are not worried about working the lighting into the display’s aesthetic.

The system is extremely flexible and can be rearranged after it has been installed. Homeowners often want to change their displays, but they can’t do so with traditional display lighting systems. Phantom’s Ultra AE Series, though, isn’t made with the standard exposed wiring that other systems are powered by. These LED strips are instead powered by a pair of buss bars that run up the length of the cabinet. The buss bars channel power delivered by a concealed transformer and direct it to brass contact pads connected to the lights. The buss bars are also built with anchoring points all over their frame, through which anchoring screws are threaded. With this design, a homeowner can remove the threaded screws and place them anywhere they need them to create a new display.

This versatility makes the Ultra AE Series ideal for homeowners that have unique displays, like glass, artwork, and memorabilia collections. Its added versatility and excellent power also makes it useful in commercial applications, where products of varying sizes can be displayed without bringing in a professional to adjust the lighting.

Phantom’s Adjustable Exposed LED strips are placed horizontally, typically behind aiming trims that Phantom also provides. The aiming trims create total concealment for the strips and confine the illumination to certain angles, keeping the light focused in the display area only. The system can also be customized to produce an array of color temperatures and hues, so they can be matched up with the display’s composition. For example, warmer tones work best with books and oil paintings, while cool hues bring out the natural beauty in metals like silver.

A beautifully arranged display needs quality lighting to reach its potential, and Phantom’s LED systems are an ideal fit with their premium components and sophisticated design.

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