Using The Best Art Gallery Lighting Is Important

Art galleries invest millions of dollars to promote the preservation, promotion, and sale of fine art. As such, art gallery lighting is more than a convenience or an adjunct support to display. Because of the diverse and often delicate nature of gallery art, lighting equipment must deliver the highest technical sophistication and aesthetic compliment to the occasion. Phantom Lighting has helped light art galleries in Houston and around the country to select with the highest level of technical quality and design innovation possible. With Phantom Contour projectors, art gallery accent lighting fixtures can be customized to virtually any genre under any circumstances. As artists gain reputation and their works begin to sell, galleries often add new pieces to their collections. Different seasons often bring with them major events that call for special showings or local artist showcasing. Within these constant currents of change, art gallery lighting can become very complex, if not an impediment, due to shifting demands placed on fundamentally inflexible and older equipment. Fixtures and bulbs that worked well with one collection may suddenly create glare and shadow on new works moved into the same location. Addressing and correcting glare and shadow often becomes a costly affair for curators. Some simply replace art gallery lighting fixtures as they add new pieces to the gallery in order to create lighting themes consistent with genre and style. Phantom Contour projectors eliminate this needless expenditure by providing flexible and effective art gallery lighting that accommodates a fluid collection.  The patented lens system and filter engineering allows for optimal adjustment of light beam placement and brightness levels for virtually any style or artistic medium.

Art gallery lighting also presents a challenge whose difficulty rises in direct proportion to the number of fixtures and bulbs involved in the endeavor. Excessive wattage can create either glare or excessive brightness that detracts from art itself. Beams that are too wide will often cast distracting shadows behind pieces, pulling the eye away from the aesthetics of the display. Phantom Contour projectors represent a new line of art gallery lights that by their very design work to balance wattage and photometric qualities, allowing a curator to adjust the art light in the gallery to precise levels and points of illumination. Particularly for three-dimensional art, this customization of light to art can create the illusion that the light itself if a product of the piece, with the actual lighting source remaining inconspicuous and hidden from the viewer.

Another benefit that Phantom Projectors offer to art gallery lighting is the photometric equivalent to natural light with none of its damaging effects. In terms of optimal color rendering, the natural spectrum of sunlight offers the best level of detail. However, the serious art collector and art professional know fully well the dangers that UV and Infrared light pose to paint and canvas integrity. Natural light in an art gallery is the last thing a curator wants, as it can literally destroy the aesthetic and financial value of an entire collection. Yet many standard art lights simply rank too low on the color-rendering index to sufficiently illuminate detailed work. How does Phantom Lighting resolve this? By designing our projectors with sophisticated halogen lights that mimic the natural spectrum, and by utilizing patented filters and lenses to block UV an Infrared rays, we can produce art gallery lighting that both protects the piece and customizes itself to the piece.

If you are looking for a solution to the challenge of illuminating your next major opening or special collection, contact Phantom Lighting at 713-863-1184 or toll free at 800-863-1184. We have a number of Phantom models from which you may choose your optimal source of light to accent and compliment your showing.

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