Using The Correct Curio Cabinet Lights For Display

The wrong curio cabinet lights can make the display furniture look overpowering and askew. These pieces of display furniture feature a lot of glass and are typically framed with wood and metal. They range in size from a miniature that can sit on top of a desk, to sprawling pieces that can accommodate a huge collection. With their elegant look, most homeowners use them to build a visual centerpiece in a room. This can only be done with the right fixtures, though, and Phantom has them.

What are the challenges faced when setting up curio cabinet lights?

When installing fixtures in display furniture, it is important to keep the fixtures out of sight and metered perfectly for their placement. Working with glass can complicate this, as glass will allow most illumination to pass through. This means that the furniture can easily become overwhelmed with illumination and confuse observers.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED fixtures mitigate these problems in a couple of ways. For one, they can be built into one of Phantom’s several product designs. In some cases, a vertical mount LED strip will provide the optimal illumination spread needed to minimize glare provided the cabinet does not have a mirrored back. In other cases, a horizontal mount may make more sense and minimize reflections from most viewing angles.. Also, LED fixtures are the easiest to control using dimmers, so a homeowner easily adjusts them to find the perfect level of brightness.

Some display furniture also comes with adjustable shelving that allows homeowners to constantly rearrange their collections. With most fixtures, though, moving around the furniture’s shelving can be a major headache. Most fixtures will have to be rewired if the furniture’s shelving is going to be moved, and this presents a major safety hazard for people who are not experienced. Bringing in a professional electrician, though, can be prohibitively expensive.

How do Phantom’s LED fixtures alleviate common problems during and after installation?

Both the Elite and Ultra series are available in an adjustable shelving design that requires no open wiring. This means that a homeowner can change the look of the furniture without having to get an electrician involved. Instead of dangerous open wiring, Phantom’s adjustable curio cabinet lights use a collection of buss bars and conductive materials to move electricity from the concealed transformer to the fixtures themselves.

A common concern homeowners have with display illumination is keeping the fixtures out of sight. No matter how well-designed the fixtures are, they will take attention away from the display. Phantom keeps the clutter out of the way with its extremely low profile fixtures. The Elite and Ultra strips are both easy to hide from view, and when there is no concealment available for the fixtures, Phantom can supply a custom piece of trim.

Reducing heat radiance is also a major concern, as display furniture often contains delicate subjects. If there is too much heat present, the pigments and oils in these pieces will quickly degrade. Phantom’s LED fixtures are so efficient they produce close to zero heat, so they won’t endanger any precious items, nor will they alter the temperature in the room.

A collection of precious items can take a lifetime to put together. Make sure they are presented in all of their glory with Phantom’s premium LED fixtures.