What Are The Advantages Of Concealed Cove Lighting?

How Can Concealed Cove Lighting Be Used?Concealed cove lighting is designed to improve the aesthetics of any room, but is most effective in areas where its illumination can spread and cascade. Phantom’s xenon and LED strip fixtures are excellent sources of radiance when placed on top of valences or behind other architectural features. This unique placement allows them to highlight the delicate and dramatic architectural features in the room. However, even spaces that aren’t furnished with unique features can still be improved with the warm glow that these fixtures produce.

Before concealed cove lighting can be installed, though, it needs to be well hidden from every possible angle
. If people can see the strips, their subtle effects will be nullified. Phantom places a major influence on this part of product design, which is why each of Phantom’s strip fixtures is built with an ultra-low profile. Each strip can also be hidden with one of Phantom’s many pieces of metal trim. Each one is designed to blend into its surroundings and provides the perfect cover for a strip fixture. Hidden transformers or drivers complete the look, as they can be placed inside a wall or in the ceiling.

Their elevated placement doesn’t just keep Phantom’s strips out of sight, though
. With a high vantage point, these fixtures can fill a room with soft illumination. Achieving this look, however, is difficult to do with lower end products. Phantom’s strip fixtures are easily controlled and can be connected to dimmers for additional customizability. During installation, Phantom’s experts will consult with the installing electrician, designer or architect. This will ensure the illumination is metered just right and provides the perfect spread for the room.

Phantom uses the most advanced illumination technology available in the industry, including LED and xenon sources
. Xenon produces color temperatures that are similar to the inviting glow of incandescent bulbs, but does so with much greater efficiency. LED fixtures are the most efficient available and can be designed in a range of color temperatures, from warm to cooler tones. Of Phantom’s four concealed cove lighting options, the brightest is the Ultra. This LED strip produces an impressive 240 lumens per linear foot, making it the brightest option on the market. Phantom’s LED strips also hold a decisive efficiency advantage over competing models. Classic Xenon is offered in 5 or 10 watt options, producing less energy than incandescent. Classic LED is even less at 0.6 watts per lamp, Elite is 1.5 watts per foot, and Ultra is 4.5 watts per foot, being highly energy efficient due to the amount of lumens it projects.

Every installation is a guided process and Phantom ensures that each fixture is built just for it
. Phantom works with installers and custom fits each fixture to a precise set of measurements. This means that every strip will fit perfectly, no matter how long or short an installer needs it. Also, these fixtures are easily modified in the field in case something comes up, so a home or business owner doesn’t have to worry about their installation dragging on for days or weeks.

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