What Are The Advantages Of Concealed Cove Lighting?

Why consider concealed LED cove lighting?

Concealed LED cove fixtures are ideal for bringing out a room’s architectural features, and for providing a comforting, gentle layer of lighting in a space. Where most forms of residential lighting are direct, aimed from the ceiling to the floor, cove lighting operates differently. Cove lighting is usually installed near the room’s ceiling and is indirect, so it isn’t aimed at the floor. Instead, it emits diffused illumination from a concealed spot, filling the room with a warm, soft glow. There are obvious aesthetic benefits to this approach, as many prefer the gentle lighting that cove fixtures offer, as opposed to direct fixtures, which can come off as harsh if they are not properly calibrated for the space.

Contrasted with direct lighting, which is an essential component of building lighting, cove light systems can be designed with aesthetics in mind. Even the best designed and controlled direct lighting systems come with one significant disadvantage – they leave the top of the room in a shadow. Not only is this a bit off-putting to look at, it makes it difficult to pick out any interesting architectural features in the room, like exposed beams or ductwork, a herringbone design or embossed ceiling tiles. These features are meant to be seen and admired, and direct lighting doesn’t do much to bring them out.

Concealed cove lighting is perfect for bringing out those features, and in a way that people will find inviting. Cove lighting brightens and warms up the ceiling, preventing the kind of contrast that comes with ceiling shadows. Normally, lighting contrast is a good thing that makes a space more interesting, but when a ceiling is covered in shadows, it just looks like a neglected part of the room.

What are some other advantages of concealed LED cove lighting?

1. Easier on the eyes for most people – Direct lighting acts like a visual barrier, whereas most people cannot easily look up towards lightbulbs. That’s because the fixture itself exposes the light source. Concealed LED cove lighting is not exposed in this way, so the most intense light is screened out. This makes for a much more comfortable viewing environment and invites people to explore more of the room.

Also, lighting that is too intense can leave people feeling unsettled or anxious. Concealed lighting is much less likely to provoke this response in people, instead allowing people to relax and feel invited into the space.

2. Customizable – Concealed LED cove lighting is available in two forms. The first is a series of festoon lamps (LED or xenon) mounted to low profile linear strips. The second is LED ribbon lighting, which offers an extremely low profile. Linear strips with festoon lamps can provide the kind of classic effects that most people look for in their lighting. Linear strips are also sturdy, durable, long lasting and capable of outputting a lot of illumination.

Ribbon lights are designed for spaces where linear strips would be difficult to conceal or mount. As such, even in rooms where there is no obvious concealment spot, ribbon LEDs offer a viable option in getting that beautiful indirect lighting effect.

Phantom further customizes these technologies for the space, as every home has a unique set of architectural features. Because of this, there is no single lighting solution for every building. Phantom can cut and shape its LED lighting to fit the space perfectly and manipulate color temperature and lighting intensity to produce the desired look. It’s not always easy to do this with direct lighting, but the concealment advantage afforded by LED cove lighting gives Phantom additional customizing options.

3. Controllable – LED lighting technology is promising for many reasons, including how compatible it is with control methods. This is most relevant when considering lighting intensity. LED fixtures are easily connected to dimmers and occupancy controls, so homeowners can operate their cove lighting as they see fit. With dimmers, lighting intensity can be brought up or down instantly, so homeowners can bring the cove lighting up during the day, when ambient illumination is at its peak, and then down in the evening to ensure the room remains comfortable and relaxing.

Lighting intensity is an important factor in how a room is perceived by others. Low lighting promotes comfort and warmth, while high intensity better represents the room’s dimensions, colors and shape. Higher intensity lighting can make a room feel larger, too, so with dimmers, homeowners get a versatile lighting system.

Occupancy controls are another popular addition to a cove lighting system, as they maximize the system’s efficiency and longevity. With occupancy controls, the cove lighting will only switch on and remain on as long as someone is in the space. This may not be a practical approach for something dramatic like an entry foyer, but in a room that receives less use, occupancy controls are a pragmatic option for keeping energy use under control.

4. Long Lasting – Another prized trait of LED lighting is its longevity. LED fixtures last longer than all other forms of lighting, providing at least 50,000 hours of illumination, and often providing much more than that. LED fixtures hold onto their color as they age, and though they do lose some measure of intensity, they do so at a slower rate than other fixtures, so they remain functional for much longer.

Longevity and durability are essential qualities in a cove lighting system, as their placement near the ceiling makes it a bit tougher to access the fixtures. Longer lived fixtures means infrequent replacement. That adds up to cost savings and extended uptime from the system. You won’t have to drag out the ladder all that often, in other words.

Concealed LED cove lighting combines aesthetics, efficiency and functionality in a single package, making it a cost-effective option for homeowners looking for extra visual impact. With Phantom providing the technology and expertise, it’s also a lighting option perfectly fitted to your home.

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