What Are The Advantages Of Using Art Lights?

Even the smallest painting or photograph can be infused with new life using Phantom’s customizable art lights. A precious painting, photo or sculpture, is often the focal point of the room. Each artistic piece has a story behind it, a collection of memories that make it worth showing off. To do this, some homeowners settle for frame-mounted lamps or basic recessed fixtures. While these can work well enough, they cannot match Phantom’s technologies, particularly its contour projector.

What premium art lights does Phantom offer?

What Are The Advantages Of Using Art Lights?

Phantom’s contour projector is a masterwork piece of technology, standing head and shoulder over every other illumination option. Available in five varieties, they are called contour projectors because they are customized to fit every piece exactly. That means that the illumination forms to the subject, eliminating spill. Phantom accomplishes this using an advanced lensing system, a high quality, MR16 halogen lamp and customizable shutters.

Whether wall-mounted or displayed on a stand, every subject is compatible with this technology. Even groups of paintings or photographs can be displayed with a single projector, greatly reducing overhead fixture clutter. Multiple fixtures also tend to create light pollution, becoming more of a distraction than an accent.

Phantom’s contour projector is mounted to or inside the ceiling and aimed at the subject. Usually, the only evidence that the projector is even there is a small, low-profile plate and a tiny aperture to allow the illumination to pass through. One of Phantom’s design focuses is to keep the fixture hidden while showing off its beautiful effects, and its contour projectors are built in line with this philosophy. The guiding principle behind the contour projector is to eliminate spill illumination. While spill can be used for artistic effect, it usually distracts from the subject, radiating along the wall instead of showing off the piece itself. With zero spill, Phantom’s contour projectors only illuminate the subject, and they do so evenly. The result is an effect that most people haven’t seen before, creating a lit-from-within effect. Phantom works with installers to ensure that there are no uneven spots when illuminating the subject. It takes measured precision, but it is essential to creating the best possible look.

What makes Phantom’s art lights the best on the market?

Paintings and photographs are fragile items and can deteriorate if not placed in a safe setting. That includes installing the right sources of illumination. Incandescent lamps remain one of the most popular options for displaying pieces, but incandescent fixtures produce a dangerous amount of heat. Exposing the subject to constant heat will dry out oils and produce cracks in the painting. Photographs and paintings will also yellow faster when exposed to heat. Frame-mounted incandescent fixtures are even worse, as they are close enough to radiate a large amount of heat directly into the subject.

Phantom’s contour projectors are customizable, reliable, powerful, and are also completely safe to use. They will also help preserve the subject, ensuring that it can be enjoyed for years to come.

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