What Are The Best Cabinet Lighting Products

Premium cabinet lighting products are quickly becoming a common sight in luxury homes, as they can add a lot of visual interest without committing to new construction or rearranging the home. The illumination is typically used to show off a prized display and make it the centerpiece of a room. This may be a bookcase with shelves full of classic novels. It may be a display case with rare sports memorabilia or historic keepsakes. It may be an art or glass display. No matter what a homeowner collects, it will look much more vibrant and interesting under a set of high-end fixtures.

What are some preferred cabinet lighting products?

Puck fixtures and recessed fixtures have been popular choices for a long time, but more and more homeowners are making the switch to strip fixtures, for several reasons. In particular, people are opting for LED strip fixtures more than ever. That’s because LED strips offer the best longevity, best efficiency, and greatest versatility. Compared to incandescent and fluorescent fixtures, which are both frequently used in display settings, LED strips last about five times longer. When comparing fixtures, some homeowners are tripped up by the initial cost of LEDs, but over time they will pay for themselves, especially if the homeowner will want professional assistance whenever the fixture will need to be replaced. For every time a homeowner will need to bring in an electrician to switch out LEDs, they would have to call up that electrician five times if they choose an incandescent or fluorescent system instead. That will add up rather quickly.

Recessed fixtures, built into shelving and aimed downward, can provide a sophisticated look that minimizes glare, and in some situations it is the superior option. A lot of homes feature them in exposed shelving that is mounted directly to the wall. Still, LED strips can match recessed fixtures in their concealability and sharp aesthetic. Phantoms’ LED cabinet lighting products, namely the Elite and Ultra, are made with an ultra-low profile that’s easy to hide behind a piece of trim, and along with Phantom’s metal glare shields, this minimizes the chances of glare taking over the display. Phantom’s trims and glare shields also promote an even spread of illumination, taking away the high contrast edges that look like borders between light and shadow. Instead, the look is a lot softer and creates more of a glow effect. In general, people respond better to this effect as it ensures all elements of the display are illuminated at the same level. Nothing is too bright or too dark.

As for the fixtures themselves, LEDs can be set to one of several color temperatures, and even customized so that they produce monochromatic colors like blue, green or red. Color coordination is the other primary consideration when setting up a display, and Phantom’s Elite and Ultra are as versatile as it gets in this area.

LED fixtures will soon be the undisputed superior choice for illuminating displays, and homeowners who choose it now will be able to enjoy its benefits right away.

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