What Are The Options When Shopping For Radius Cove Lights

That beautifully curved feature might be a real attention-getter in the home, but it will be extremely difficult to illuminate with standard fixtures, which is why most people turn to radius cove lights to show them off. These features are challenging to illuminate because most fixtures are only designed to be run in straight lines and can’t accommodate curves. If a homeowner tries to adapt standard fixtures for a curved feature, the result will be obviously sloppy. Spots that are too bright, spots that are too dark, and areas that don’t get any coverage at all are common issues. These features can be visually striking when displayed correctly, so it would be a big mistake to let it go to waste with poor fixtures.

What are some radius cove lights a homeowner should consider?

Even when it comes to high-end fixtures, there are few options available for a curved architectural feature, no matter its shape, depth or design. What a homeowner needs is a highly flexible fixture that can be worked into any feature, and Phantom’s strip fixtures fit this bill perfectly. All of Phantom’s strip fixtures, including its Elite and Ultra LED strips, can be designed into curved applications. This includes the dramatic curves found in coves and in features that require a “serpentine” pattern instead. This is, of course, in addition to angular and straight applications.

Even when curved in dramatic fashion, the Elite and Ultra can maintain even coverage of the entire project. But more importantly, the fixtures can be completely concealed inside the feature. This is an essential component of radius cove lights, because if the fixtures are visible, they will badly impede on the feature’s aesthetic. With their extremely compact build, though, the Elite and Ultra can be placed even in shallow molding and areas with other subtle features.

This form of illumination has to be diffused because sharp lines will draw attention. And as nice as the feature may look, distracting people with shadows on the ceiling is not the approach most homeowner will want. It will look like a mistake. Phantom’s radius cove lights are designed to be diffused and soft, so that they fill the room with a gentle, beautiful glow. Ideally, the illumination will wash over the edges of the feature and produce some interesting color contrast on the ceiling. The Elite and Ultra are metered to produce this effect, and are designed with metal glare shields to enhance the diffused effect.

Fixtures installed near the ceiling have to be as efficient and safe as possible, as they are out of easy reach and can cause serious risks if they malfunction. Fortunately, LED fixtures are among the most efficient there are and produce almost zero heat. That means they last much longer than other fixtures and are safer for any project.

With the right technology, it’s possible to make a standout feature even more beautiful. The Elite and Ultra are perfect for this purpose, and will work in any display aesthetic.

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