What Are The Options With Miniature Shelf Lights?

Miniature shelf lights are the key to achieving a clean, calculated display that can make any set of items stand out. Form factor and profile are often overlooked when homeowners search for a display fixture, but they can have a big impact on a display’s appearance. While illumination is an important part of a display, fixtures are unsightly if they are exposed. Even worse, exposed fixtures fire illumination right into the face of the observer, which is a big annoyance. A proper display should be interesting without being too intense, agreeable, but not invisible.

What kind of miniature shelf lights does Phantom offer?

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED strip fixtures are specifically made for display applications, and are built with an extremely streamlined profile. They are generally easy to conceal, but even the slimmest fixture needs some cover to hide behind. Phantom can offer this as well, as it produces several aiming trim models. The trim can conceal and provide an anchoring spot for the fixtures, offering an optimal angle for illumination metering.

It may seem obvious, but miniature shelf lights also have to be small enough to fit in the furniture. A fixture may have an extremely low profile, but if it requires a lot of infrastructure to place or can only be placed in longer runs, it will defeat the purpose. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures are highly flexible and can be custom built to nearly any set of dimensions. Specifically, the Elite can be cut every four inches and the Ultra can be cut every six inches. With a simple cut, it is possible to make Phantom’s LED technology fit snugly into any display. Also, Phantom’s LED fixtures can be designed in an adjustable format, and this type of fixture doesn’t require a lot of equipment to set up.

Adjustable miniature shelf lights are designed to be installed without the use of open wiring, which makes them safer and much easier to handle. Standard display fixtures cannot be moved once installed, and only a trained electrician can adjust them once fitted. Phantom’s adjustable fixtures, instead, use buss bars, a concealed driver, and contact pads to channel power to the fixtures, and this system is nearly as compact as it gets. And once it’s time to rearrange the furniture, a homeowner only has to adjust the shelf support, which doubles as a buss bar for the system.

Of course, if the fixtures don’t look right, it won’t matter how easy they are to conceal. Phantom’s LED fixtures are designed to work with any subject, and because they can be customized to produce a range of color temperatures and monochromatic tones, they can work with any subject, from fragile old books to contemporary art pieces or photos.

No matter what you want to show off, Phantom’s LED fixtures should be considered a primary option for your furniture.