What Cabinet Light Accessories Should Be Considered?

To completely refine a set of a LED or xenon strips, they need to be fitted with the proper cabinet light accessories. Modern strip technology is compatible with several components, each of which can alter the spread and appearance of the fixture’s illumination. When finely calibrated by an illumination designer and expert, these components can produce a sophisticated appearance in nearly any shelving layout possible. They can also be used effectively with any display composition, including displays that involve priceless works of art.

What are some cabinet lighting accessories homeowners should consider?

Strip fixtures are designed to produce soft, aesthetically pleasing illumination that doesn’t take over the display. However, getting this look takes some work, as the fixture must be concealed and then configured to create this soft glow-like feel. Exposed fixtures are rarely appropriate for condensed displays like those used for shelving, as they tend to distract from the display and create a harsh glare. The first step for designers is to conceal the fixture from most viewing angles.

This is done with trim pieces, which are perhaps the most important cabinet light accessories. Trim is typically needed when the furniture isn’t built with areas that allow for fixture concealment, and they can be customized to blend in with a variety of designs. Also, trim can be cut to any length, so it never extends beyond the edges of the furniture. In all, this makes the trim appear to be a natural part of the furniture, and won’t stick out in any way. With a piece of trim, the fixtures can be completely concealed, but some manufacturers do more with their trim than just use it as a visual barrier. Phantom, for example, configures their trim pieces so that they channel the illumination into certain angles. Homeowners and designers have multiple aiming angles they can get from the trim, so there is a configuration that allows for optimal aesthetics, no matter how the shelving is arranged.

Concealment is not enough to soften and meter the illumination, though. In addition to trim, strip fixtures are typically fitted with metal glare shields that blunt the hard edges of the illumination. In effect, glare shields increase the diffusion of the illumination, which ensures there are no sharp lines near the end of the illumination’s spread. This also facilitates a more even look across the display and removes any hotspots or dark areas. Glare shields are the cabinet light accessories that produce the subtle glow that these fixtures are known for.

Finally, dimmer controls allow the homeowner to instantly alter the look of their display. By increasing or decreasing the system’s output, a homeowner can ensure the display looks the same, no matter the time of day and no matter what is sitting on the shelves.

These components are essential parts of a display, and with them, a designer can craft a look that blends into any setting.

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