What To Know About Track Lighting Installation

Track lighting installation gives the art connoisseur the ability to be his or her own lighting designer. The intrinsic flexibility innate to any track lighting installation allows the collector to add, relocate, and move fixtures at will. The wide variety of track lights installed by patrons of the arts makes this form of lighting one of the most versatile and personalized forms of illumination. Properly-configured installation of track lighting systems enables art collectors to become artists in their own right as they experiment with color, intensity, and beam positioning to develop lighting design themes that express their own subjective relationship with the works of art they prize above all things.

Track lighting installation fixtures come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and lamp types designed to accommodate and adapt to any lighting situation. Today’s track lighting manufacturers can provide the best projector for each project. Like their recessed lighting counterparts, track lights are simple to install and enhance the visibility, color, and uniqueness of art while simultaneously minimizing their own appearance.Their physical design provides low-key, adjunct decorum that provides a decorative background theme that avoids distracting the viewer’s eye from the artwork itself. A track lighting installation proves highly adaptive to a variety of professional and private art showcasing arenas. These products feature a unique design that allows the collector to quickly switch out multiple track heads on the physical track itself. This does not require a service call to a lighting-consulting firm. By utilizing a two-circuit track instead of a one-circuit track, you can illuminate a roomful of art with multiple, interchangeable heads. You can even mount art lighting projectors on a two-circuit track, thus giving select, individual art pieces additional emphasis without spill light or distracting glare.

Phantom Lighting recommends using an art lighting projector only on two circuit tracks that can support the weight and design of the projector fixture. Smaller cable light and/or flexible track lighting installations feature a design specifically engineered for lightweight fixtures and remote transformer track installation. If you have any questions about which of our many systems work best in conjunction with an art projector, you can always give a Phantom specialist a quick call to determine compatibility. For those who really strive for innovation in lighting design, Phantom provides ceiling outlet boxes that can house art projectors above the line of vision, shining light downward upon the art with precisely configured photo metrics. This result in the same visual affect of a traditional track lighting install but uses a fixed ceiling point called a “mono-point” rather than a linear lighting array.  Mono points add special emphasis to key pieces and work especially well with 3-D artwork such as statuaries.  Phantom Contour Projectors mounted on a mono point take emphasis to the next level with a magical, “lighting from within” effect that has earned our patented technology world-renowned acclaim.

It is strongly recommended that you always wear gloves when designing or redesigning your lighting array. Switching and installing track lighting bulbs that often burn hot can easily result in burned hands without protective gear. Other bulbs are highly sensitive to the oil on human hands and will burn out quickly once the glass surface becomes contaminated. Always combine your best creativity with basic protective clothing and standard safety procedures required for any type of electrical or lighting equipment work.

Call today and learn more about how to become your own lighting designer whose unique vision of light compliments your personal eclectic taste in sculpture and painting. We will always take the time to not only answer your questions, but also provide you with the most unique and effective lighting equipment available in today’s marketplace.

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