What Makes Phantom’s LED Cabinet Lights A Safe Choice

Improved technology and an active market have made LED cabinet lights a popular choice among homeowners. Diode fixtures are superior in most ways to outdated incandescent and fluorescent lamps and are highly customizable. For years, engineers struggled to produce a diode that could emit close to pure white illumination. Only recently have white diodes been perfected, leading to a surge of demand for the fixtures. With their ultra-high efficiency, reliability and safety, these fixtures can provide optimal illumination and peace of mind.

The Importance of LED Cabinet Lights Safety

However, not all LED cabinet lights should automatically be considered safe to use. Inferior fixture designs can cause a fire or electrical hazard, and it may be impossible for an untrained person to detect this before disaster strikes. Before buying a set of fixtures, a homeowner should verify that they are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or ETL Testing Laboratories certified. UL is a nonprofit dedicated to producing safety standards in a number of industries, and these standards are generally considered to be among the best. The organization also tests products using these standards and is a tough grader. ETL is similar to the UL, though it mainly focuses on the inspection of electrical products. ETL has been around since 1896, so it has become one of the most respected safety groups in the country. It also audits manufacturers for safety and will perform intermittent inspections at manufacturing facilities to verify compliance with regulations. In short, earning a UL or ETL certification means doing things the right way.

If a UL or ETL certification is not present, a homeowner can’t trust that the fixture’s components are built from quality materials. The integrity of the fixture as a whole shouldn’t be trusted either. In fact, this lack of trust extends to insurance companies. If a fire is caused by LED cabinet lights, the insurance company will verify that the fixtures were certified. The adjustor will also need to know where the fixtures were manufactured, which will be difficult to do if the manufacturer did not follow the proper safety channels. Finally, the insurance company will want to know how the fixtures were installed and if they were set up by a licensed electrician.

Phantom’s fixtures all come with UL or ETL certification and have passed rigorous safety checks. They are built with safety and easy installation in mind. Phantom’s diode fixtures are extremely efficient and produce little radiant heat. Diodes are powered using semiconductor technology. Semiconductors produce an easily controlled chemical reaction which is much safer than heated metal filaments. Because semiconductors can be finely calibrated, Phantom can customize its diode fixtures to produce a range of color tones.

Homeowners often place these fixtures in places that are difficult to access regularly. Because they are often kept out of sight and out of easy reach, they need to function without causing a significant fire hazard. Few illumination sources can promise this, but Phantom’s diode fixtures are among them.

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